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Former CIA Director Warns: ‘Two-Thirds Of US Population’ Would Die From EMP Attack

Former CIA Director Warns Of EMP Attack That Would Kill ‘Two-Thirds Of The US Population’A former CIA director says the United States is not doing enough to protect itself from an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, which he calls the greatest threat to the United States because it would bring “our civilization to a cold, dark halt.”

In such a scenario, anywhere from two-thirds to 90 percent of the population would die if the grid was down for a year, according to various estimates.

James Woolsey, who served as CIA director under President Clinton, co-wrote the Wall Street Journal column in which he agreed with billionaire hedge-fund managerPaul Singer’s description of an EMP attack as “the most significant threat” to the U.S. and its allies.

“He’s right,” Woolsey and Peter Vincent Pry wrote. “Our food and water supplies, communications, banking, hospitals, law enforcement, etc., all depend on the electric grid. Yet until recently little attention has been paid to the ease of generating EMPs by detonating a nuclear weapon in orbit above the U.S., and thus bringing our civilization to a cold, dark halt.”

An EMP attack would occur when a rogue nation or terrorist group sets off a nuclear bomb high above the atmosphere, frying the power grid and electronics. The bomb even could be set off in orbit.

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“Rogue nations such as North Korea (and possibly Iran) will soon match Russia and China and have the primary ingredients for an EMP attack: simple ballistic missiles such as Scuds that could be launched from a freighter near our shores; space-launch vehicles able to loft low-earth-orbit satellites; and simple low-yield nuclear weapons that can generate gamma rays and fireballs,” they wrote.

Singer’s letter to investors earlier this year drew nationwide attention.

“(An EMP event) today would cause a massive disruption to the electric grid, possibly shutting it down entirely for months or longer, with unimaginable consequences,” Singer wrote.

EMP ‘Most Significant Danger’ Facing America, Warns BillionaireIf there was a nationwide blackout, grocery stores would quickly empty – and stay that way for months because trucks would be incapable of delivering food due to inoperable grid-tied gas pumps. Hospital generators that rely on diesel would shut down, too.

Woolsey currently serves as chairman of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, while Pry authored “Electric Armageddon” and served on the EMP Commission and in the CIA.

Woolsey told a House committee this summer that if the US received an EMP attack, “two-thirds of the US population would likely perish from starvation, disease, and societal breakdown” and that “other experts estimate the likely loss to be closer to 90 percent.”

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The EMP Commission put the number at 90 percent.

“What to do?” Woolsey and Fry asked in their column. “Surge arrestors, faraday cages and other devices that prevent EMP from damaging electronics, as well micro-grids that are inherently less susceptible to EMP, have been used by the Defense Department for more than 50 years to protect crucial military installations and strategic forces. These can be adapted to protect civilian infrastructure as well. The cost of protecting the national electric grid, according to a 2008 EMP Commission estimate, would be about $2 billion—roughly what the U.S. gives each year in foreign aid to Pakistan.

“Last year President Obama signed an executive order to guard critical infrastructure against cyberattacks. But so far this administration doesn’t seem to grasp the urgency of the EMP threat.”

Do you believe an EMP attack is a legitimate threat to the US? Leave your reply in the section below:

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  1. I am a Pharmacist ans a Natural Product Chemist. I believe an EMP attack would incapacitate us even if it didn’t kill us outright. The whole country would be helpless and unable to defend ourselves.

  2. When all of the nuclear generators start melting down with no way to keep them cool we will self-destruct.

    • This is a very naive view of how nuclear reactors are ‘cooled’. It doesn’t take electricity and air conditioning…

    • a) A nuclear reactor without proper cooling would melt itself into the ground (remember The China Syndrome?)–the safest place for the nuclear material. This is not a problem.

      b) The problem when the grid does go down is the chaos that will ensue when the transportation system goes down and stores run out of food. The city dwellers and others unprepared will be left without and will be marauding to obtain food from those prepared. Those prepared will need to defend their supplies.

    • a) A nuclear reactor that stops cooling will melt itself in to the ground- hence, the term “China Syndrome.” This is not a problem. That’s the safest place for the nuclear material.

      b) The problem when the grid goes down is the chaos that will ensue when the transportation system can’t operate and the stores run out of food. City dwellers and others unprepared will be forced to maraud or starve. Those who are prepared will be forced to defend their supplies. Verbum sapienti…

  3. Read “One Second After” — it’s on Amazon.

    You’re welcome.

  4. The cities are a death zone in an EMP or solar storm situation. Can you guess where I live….

  5. Does anyone enjoy the thought of living in the 1800’s again, minus everything that they had on hand to live that way? I think this is THE HIGHEST PRIORITY every state should have. Maybe each state’s national guard could be used to address this issue. what about all the alternative energies I’ve heard about? Shouldn’t our government stop farting around with our basic existence????

    • Your mistake is assuming the gov’t wants to prevent this. The elite (and i won’t state their names and get flagged) who have controlled all gov’t’s but especially the US gov’t since its inception, have PUBLICLY STATED that the world needs to see a 90% reduction in its population. That’s right – NINETY %!!!. They keep unleashing Aids and now Ebola (did you know that the US gov’t owns the patent for the Ebola virus) on the African continent, and they will use other methods on other areas of the world. Starting a long drawn out WW3 with Russia/China/Syria/Iran is also another way to attain their goal. Smiley Bill Gates himself has PUBLICLY STATED that they plan to “..control the population with vaccines”. lol, I thought vaccines helped people live longer. But now that scientists have admitted they have put poisons, cancer cells, and components to sterilize young girls in vaccines in the past, who knows what they will put in future ‘vaccines’. All they have to do is create another False Flag event (i.e. IDK how about Ebola being unleashed on US soil), and then claim they have a vaccine to prevent it and you will all be racing to line up to get your ‘shot’.

      Anyhow, my point is that the fact that gov’t is just a puppet or tool for the few families that own the banks, oil companies, pharmaceutical companies, food processing plants, and media (and the same families own them ALL – makes you go hmmmm), and they have the monopoly on power and control. So whatever it is they want to do – they will do. False Flag event WLLL happen. Economy collapse WILL happen. Martial law WILL happen. Then the sheeple/slaves will be completely under ‘their’ control. And with them saying they want a 90% reduction in population, I ain’t waiting to find out what they have in store for us.


    • jb, maybe you shouldn’t be calling others idiots when you have such difficulty spelling and expressing your opinion. Just saying.

  6. William you don’t sound like a Pharmacist, you sound like a Pot Head

  7. I agree with what you state here Barney. My wife and I have had many conversations, which has lead us to internalize and completely understand while putting action to preparations, regarding the near future collapse of not only the U.S. economy, but the larger situation. Financial collapse is one thing, but the societal unrest we observe everyday is becoming rampant in all areas of the world, as a whole. Four items will become a survival MUST when the crumbling of society happens. Our list is based upon our own personal NEEDS (NOT WANTS). They are as follows: 1. Water 2. Food 3. Shelter 4. Clothing Medications will follow suit on that list. Batteries, Flashlights, and other items quickly become LUXURY ITEMS. Flintstones, and other items to create fire are definitely on our list. As is hand made soaps, and other reliable standby products which can be made from hard work and efforts. Our children have been told to get their butts home quickly, if at all possible, when HELL breaks loose. We currently are growing what we eat, not the store bought chemically treated foods others consume from plastic bags and cans. Simply my 2 cents worth here.

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