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The Best Places To Go Off Grid: Pikeville, Tennessee

Relocating is a big deal. Moving yourself, your spouse, and your children to a new area or even a whole new state is nothing to take lightly. If you are choosing to relocate in order to live an off-the-grid lifestyle, your move is especially momentous. Many of us are fed up these days with the government and the state of society in general. Going off the grid is an immensely appealing option. Living off the land, being self-sufficient, getting out of the grasp of the overreaching government, and being prepared in the case of a major disaster are all great reasons to get out there and get off the grid.

But where will you go? Moving can be very disruptive and difficult. Moving to a rural area with little to no infrastructure can be a very tough transition. If it is important to you and your family, however, you will make it work. Before you go anywhere, take the time to make the crucial decision of where to go. You need to consider such things as proximity to water sources, like-minded people, and food. You also need to be sure that you are going somewhere where you can afford to purchase land or a homestead.

Where Low Cost, Safety, Wide Open Spaces, and Living Off Grid Collide

One great option for making the big move is a small town called Pikeville in Tennessee. Pikeville is the county seat of Bledsoe County and is home to just 2,000 people. It is in the Sequatchie Valley of eastern Tennessee. You won’t regret living in this scenic valley: the views are simply amazing. You and your family can wake up every day to enjoy the fields, forests, and wildlife in the valley between Little Mountain and Walden Ridge.

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It’s not just the views that make Pikeville an excellent choice for off-the-grid living. The area is a great base for being self-sufficient. You can purchase land outside of town and build the cabin or home of your dream. There are also cabins already built that are occasionally up for sale. These often come with large tracts of land. The setting in the mountains of eastern Tennessee gives you plenty of natural resources for survival. The forests are great for hunting and foraging. The nearby Sequatchie River can provide you with water and fish. And, of course, with enough land, you can grow your own food. Other needs can be purchased in the small town of Pikeville.

Another reason you may be fleeing the suburbs or city for a place like Pikeville is safety. Crime in many areas is a terrifying prospect to live with, especially if you have children. Pikeville has an extremely low crime rate. In 2003, the FBI recorded only five violent crimes in Pikeville. There were no murders or homicides that year, and not much has changed in Pikeville over the last decade.

Cost is another important consideration to make when relocating. If you are choosing to go off the grid, you are probably preparing to live simply and with less money. However, you will need to spend some money to get started and to keep going. It is important that you understand how much money you have and how much you will be able to spend on a property. Land and homes in Pikeville and Bledsoe County are very reasonably priced. Luckily for you, many people forsake these rural areas for jobs in the city. This means you can get a good-sized chunk of land for a great price. If you know that you will need to make some money while living off the grid, you have the option of selling goods that you create on your homestead to the couple of thousand residents of Pikeville.

Other Important Considerations

Finally, you will need to consider what kind of social life you and your family will have when living off the grid. For many, having a community of like-minded people is very important. While you can find a remote location near Pikeville, you will find that there are others not too far away. The Sequatchie Valley draws individuals and families with the same values, needs, and interests as you. Here, you should have both the option of being isolated or gathering together with your off-the-grid neighbors for fun and to swap secrets of the lifestyle.

Pikeville is an excellent choice for going off the grid, but wherever you choose to move, be sure you make the decision carefully. You are taking your family on a big adventure with serious consequences. Take the time to do it right, and you will never regret it.

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  1. Hello my name is Bobby and I am originally from Tennessee but have lived in Georgia most of my life but have missed Tennessee and the possibilities of what life could’ve been living there most of my family there grew up farming and have lived pretty decent lives and I always wanted to grow up and work on the family farm or have one of our own not too big or small and live off the grid as well relying first and foremost on God and then one another.
    With wars and rumors of wars I think living off the grid would be better than being out in the open with a bullseye on my back and I want my wife and children to feel that sense of security and safety as well as knowing that there is nothing the government or terrorists or anyone else can do to us to keep us in the downward spirialling image of the world….

    We will check on Pikeville Tennessee and other areas as well to see what is the best fit I’d like to have enough land near a water source partial wooded and partial field for growing food and to keep our homestead in the woods far enough not to be seen and add cabins as needed for more family to come join us.

    • We have a plot of land in pikeville now. Not been here too long (2 yrs). Loving it here. Could use some families with same thoughts in mind:). Got our land at 1100$ an acre. And no it’s not crap land.

      • I am looking for property in tenn,but well,pikeville is a good start, candice that is a fair Price. but i live in Houston,tx. want to go off the grid living. looking at land prices.
        all ineed is two acres.i many acres do you have, myself i need to walk the land .to see if i need more.i want to grow all type of fruit,live stock. etc. your are in pikeville 2 well are you doing.some people think iam crazy.

        • Candice and Aurea,
          How is it going? I have been really considering this type of relocation for a number of years. I have three young kids, and my husband and I are nervous about their well being in a move like that. Do any of you have kids? and do you have pics of your new digs? : )

      • Email me [email protected]. Looking for same. Maybe you could advise. CANDICE

      • I am looking for off the grid land there, I can’t find a map of any land in that area. Is there a web page that I can go to that has land for sale there? Please pm me if you know of any. Thank you.

    • I am moving to Crossville , TN to Safe Haven, 1/2 acre rents for $125,, Look on Facebook
      Tiny House | Our Tiny Safe Haven and check it out:)

  2. We have 108 acres for sale, with gated private drive, natural springs, and potential for either grid-tie or off-grid electric. 15 minutes to Jackson, TN. Low property taxes, but good schools. Willing to sub-divide into 15 acre mininum tracts. Wooded and partially cleared tracts available. With these tracts, your home would be as close as 800′ from the main road, or as far as 1/2 mile. Call Ernie Williams at 731-697-1665 for more information.

    • Valerie Plummer

      Hello Ernie, do you still have any land available. I am looking for land to get off the grid and live quietly.
      Thanks, Valerie

      • I own land that I wish to sell on Walden Ridge.. in Grandview TN. If anyone is interested just write to my google mail account: apostolic.hermit

    • Hello Ernie, my wife and I are very interested in this lifestyle. Yet, we don’t know how to begin. We are tired of the high crime in memphis. I would love to get some insight from you.

    • Sabrinalyn M Foster

      Myself and my boyfriend are looking into off the grid living how much for 15 acres

    • Thats a little to close to 40 and to Memphis for me but thanks for offering some of it to us.

    • Would be interested in 108 acres I’m a retired truck driver tired of traffic and bs like to make a wildlife sanctuary 0

  3. 40 acres on mountain spring city tn.2ponds ,creek,large shop 40/60 2wells , $ 80′,ooo.oo. No house.

  4. HI There, my name is Oni Brewer, my husband and I were very surprised to find your article. We have lived off the grid here in Pikeville TN. since 2004! We absolutely love it and wouldn’t live anywhere else. We have raised 3 of our 5 children living off the grid and I can promise you they aren’t worse for the wear and are missing none of the finer things in life. We will never go back to paying for our electricity or living the city life. As a matter of fact, I will be graduating in Nov. 2015 with a BA in Sustainable Enterprise Management and plan on starting my own consulting company!

    • Hey guys,

      ‘Homes Unplugged’ is a new network television series that follows families/couples/friends who are looking to make the leap, leave the city behind and move off-grid! We’re currently looking for families or friends who are serious about moving off the grid. We’ll help them find property, have our expert homesteader teach them valuable skills and help make their off-grid dream a reality. We are a friendly bunch looking to genuinely aid those who feel like they want to unplug from the city life, we are not looking to exploit or poke fun. If you know of anyone who might be interested or would benefit from our help please get in contact at : [email protected]
      Visit our website:
      And join our Facebook group for updates:


      • Looking to retire in 2 yrs in tn off the grid. Have no real money but will make payments monthly. Looking for 5 acres. What help can you provide?

      • How do,,my name is jd, I’m looking for land to get off grid , homestead here in tn. I live in soddy daisy. Actually looking for land and someone to share this experience with. I’m retired , have tools , chainsaws and knowledge of just about everything. 2.5 yrs plumbing,house building,roofing. But can’t grow nothing. Basic electrical. Anyone needing a partner in this type of venture ,,pleas leave a reply. Looking for woods. Creek or river. Cheap monthly payments

    • That is great, Congrats )
      Living off the grid what type home do you have and how much Solar panels are you using?
      I am starting with a 5th wheel until I have been there for a little while.
      I am thinking a Cob home or Cabin, I have been doing a lot of research on both.
      Any information you can give me on what to do or not to do:)
      Thank you and have a Blessed Day

  5. Randy Billingsley

    Bledsoe County and Pikeville is a beautiful place. I grew up there and hopefully will be able to return there.

  6. Kimberlye Willis

    Hi! We have 8 acres here. Native californians , we were disgusted with the government and want to be self sustainable. I have recently started my garden and have a beehive with honeybees providing us with honey and comb in which to make candles, soap, etc. We love that we 68 in. of rainfall per year and our woods will provide much needed fuel. My advice- stock up on canned goods. We also get Fall Creek falls water and I use my old plastic milk containers to store drinking water. We also have a trap in which to trap possum, etc. if need be. Love it here and inlaws live in Crossville.

    • hi,

      I was wondering how you guys how progressed. I am interested in doing the same thing as you guys but have no knowledge of how to go about getting of the grid and being self-sufficient. Any advise and knowledge would be greatly appreciated.


      • Kimberlye Willis

        We have progressed well. Stocked up on firewood. Bought a gas generator. Have 6 Leghorn chickens and coop. 2 miles of dirt road to get to our community of like minded people on our mountain. Raised 2 American Flags and 1 Stars and bars Flag. Our African American neighbors completely understand that this flag represents the history of the South! We are not racists and have not met any in 5 years here!! Largely a convoluted stereotype!!! I was from Fallbrook, ca. where Tom Metzger was well known for his racism and started the skinheads!! People here are Christian and well educated and hard working. We are in the Bible Belt. We want the America we grew up in!! We fish, kayak, hunt, trap, stock up on necessities to be self sufficient. Have an amazing garden going with potatoes, corn, green beans, radishes, broccoli, tomatoes, onions, carrots, watermelon and just planted my pumpkins. Will freeze and can. Picked fresh Blackberries and make preserves. I also stock up on seed!!! Our traps can get possum and squirrel, but vegetables are important. My honeybees are doing well and you can use pure honey to heal wounds. We use tracphones and just simplify our lives!! Still riding our 4 motorcycles, shooting our collection of guns!!! Life is good. We know our neighbors but no one gets caught up in any drama. However, I did save some starving horses in the 20 acre pasture next to us. And we save injured tortoises and release them in the creek in our backwoods where we have built a bridge. Considering building a treehouse in the near future. Can’t be lazy here in the country!! And you sure as hell won’t need a gym. We collect down branches and burn, plant flwers, manicure lawns which are like huge parks!! Never miss California!! Just our kids!!! 🙂

  7. Looking for a sales agent that has knowledge of otg properties in Sugar Tree Tennessee

  8. We have lived in Pikeville for the last 15 years and love it. The only problem is finding work to support the family. Not many jobs locally, but Chattanooga is only 50 miles away and has a strong economy. The valley is full of churches and nice people and my daughter graduated from Bledsoe High and went on to get a 4 year degree from ETSU. So the school systems are excellent. We have written several books about living off-the-grid here in Pikeville. We moved from Atlanta and built a solar home, with compost toilets and rainwater collection. Since then, we have been experimenting with all aspects of off-grid living.

    • Hi
      It sounds like you have a wonderful life living in Pikeville. I would like more info about your books you have written.

      • Hillary Bergeron

        To check out my books Google Unplug from the grid by Hillary Bergeron

      • I am moving to Crossville , TN to Safe Haven, 1/2 rents for $125,, Look on Facebook
        Tiny House | Our Tiny Safe Haven and check it out:)

      • Been living in Pikeville for 1 year, good place but too hot (I’m from NY) NO jobs are here!! very rare to find land for under $2,500 an acre. unless you move to hill property, In the valley most land is $5,000 an acre. But I can see how you could be off the grid here. With sites like this it will be overcrowded soon and the law WILL shut down off-gridders!! find other places now. by moving here to be off grid it will not take long for local government to figure it out. ALL towns want/need tax money and utility moneys

    • Hello my name is Vickie, I was reading your note here and wanted to ask about off grid living how do you pay your healthcare and those kind of expensices if you don’t have a job or any income? My husband and I are trying to learn as much as we can before we go off grid! Thank you, Vickie

    • Kimberlye Willis

      Have you thought of working as correction officers at the Bledsoe Prison Facility? My husband was 57, they sent him to the academy in Tullohoma. he was home on weekends. Only 4 weeks (19 days) The whole thing plus uniforms are free. they have great medical insurance and pension plan.

  9. My husband and two small children are considering living otg as well. I’m mostly nervous about having some sort of income coming in. But, we have a 3 yr plan. My husband is going to go over the road truck driving for a few years while we save and can pay cash for everything. We are just starting this plan so I’ve got awhile to go before we go otg, but I’m so very excited to do this! I know my family might not approve but we are doing this!! So ready for this change

    • I am moving to Crossville , TN to Safe Haven, 1/2 rents for $125,, Look on Facebook
      Tiny House | Our Tiny Safe Haven and check it out:)

  10. I just recently bought 5.5 acres in Pikeville TN,
    moving to my new homestead in late November.
    Starting a new business in Dayton.
    With some hard work i hope to get my small Farm started,

  11. There are several small towns that are great for living off the grid as well. I chose one that was voted in the best 20 top small towns in the US. The county I live in DeKalb County, AL is 776 sq miles with only 46k citizens, all ages but the majority is between the ages of 20 to 50. I bought my 10 acres and built a new home back in 2007. I ended up buying my place in Fort Payne Alabama on Lookout mountain. This mountain sets on 3 states. AL, TN and GA. 50 miles south of Chattanooga TN so makes going to the mall a day trip but the small town honestly has everything anyone needs. Very cheap to live comfortably and paid cash because it was very reasonable. Only 2% sales tax on homes and land.
    The place is in the “Little River Canyon National Preserve.” Google this if you’ve never heard of it. I had no idea this place existed before I found it. Most people have never heard of this place and definitely none of my friends in FL so I feel that is good thing. I kept having this gut instinct that God was trying to tell me that I needed to do this. Come to find out? Right after moving there, the economy crashed. So, if that wasn’t a sign from God Almighty I don’t know what is. There’s plenty of farming around here. I picked a track of land with a running creek year round and a large pond with fresh water with plenty of fish in the back of it. There’s plenty of room for horses and other live stock. I have to admit that when we first made the move, we had a bit of culture shock. Our main home was still FL so we returned back there for about 3 years just making summer trips back to AL until we retired. We finally moved to the AL property full time in 2015 and we love it! Making a move to a rural place when you’ve been used to all the luxuries of urban living is a shock for most people so if you can ease into it, you will be fully prepared and aware of what your doing when you do take the plunge and you will feel secure you made the right decision. Now days with the all the terrorism and the economy being so fragile, I know my gut instinct to buy this place was the right choice. By the way, there is work here for those still need to work. If you can start a business, you have a huge advantage because the area is like going back in time 20 years. There is no traffic or crime. 10 children to a class. It’s almost unreal. LOL.. So for anyone thinking to move and get off the grid? If your sure your ready? Take a look at this town. It’s the county seat so there’s everything you would need to live comfortably. Congratulations to everyone who’s decided to take the plunge! It’s so very worth it!

  12. My husband and I are considering off the grid living in flintville tn. Extremely rural area that we think would be a very good place to start a homestead. However, we know of no one in the area that’s attempted it. And we have some concerns on legality issues. Can anyone direct me to a site where my rights as a property owner/ citizen are public information? Any help would be much appreciated!
    [email protected]

  13. I want to go off grid all the help is needed everything I need to buy and get ready to do this I need to know

  14. Hello,
    I’m from Middle Tennessee where we have many great places for off-the-grid living. I have several properties that would make for a great off-the-grid place. If you watch the videos and don’t see what your looking for please send me an email and I will do my best to find that type of property for you.

    Check out the videos!

    140 Acres

    100 Acres

    32 Acres

    19.45 Acres

  15. Hello,
    Our family is considering going off grid but we also need to find a property that is signal free. Due to electromagnetic hypersensitivity, we need to find property that is free from signals from cell phones, cell phone towers, wifi and smart electric meters. That also means it is far enough away from neighbors. Does anyone have any suggestions on some locations? Thanks

    • Just came across this site. I have a 42 acre farm (has been in my family since 1943 and never been for sale before), very fertile bottom land for farming, etc., timbered land has not been cut in over 40 years, has a scenic creek that runs the entire length of property, usable barn, 2 wells, and in addition to this there is a 17,000 square foot brick building in structurally good condition. Possibilities for this land is only limited by your imagination. This land is located in rural middle Tennessee 60 miles from Nashville. There are lots of other great things about this property that I don’t have room to mention here. Price for all of it is $350,000. Great off the grid, money-producing property. I am in the process of getting it ready to list. Call 931-303-1515 for more information.

    • Northeastern Colorado, poor/no cell phone connectivity, neighbors often 1+ miles away; neighbors friendly but not intrusive.

  16. My husband and I are looking to move off the grid and live off the land. We are looking for land in Pikeville TN we are currently living in Elkhart IN if anyone can help us out let me know thank you Star

  17. I own land that I wish to sell on Walden Ridge.. in Grandview TN. If anyone is interested just write to my google mail account: apostolic.hermit

  18. How do,,my name is jd, I’m looking for land to get off grid , homestead here in tn. I live in soddy daisy. Actually looking for land and someone to share this experience with. I’m retired , have tools , chainsaws and knowledge of just about everything. 2.5 yrs plumbing,house building,roofing. But can’t grow nothing. Basic electrical. Anyone needing a partner in this type of venture ,,pleas leave a reply. Looking for woods. Creek or river. Cheap monthly payments

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