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City Bans Washing Cars In Your Own Driveway

Washing cars now illegal

Image source: FordInTheNews

Washing your own car in your own driveway is now a crime in Garden City, New York. Two residents of the Long Island community learned about the strange ordinance the hard way when a police officer told them to stop.

The village ordinance in Garden City makes it illegal to do any sort of work on cars including washing or detailing them in public view, even on private property. Eric Jeer and Jonathan Schmidt found out about the ordinance when a police officer came over and told them not to wash a used Volkswagen Jeer that had just been purchased.

Even the police officer sent to enforce the ordinance was clearly astounded and embarrassed by it, as a popular YouTube video of the incident shows. The officer actually had a copy of the ordinance in his hands when he walked up to the two men.

Your Neighbor Doesn’t Like You

The incident began after one of Jeer’s neighbors called police and reported that the men were washing the car. The officer came over and advised them to halt.

When one of the men asked what was happening the officer clearly admitted that the matter was personal.

“The problem being your neighbor doesn’t like you,” the officer said.

Revisit the counsel of great men and learn how to reclaim the quality of government we once enjoyed.

The policeman, who is identified as Officer Bounaiuto in some news stories, had as hard a time believing the ordinance as the car washers did. He also showed a great deal of contempt for the ordinance.

“I don’t make this [expletive] up,” the officer stated, referring to the ordinance. To ensure compliance, the officer read the ordinance.

But Neighbor Had Washed Car

One of the men complained that their neighbor regularly washed his Corvette in public view on the same street and had no problem. The officer had no response to this except to say he wouldn’t ticket the men if they didn’t wash the car.

Such ordinances can go unenforced for years until somebody makes a complaint. As Off The Grid News reported, a couple in Miami Shores, Florida, was recently forced to tear out a vegetable garden they had raised for 17 years because it was in violation of a zoning ordinance barring front-yard gardens.

Story continues below video. Warning: Language

How To Fight Back

The best way to deal with such ordinances? Put political pressure on city hall. Don’t get into a fight or argument with the police; take the battle to elected officials.

Politicians often will back down and change or repeal such ordinances if voters demand it. The city council in Orlando, Florida, recently changed the law to allow front-yard vegetable gardens after an outcry from gardeners and environmental groups.

Voters can also repeal such laws by putting measures on the ballot. Voters in Coral Gables, Florida, were able to overturn an ordinance that banned the parking of pickup trucks in residential neighborhoods.

You might be shocked by what’s banned in some communities. If you don’t like what you see in your local ordinances, let your local politicians know you want them changed.

Does your city or town have a dumb ordinance? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. After 20+ years of having our motorhome parked in our driveway the City if Acworth, Georgia informed us that someone complained and that we were in violation of a city ordinance . The ordinance stated that he could not park a motorhome in front of your house . Ironically this was the same week that they broke ground on the new home he built door. Perhaps it’s not ironic.

  2. Nice car in the article pic (Mustang). We don’t have too many of them here in South Africa….. Only for the rich and famous.

    Must be a mother of a mover.

    On the topic of discussion. It’s usually hostile neighbours who lodge complaints over issues that cannot be enforced.

    One neighbour of my parents complained almost daily to the municipal authorities about the erection of an extension my dad was building. Naturally, by the time the extension had been completed, my dad and the building inspector were “drinking buddies”.

    How did this all happen? This neighbour was one of those “nosey parker” type of people. Every one of his other neighbours were “spied on” by this guy.

    Kids making a noise in the swimming pool at around lunch time on Saturday? Guess what? The police were called in because there was a riot going on.

    Drilling a hole through a piece of wood in your garden? The police were called in because you were handling dangerous machinery, the parts of which might fly over the wall and injure him if they came off the machine in question.

    Digging a hole to plant a tree, he would call the police because you were burying bodies.

    Believe me, there is nothing worse than a neighbour from hell. His poor wife had no friends in the neigbourhood but when the old guy got sick with cancer (and eventually died), we all chipped in and helped with whatever we could.

  3. In my hometown of Princeton Tx. It is illegal to throw an onion. Has been for years.

  4. For all those smart asses out there the problem is not the actual act of washing your car in your own driveway, but the fact that there is no proper way to sent the “dirty” water into the proper sewer. Usually what happens is that all this water used to rinse your car clean ends up pooling on a public road until it evaporates leaving the dirt on the road or it is washed with the rain into the storm sewer which is a big no-no! So do us a favor and pay a couple of bucks and wash your cars at the gas station. Or find a way to build a drain over the area you wash your car and divert the dirty water into your house main sewer. Simple [email protected] How come no idiot like the above (Anne, Angelo and Dustin) thought about it?

    • Nature provides more dirt, in the form of dust that blows in over time, organic debris, especially leaves in the Fall, etc. Dirt from a car being a problem? It’s tiny compared to nature’s depositing. And the tiny amount that it is, is called road dirt. Not that I would attempt to debate because there is no real logic to your post. Just that some who lead sheltered lives might actually believe what you say has some validity.

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