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Spend Money Without Being Tracked

spend money without being tracked

The sad truth is that most Americans have no choice but to use the financial system. To do things like make mortgage payments, pay your taxes, or collect your salary or payments for business services, you need to use the banking system.

The days when the average person could get by on a pure cash basis are long gone. Sooner or later, the average person will have to use the financial system whether he or she likes it or not. But can you use the system without being tracked by big government or big business?

The answer to this is no, but you can make it a lot harder for people to track you. If you limit your use of the financial system, you can create a much smaller profile to track.

Use Cash as Much as Possible

A good basic method of limiting tracking is to make as many purchases as possible with cash. Use cash for such purposes as buying groceries, gas and survival supplies. Cash is still the only method you can use that does not leave an electronic trail or a paper trail directly connecting you to purchases.

Readers of financial gurus like Suzie Orman know that using cash can help you save money by reducing your spending. Studies show that people are less likely to make impulsive purchases and more likely to limit their spending when they use cash.

Try returning to the old-fashioned method where you get a specific amount of cash out of the bank each week to pay for what you need. There still will be a record of the bank transaction, but not of the actual purchases.

The advent of the ATM makes it easier than ever to get cash, so there’s no excuse not to use cash for most retail transactions. If you can get into the habit of using cash, you can make it easier to budget and make it far harder for banks to track your transactions.

Checks and Bank Accounts

If you use a credit card, a debit card or a check to pay for a purchase, you can be tracked. All a check is in today’s world is an authorization for somebody else to withdraw a sum of money from your account. If you don’t want to be tracked, you’ll have to limit your use of electronic payment methods.

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Use electronic payments or checks only to make those payments for which cash cannot be used. This might include utility bills, phone bills, mortgage payments, rent, insurance payments and car payments. The cheapest and easiest means of paying these is directly off of a checking account. Unfortunately, that can be tracked.

Even alternative methods of payment, such as money order and wire transfer, keep electronic records.

If you don’t want to be tracked, you might have to give up some of these services and the benefits they provide. There are some ways of getting around this; you can buy a prepaid cell phone for cash instead of regular phone service, and you can generate your own electricity.

Cashing Checks and Accepting Payments

The biggest problem you’ll face may not be making payments, but accepting them. Most payments in today’s world, such as salaries, government benefits, investment proceeds, payment for services, etc., are made electronically. Even if they send you a check, it’ll create an electronic payment when it is cashed.

There will be a record of such payments even if you go to a check cashing store or cash the check directly at the bank. They will ask for your ID, so there will be a record of it and the amount of cash you get.

If you have to accept electronic payments or checks, your best bet is to maintain a bank account. There will be a record of the money that goes in and a record of your withdrawals, but you will at least have a means of converting the money into cash that cannot be tracked easily.

If you use a bank account, you at least can avoid having to pay the extra charges associated with money orders and cashing a check at a store. Of course, there’s no law that says you have to keep all your money in the bank. Nor is there any law that says you have to put any cash payments you receive in the bank.

Cash and Tracking

If you revert to a cash basis for most purchases and only use your bank account to make those few payments that cannot be made with cash, you can limit your electronic profile. This will make it difficult or nearly impossible to track your day-to-day movements by monitoring your purchases.

When you do make purchases, you will have to avoid the tricks stores use to track you. That means you should cut up your store loyalty card, because the chains use that to track you. You also should avoid club stores like Sam’s Club and Costco. The membership cards allow the stores to track customers’ movements.

Use an Agent

Another interesting method that you could employ is to use an “agent.” Find somebody else who has a bank account, credit cards, etc., and let him or her cash checks and make purchases for you. That way, the electronic data trail will lead to that person and not you. You’ll have to find somebody you really trust for this method to work. The agent also should be somebody who is not easily connected or related to you.

Serving as an agent might be a good part-time business for preppers or members of a prepper community. One person could serve as the community’s agent, accepting payments, etc., and then distributing funds to everybody else. Such an individual also could make purchases for the community. An agent could also make online purchases for preppers and do the shopping at stores like Sam’s Club.

It isn’t possible to avoid the financial system entirely in today’s world, but it is possible to limit your contact with it. Simply doing things the old-fashioned way by writing a few checks a month and paying cash for everything else is the easiest way for the average person to do this.

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  1. We have always wanted to find a like minded group of preppers to enjoy the journey with in a communal type situation and this is a great idea. Having a agent. Not sure if we’ll ever find the right place or group but when we do, we can suggest this. Thanks for the idea.

  2. i only use cash, its easier, imho, than checks and debit cards, plus i dont over draw, any more

  3. Almost all of my bills are paid with electronic withdrawals on my checking account–bills like student loans, credit cards, phone bill, car insurance, electric bill, or by check. I’m going to start paying bills with cash whenever I can. Still, student loans, credit cards are not payable any way but electronic withdrawal. The rest do have local offices where I can walk in and pay with cash. Thank you for the tips.

  4. Why does it matter if your not doing anything wrong

    • Susan, it matters when you are not the one who decides what wrong is, when it is wrong, why it is wrong, and what the penalties will be for your wrongdoing.
      Your personal information has become a very effective tool to predict and then control your behavior. How much of your life will belong to you when you can be made guilty of a crime based on data placed in your records??

      • Bob

        All I was saying if you obey the laws….Why would you have trouble?

        • The powers that be (Govt, bankers,etc.)are controlling your every move electronically. Earning, spending. investing. All for the view of any govt. agency that may decide to limit our access to what we think we own, our money. It’s not about obeying the laws, it’s about who controls the money-we don’t…The decision by Govt and now the (example) Monsanto act limit what we have as choice and the freedoms we assume we have-for now. If you choose to only believe in obeying the law” to limit consequences, so be it. I, and others, choose to believe in the guarantees of the Constitution and the limits it puts on Govt. Your removing your Constitutional freedoms by choosing to obey what the Govt says is the Law…Not all laws are Constitutional, you know this…

        • Susan,It’s your money and your life.Under our form of government you are supposed to do with them as you see fit.They want to know how much money you spend so they can compare it to your tax return.You didn’t report the $500 you made from the garage sale,so you get an audit from the IRS.You or your spouse buy ammunition using a credit card,so you are stockpiling this item and targeted as a terrorist by the government.Privacy is the issue and the government wants to take it away.

        • Susan,

          Google “Civil Asset Forfeiture” and read about all of the people with honest intentions who have had their money and/or property seized by a government who made accusations first without any proof. Often times, the victim never gets all or even some of the unethically seized property/money back.

          Civil asset forfeiture was established to interfere with drug running by intercepting large amounts of money. The problem is, large amounts of money can be legally used for legitimate transactions. Unfortunately, CAF results in property seizure and then the burden of proof falls upon the victim of this heavy handed overreach.

    • Why does it matter? Well, let me ask you this question: do you lock your door at night, even though nobody other than your family members have ever attempted to enter your house? The vast majority of people will never have others try to enter their dwelling uninvited, yet they lock their doors. Why? Simple, because we have the right to privacy. If you don’t believe in the right of privacy, please publish your doctor’s name and number, your medical history, and your address here on this website to prove me wrong. Most likely, you will say no. That’s why it matters.

    • I am a senior. A few years back I went to apply at an apartment complex which suppose to been income based. They Needed to see my award letter proving my income or bank statement. I didn’t have the award letter so I was going to take in my bank statement. Here is where I felt it was a problem. The apartment didn’t just want to verify my income they wanted to see my entire statement ( how and what I spent my money on). That was non of their business. I have obeyed the law but somethings in life we have the right to keep personal. The government know more about us than we know about our self. In my case right now I make to much for somethings and not enough for other. This is just to put a roof over my head. Life necessities don’t count like lights gas food.

  5. you’d be surprised what you can buy with bitcoin these days. more mainstream merchants are accepting it all of the time, because there are no transaction fees.

  6. Yea, right. Bitcoin, an electronic piece of shit that can be vaporized at any moment by TPTB. Brilliant!!!

  7. Using cash to avoid the government is wise. I had a home invasion by the United States of America and the government murdered my spouse. The government is withholding the body but two of us are still alive and me moved out of North America. Be advised be prepared and do not trust people in general.

  8. Using cash to avoid the government is wise. I had a home invasion by the United States of America and the government murdered my spouse. The government is withholding the body but two of us are still alive and we moved out of North America. Be advised be prepared and do not trust people in general. Be prepared for chemical and biological weapons to be used against you by the government.

  9. The sheeple still carry personal tracking devices around A.k.a. cell phones. How many go cash only and carry no electronics by choice .000000000001?

    Don’t forget about being tracking on the web.

  10. “The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.” H. L. Mencken

    “Application of the doctrine of power holds that highminded words can be used by the powerful, the demagogue and the hypocrite, or the merely self-deluded, to arouse passion and prejudice and sentimentality for the wrong reasons in favor of disguised real aims, thus to deceive the people and to lead them by easy stages to sacrifice their own interests in the service of power.”
    Niccolo Machiavelli in his book “The Prince”, 1513 (FDA/Big Pharma/MonSatan/Uncle Scam/CIA, etc. usual Modus Operandi)

    ” Pathocracy is a system of government wherein a small pathological minority takes control over a society of normal people.”

    “Psychopaths do well in politics. They are ideally suited to the ruthless, competitive, self-promoting and manipulative power games that dominate party politics.”

    The scum always rises to the top.

  11. Tell the police you are a muslim. They will leave you alone.

  12. Concerned Granny

    Would money card/gift cards, etc. be any good if things crash? They can be anonymous if paid for with cash.

  13. A friend asked me how to do a money transaction to any Caribbean country without tracking it. Would you advise?

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