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How To Make A Simple, Solar Water Filter Out Of 2 Water Bottles

Food is essential for survival, but water is even more important. But how do you survive if your only source of water is, say, filthy river water? One option is a pocket water filter – such as a Paratrooper filter. Another option: a solar water filter made out of two water bottles and a small PCV pipe. It could come in handy if you forget your pocket water filter or left it at home.

Paratrooper: The Survival Water Filter That Fits In Your POCKET!

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  1. That is very cool. Our location has very small amounts of fresh (non saline) water sources. Water table is low, as low as 5 feet below grade can start water seepages.

    I can see a few 2 liter bottle filter units in my future – Thanks!

  2. This is super cool. this can help so many people that have no access to clean fresh water. brilliant.

  3. Very good way to have drinkable water in an emergency.

  4. Nanananana BATMAN!!!

    Does this work with ANY water source?

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