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How To Hide Your House From Google Maps

Google maps car

As it turns out, there is a way to prevent strangers from seeing your home online through Google Maps.

Many Americans don’t realize it, but Google actually has vehicles driving around the United States taking what are called “street view” pictures. If your home can be seen from a public street, there’s a good chance it’s on Google Maps.

How Google Maps Threatens Your Privacy

If want to find out whether your home is on Google Maps, simply go to Google Maps and type in your address. When the map appears you might see a small stick figure on the left side of the screen. Drag that stick figure to your street, and your house – and others – will appear. (Note: If the street is not highlighted in blue on the map, then your house and street have not been photographed.)

This can be a major problem for privacy because the Google picture can show strangers a great deal of your home and your life. When Fox and Friends contributor Kurt “the Cyber Guy” Knutsson went to Google Maps he discovered something bothersome — the inside of his garage and its contents, because he had left the garage door open the day the Google car drove down his road.

That’s not all that Knutson saw on Google. Google had taken a picture of his cars.

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“You could see our license plates plain as day,” Knutson said. Knutson’s discovery indicates that details of your private life, and information that could harm you, can show up on Google Maps. Google claims it blurs out license plates and individuals before it posts pictures to street view, although it’s obvious that doesn’t always happen.

How to Hide Your House

The bad news is that there is no way to keep your address off of Google Maps. The good news is that you can get Google to blur out your property so Google Maps users will not see it. Here’s the process which is outlined at Google.

How to get your property blurred:

  • Go to Google Maps and type in your address
  • Bring up the street view of your property
  • Look to the bottom right hand corner of the screen you should see an Icon Labeled: “report a problem.”
  • Click on “report a problem.”
  • You will get a page labeled “report inappropriate street view.”
  • Adjust the image so your house is inside the red box.
  • Fill out the form
  • Type the verification code at the bottom of the page into the box provided and click submit.
  • Check back in a few days to see if the image has been blurred.

You can also get license plates and faces blurred. For example, if you want a picture of your business on Google Maps but don’t want the license plate number of your vehicle parked in front on Google, you can get that blurred. You can also get your car blurred out as well if you want.

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Google wants you to report license plate numbers and faces that aren’t blurred so it can blur them out. This process does seem to work, and it is free.

Google is Watching You

The amount of information Google collects through Google Maps and posts online is frightening. Not every address is included in Google Street View, though. Addresses in many rural areas are not on street view. Although, chances are that your home is on it if you live in a suburban or urban area.

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  1. timothy brandt MD

    But does asking to be blurred out flag you as someone to be watched more closely?
    Are we better off remaining anonymous, lost in the crowd?

    • I believe the issue here is any random predator out there with an internet connection being able to case your home. If your concern is the Men In Black, kiss anonymity goodbye; you cannot lose yourself in the crowd.

      • But if someone wanted to case the house at 1234 Whatchamacallut St. they can just have their GPS or Google Maps take them there with or without a picture of the house.

        • Invasive spying on the internet enables you to zoom in on things a person would have to literally walk up to and around your property to see; and, in that case, run a very strong risk of getting their freaking head blown off! So, with that being said, you CANNOT PRIVATELY SEE OR SPY ON SOMEONE SIMPLY BY DRIVING BY THEIR HOUSE- AT LEAST NOT MY HOUSE IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE!

          There is NO reason people need to be creeping around and scoping our people’s home. And please don’t give me the real estate sales bullshit because real estate has been shown, bought and sold just as effectively without this technology.

          • Interesting point, but not at all true. The reason they were able to see inside the author’s garage is that he left the garage door open. In other words, the internet image showed only what Google’s cameras saw when they drove past his house. They were able to “invade his privacy” only to the extent that he made it possible for them (and anybody else driving past his home that day) to do so.

    • Interesting question. I feel the same way as you.

    • not if everyone asks to be blurred out? 😉

    • Who cares !
      no ones going to target you on Google map unless they are already close by. they can just get in their car and drive by. there’s no added threat. stop being so Paranoid. The benefits of being on far outweigh the bad.
      Around 150 people Die EVERYDAY in North America in a car. but you get in a car probably everyday. I bet a lot less people die everyday because of Google map.
      I was buying a house last year and did all my first looks on Google map. what a great tool

      • Mahatma Muhjesbude

        So Kirk, i suppose, then, that you think this famous comment by one of our most visionary Framers, Ben Franklin, was also being ‘paranoid’? — ‘Those who give up any freedoms or privacy for a little more convenience or security deserve NEITHER’

        • That’s not the quote, and you would seem to be oblivious to what the quote actually means “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Nothing about privacy or convenience.

      • Yeah! Bet you had to google it because of the realtors that are too lazy or don’t want you to see the rest of the neighborhood. I am so tired of googling to see the sides and backs of a house. I have to google to the next street to try to see the back. Very few realtors go out of their way (work hard). Shame on them! You see homes sitting on the market for months, year or more with one or two photos of it in the listing. They should go out of there way to take as many as possible and point out where things could be improved and maybe give a video walk through with ideas or what is so great in other areas!

        • So you hate realtors. We all see that. I find it interesting that you are “to tired of googling to see the sides and backS” You admit to being lazy yet blast realtors for not uploading hundreds of photos and a video tour.

          Your comment in 2015 is a SELLERS market in a majority of the cities in america.

          You are probably the same self entitled “buyer” that sends the agent a zillow listing that was sold 2 months prior, and I used quotes because you are a shopper NOT a buyer.

          Realtors are not going to spend 40+ hours a week on just you and making sure you can see every possible angle of the home. I bet you have been “fired” by several agents……

      • Not so, Google is posting pics of “weird things it sees on the internet” including a man IN HIS OWN YARD cutting wood in his underwear. That man was in his own yard, what gave them the right to put him on the internet? Even if they blurred his face, his neighbors know exactly who he is and quite frankly, it’s not the worlds business.

    • I’ve been trying to get Google to un-blur my house for 3 years without success after they blurred it instead of a car on my drive.
      If anyone out there has found a way to get Google to un-blur, or find out when they are next to visit an area I’d be grateful

    • This is why I like to dress my house in the cloak of invisibility, not only that but my kids, animals, vehicles, husband also don this apparatus.

  2. Good information.

  3. Thank you for this information. I saw this on facebook and immediately googled our home and found that not only were our automobiles pictured (tags WERE blurred) but my 7 year old daughter and I were in the photo. I am NOT happy about the privacy of my daughter being invaded. She is wearing short running shorts. We were getting about to get in the car which was parked in the driveway. I remember the google car driving by with music so loud my daughter stopped and rolled her eyes at it. I did not even consider we may also be pictured!!! I am livid. If you know of any way I can report this and have our home photo deleted, please let me know! I tried to blur it per your instructions to no avail as there was no “report inappropriate street view” available on my phone app or laptop. I am NOT tech savvy, though. I hope only by posting this that people are made aware that car plates may not get blurred at times but also children are not blurred. That is a huge privacy concern.

    • I’m also not tech savvy but I tried too and found there was no “report inappropriate street view” …not very happy about having everythng in my yard being on public view !!!

    • Perhaps you should consider dressing your daughter appropriately for her age if this bothers you.

      • really? do you want random pictures of your children posted on the internet at their home address?( I don’t, no matter what they happen to be wearing in their own yard)

        • Do you think pervs are looking at the street views for children? If I were a perv, I’d just drive around until I found a real one, not a photo of one. Just sayin.

        • I was not expecting people to be acting like this here.

          • The culture and values of our society have been torqued and perverted all in the name of the tech industry thrusting their “wet-dream” toys on the American public and making a fortune doing so. Look at all the little robotic sycophants in this discussion agreeing that it is OK to have some random moron hired by Google stalk your house, take photos of it, not asking permission to do so, and then posting them on the Internet for all to see and touting you as being paranoid.

      • You have totally missed the point of the whole article and Hillary’s post. Go back and reread it and quit shooting off your mouth. You totally ruin your credibility.

      • Yeah….I thought the same thing.

      • Really? Perhaps we should all wear burquas as well, since there are 30,000 satellites sucking our airwaves at all times.

      • Agreed! If you are so worried about people seeing what she was wearing, why was she wearing it in public?! I dont understand why this is a big deal.. its not like it is a live action feed of your home. You can see the exact same things by driving by someones home! And if its the government that concerns you.. well they have satellites that can zoom and see whats in your car seats. There is no hiding from that!

        • Really?! The person stated their daughter was on their property. She can wear whatever she pleases. I think Google should get authorization to post pictures of people and if they believe the amount of pictures with people are too many in between to seek authorization then they should not be posting people.

          • Anything visible from a public street should be considered “public.” ANYONE driving by or standing on a public sidewalk can legally take photos of anything they see from that public space.

        • it wasnt public it was private property. think before you post.

          • “it wasnt public it was private property. think before you post.” The road is public property, anything seen from that point is considered public. I wish you might of thought as well. You can take pictures of private property, even. In public domain, it is public. Now, if they were in her yard taking the pictures… that is different. I don’t agree with it… but fabricating information helps no one.

          • Uhhh no I think you might want to rethink before you post.When you walk out your doors,you are in public!!! period,If you walk out in underwear then guess what? You people thinking you have soooo many rights,yet most haven’t spent one day serving this country to preserve any of the freedoms! Celebrities have tried to fight this,and guess what? they lose every time.If someone hires a private investigator to watch you for whatever reasons,that private investigator or whoever can take as many pictures as he or she wants when you step outside that door.Thinking you can make this world your own little make believe safe place is ignorant at best!

          • interesting point..but what about the aerial photograph of my house roof, and the pool in my backyard, any expensive items I might have back there, etc… none of that is viewable by the public road. Interestingly, I do not have the option to “report a problem” and have the aerial shot blurred out.

          • Steve is either an idiot, or just an attention seeker by posting his ridiculousness:)

          • Utopian is wrong: “The road is public property, anything seen from that point is considered public.” If this is true, than your house is not really yours because it can be seen from a public road, so its public…- what a nonsense:)

      • Mom is either a troll or a child predator to make such insensitive comment. how would she have a clue as to what activity the daughter may have been dressed for? I wouldnt want my daughter shown in ANY atttire on the internet due to predatorial concerns…

      • My parents live on private property and their house is listed on here. Front yard, back yard, drive way, all 40 acres of land and even the road that is barely serviceable outside of a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

      • Google maps with photos of our homes is an invasion of privacy, not only that but sex offenders can see if you have toys around and if you have children. Thieves can see if there are vehicles or items of value to steal in your yard.The argument google makes is they don’t show anything you couldn’t see driving by a home. I argue that if WE don’t want a photo of Our property frozen in time and posted online WE should be able to opt out AND FURTHERMORE WE SHOULD NOT NEED TO EXPLAIN TO ANYONE WHY!!!!!

        • Completely Agree! There should be an opt out and we should boycott google products until they offer this – same with Zillow, Zip, Trulia, etc. This is more dangerous than we know – I had to fight zillow and several realestate agents for months to get my photos of my home taken down even after I took ownership, I would see them all over the net.

          • Lars, I cannot agreed more ! I am actually searching HOW TO forbid Zillow to publish pictures of my house : the pictures are 4 years old, the car of the last owner is on the driveway, and the picture does not represent the beautiful garden we have now, so they devaluated my property ! They do not replied to my mails. I do not know what to do.

      • Oh, for God’s sake, this is Florida; we all wear shorts from birth to death!!!!!

      • Hey “Mom”, Dress her daughter more appropriately? You take pictures of my daughter IN MY YARD, as we are talking about here, and then try telling me how to dress her. NOBODY, google or others, has the right to take pictures of me and my family without my consent. I don’t care if it is legal or not. You people think that just because the technology is there, that privacy means nothing. I have the legal right to piss all over the flag too but that does not mean it is moral or {the right thing to do}.
        Gee, I can’t imagine why people are so pissed off at the way this country is these days.
        Want to sneak around taking pictures of my family? PUSSY!!! I have lots of dogs and weapons of nosey asshole destruction. All you google (I can spy on you if I want to) supporters need to be careful what you ask for.

    • All of you people who are HARASSING Hillary about what her daughter was wearing; first of all, stop judging!! Second, do any of you understand the concerns of having it “out there” that a child resides at that particular address AT ALL?!!!! What happened to constitutional rights? Why is it public knowledge?
      Further….I think some of you should check out legalities concerning snapping random pics of someone’s home, or anyone/anything near it. Just becaususe our government does it, does not make it legal!! It just makes it extrememly difficult to stop (prevent). The last I knew, the area I live on is called PRIVATE property.

      • Some of the problems with our society today is lack of understanding and caring, if it doesn’t affect them personally. I think it’s time for a change!!

      • Precisely, and when you buy enough of that private property to prevent someone standing on a public street from seeing your house you can have all the privacy you want – until then, randomly taking photos from a public street is 100% legal.

        Just like one of your neighbors putting up security cameras that happen to also view your front yard is 100% legal – Germany has laws against that, the US does not.

        If you’re worried about someone seeing what your kid is wearing why would you let them wear it out front?

      • If I sit naked in MY YARD are you violating my privacy for looking?

        • There are a lot of considerations in answering that question.

          As has been pointed out before if you can be viewed from a public access area it is not considered an invasion it is considered Public Domain.

          If extraordinary methods must be used to apply the Public Domain standard then there exists a certain defensible Expectation of Privacy.

          Then you may be expected to prove that there was intent to harm or deny.

          There is just so much of what we think of as being our protected rights that no longer exist and people do not even know it.

        • Heck , I live 8 miles from town on an acre in pretty much a rural setting but I’d be arrested for indecent exposure within the hour !

        • If you are sitting naked in your yard and your yard can be seen by anyone who passes by, you are in violation of indecent exposure, not the passerby for mere observation thereof.

    • Why are people freaked out? What’s going to happen? If I was walking or driving past a house and there is a garage door open or kids playing in the street or front garden in short pants would you quickly close the garage door or ask your child to come in because of the short pants? You are people worrying over nothing. These pictures are great 😉 I love snooping around peoples streets lol.
      Look I was going on holiday to Spain staying in a villa and when we were renting it I looked at street view before we went to see what the villa and local bars and restaurants were like. Before and after purchasing a property. Did restoration work to a property and liked the ability to see the before shots. There are lot’s of great reasons to use the street view. I think that if it can be seen from the street / road then why not???

      Its a great tool in my opinion!

      • “Why are people freaked out? What’s going to happen? If I was walking or driving past a house and there is a garage door open or kids playing in the street or front garden in short pants would you quickly close the garage door or ask your child to come in because of the short pants? You are people worrying over nothing.”

        I live in a rural area that has 176 sex offenders in my zip code and a bunch of people in a poor economy that ‘love snooping around peoples streets lol.’
        I don’t need people sitting on line looking for the next problem to cause and find my house. View properties through a realty website for that level of interest, not open season on everybody.

      • Some things are public record. Some things are not. The fact that I own a house is useful to the public but who visits, what chattels I have are not. Some people use this information inappropriately. You have no personal or public use for my personal information and you should not have it without me providing it. Mind YOUR business.

      • Beckery49, just for your understanding – there is a very different LEVEL of RISK between exposing your personal staff to one person driving by your house versus your staff being exposed 24/7 to all people in the world. To explain further, what are the chances of one person driving by while your garage door open looking, noticing what’s inside, and then being a thief coming back to rob you? – probably, the chances are slim. Now, what are the chances of a robber scouting the neighborhood looking at the google map picture noticing your staff exposed in the open garage door and later coming by to rob you? – probably, the chances in this case are way higher. Get it???

    • I have decided to take my camera system and go to the Google Campus and just take images and video footage. I assume that at one point I will be asked to stop and or maybe told to leave after that happens then I will file a lawsuit and bring the Google walls tumbling down. It’s not very difficult if you sacrifice your time and pursue it. Cheer me on everybody they are more than a little invasive. There is a man who pleaded to have an image of his murdered son’s body removed from Google maps apparently his body was imaged by satellite which was not intentional I am sure however when the man asked Google to have some respect and remove the image he was told NO. Unacceptable response

      Google your not that big that one fearless man can’t take you to task.

      • Did Google take their camera and come to your “campus” to take photograph? The streets on Google’s campus probably belong to Google. They have the right to ban cameras from their property period. If you’re that concerned about your property being view from a public, take a tip from the Muslims, put a wall around your house.

    • Im a police officer and we have had complaints about this in the past and the best thing I can tell you is: If you are out on your front yard and there is a public street whatever the people on the road see is considered public and you have no expectation of privacy. The only place you have an expectation of privacy is INSIDE your own home. Even back yards are limited on privacy. If you dont want your daughter being shown with shorts then she needs to stay inside

      • Your right to privacy expired on the day you were born. Any information that can be sold, will be sold! People put every minute detail of their lives online and then wonder there’s so much of their personal info can be found with a Google search.
        For 12 years my military service number was my SSN and it was my drivers license number for over 20 years. It was on every check that I wrote or cashed. Now it’s supposed to be confidential!
        “Identity theft, the fastest growing crime in America”. Since there were 2 cases of people stealing used kitty litter last year but there have already been 5 cases this year, its the new fastest growing crime in America!
        As long as you can keep most people afraid they’ll gladly give you their hard earned to get that false sense of security.

    • Mahatma Muhjesbude

      If you think that’s bad, I hope you don’t live in a municipality where they deploy the licence plate scanner s on most ‘public’ vehicles? These also peep up your driveway and capture humans as well as plates.
      This abuse of privacy is used to know exactly where you go everytime you leave your house in your vehicle.

      The best remedy for this out of control spying on citizens is for ‘We, the People’ to summarily ‘urge’ our newly elected Legislative employees to start keeping their election promises to begin writing Bills for new laws to counter ALL anti-Constitutional totalitarian privacy intrusions.

      Before it’s really too late.

  4. I must admit that I cannot tell if google even tried to blur our faces; I don’t really care. In the end, my daughter is 7 years old and unwillingly online for any person to see. The privacy invasion is unbelievable. Children should not be in any way, shape or form, in these photos. As a person, I even feel a bit violated having my photo out there without permission from Google but as a parent, I am livid that my child is on public display with my permission!

  5. I’ve been concerned about this issue for a while even though I live in a fairly rural area of North Texas. In fact I am the last house before the roads turn to unimproved dirt roads. Lucky google hasn’t figured out my address properly and they place the pin on the wrong road. However, if you scroll properly down the road you can actually see a street view of my farmhouse! It’s insane, why would a google car have ever come down my backwoods country road? I’ll be trying to get it blurred and my new house will be very secluded!

    • Nick – I have the same problem. dead end country road, but Google’s been there. =( My kids (tho blurred) are in the front yard and you can see them. I really don’t like that at all. Glad for this article though, I’m going to go ‘report my problem’.

  6. I was able to request the blurring of my home, but what about the overhead view? I can see my garden in my back yard when I zoom in and am not happy about that.

    • What about when google send the car to Update imagery, will they automatically blur your house if it was requested to be blur before? Or do you have to monitor if the imagery has been updated and request to blur every time when it does?

  7. After following directions I was able to blur our home thank you for this article…..

  8. Guess I’m one of the lucky ones. I can see a satellite picture of my house and I can see three cars in the driveway. Means to me the picture is way out of date. Sold one of those cars three years ago.
    Didn’t find a street view of my house. Must be considered rural. Surprising since there is a casino only a mile from here. Works for me though.

  9. For those “livid” about your privacy invaded you DO NOT have a case. Anything visible from a public road is fair game. In most areas this includes windows not covered by some shade or curtain. Google was violating nothing. You really should be able to blur any view of your house though. Privacy is dead in this country get used to it. I requested mine to be blurred, it seems the smart thing to do although it will change nothing. There are plenty of archived photos and other ways to get your home image.

    • Chris, There is a difference between what a person can see from a public road or piece of land and a large company recording those same images, compiling in a way to make commercial profit especially without your permission.

      • Google is not the only company doing this. While you might think there is a difference, it doesn’t really matter what you think. They’re going to do it anyways because to them, there is no difference.

      • They do not need your permission to photograph things from the public road. We get 911 calls about this every time Google sends its cars to update this and we always tell people the same thing “You cant have expectation of privacy outside your home and specially if the vehicle taking pictures is on public property”

  10. They have removed the option to do this. It makes me so mad. What other options are there? I had a kidnapping attempt with two women going into my back yard to grab my daughters. I told them I am going to sue them if they keep my house up. This is ridiculous!!!

    • I just went to Google Maps on an iPad and the option is in a tiny box at the bottom of the image. You can request they blur the house, a face, a license plate or any other object. You can also request they fix a distorted or blurred image

  11. I have a satellite view also. What they show is not visible from the street. It’s a close up bird’s eye view. I would rather a way off from the street pic. Satellite shows details and from more angles.

  12. I own an auto repossession company and use google maps/street view quite often to check the addresses I have mainly to see and get an idea of where I’m going or check the area as to where the car might be sitting, on occasion I’ve see the vehicle out front that I’m looking for, as for pics of kids being viewed I totally agree that they should be blocked as well as any thing that might be personal or inappropriate, but all in all it’s a good program for people that are doing the same thing as me….Chris

  13. So what if your house is on Google maps? Did you also see that if there is no number on your house, the street address shown does not correspond? Even if your garage was standing wide open …. it would be blurred out. Did you also notice that if there were any people around their faces are blurred. As well as vehicle registration plates. I do not for one minute think you know what the costs involved are for the blurring out of pictures. As for invasion of property and privacy ……….. get real ….. anyone can drive past your house at any given time and “case” your place.

    • Also ……. if you really had a good look at the pics used they are normally about 2 years old.
      Pics of my house are almost 3 years old (the roof of my house is blue at present and the pic on G /M the roof is red).

    • Wrong. My aunt is looking directly at the camera and the sprinkler guy has a pipe on his shoulder. No blur.I live way off the road with a stand of trees surrounding the house and can count the satelitte dishes in th backyard.

  14. how do people get to the point that they are this crazy.

    im sure these people have there windows covered because they think the FBI is watching them in the first place

    • Well , to solve it ALL ,you could move underground ! This reminds me of an old joke ; One the elderly lady next door to me ,called the law over to her house . When the Officer asked her what the problem was she said ” it’s my neighbor , he’s walking around Naked !” The Officer asked where she saw this ,so they were lead into the kitchen ,lady said “Right here !” Officer looked toward my house and could see my head & shoulders moving pass the windows. He said ” Ma’am , I can’t tell if he’s naked from here ! ” So she said ” Of course NOT , you gotta get upon the kitchen table !!” So I don’t sweat the ‘small stuff ‘ !

  15. Well my address is not showing up, my street has a north and south and it only shows the street name. There’s 2 of my house number on my street, one at N and one at S. The other one shows up in a search. I’m NOT reporting the error. The option to blur or contact the street view team, is not available on any of the pop-ups only the options to correct. Apparently the writer’s info is out of date! And this post was only uploaded last Wednesday!

  16. This summer, 2013, I phoned my local police dept. to report a person walkin zig-zag one side of the steer to the other, snapping pictures of houses in my neighborhood. It looked wierd, but he was legit; he was working for the city.

    • What the heck is a city employee doing taking systematic photos of the street????So glad a lot of home a behind gates off the road….

  17. Larry the Car Theif

    I stole two of the google cars that road past my hood we still got them dumb as should have asked police they don’t even come out here. I look up my hood on google maps and they don’t even have the street listed anywhere and my hood is downtown lol thats privacy I don’t care if the government can see me but don’t want other gangs and rivals to be able to gain intel and form battle/assassination missions on the hood and trust me them fools can’t get intel any other way cause our hood has one way in and one way out and when we pull the trucks out and block it you ain’t leaving just ask the google guys we let them walk home with split wigs fukin crackers

    • Wow! I like you and your style, Larry the Car Thief [Theif]. You remind me of Attila the Hun, who also spit in the face of an arrogant, top heavy empire (Rome). I’m gonna look up any and all other comments you have on the internet. I am also NOT going to drive into your hood without your permission. Rock on, Larry.

  18. Want to hear something funny? I looked at my house from street view. Yes, you can see my house. You can also see that the Google car was reflected in the glass on the storm door – and Google blurred it! They don’t care about showing our property to the world, but hide their own…

  19. We live on a private road with two houses on it in the middle of no where……on a dead end street. The truck went rolling by and of course since we were shocked to see anyone driving on the street-we looked up from up our raking-there was the infamous google truck. We were already aware that private roads were designated as off limits to google and that they had been taken to court over it several times. Why they felt the need to see our house and the house next door is beyond us but we checked and never saw the photo show up……..FLASH FORWARD three years and innocently a co-worker asked to see our house and googled it. There we all were-even our dog looking incredulously at the truck! We were able to get them to blurr us out and in fact the whole house out; however, our neighbor is still fighting with them. Reading the posts above-sorry, in your private yard, on your private street-you shouldn’t have to fight anyone about having your photo taken. The new America. It is not so good.

  20. After all, many good ideas are generated by those doing the day to day job. But if you just want a desktop replacement and will just occasionally move it around from desk to desk, then 17″ is perfectly fine.

  21. I you folks missed the point entirely. Yes of course anyone can drive past your house and look. The thing is they have to get in their car and go there to do that and CANNOT DO IT FROM THE COMFORT OF THEIR OWN HOME/OFFICE.

    There is a world of difference between going out snooping physically, looking at the property by driving past, and sipping coffee browsing likely properties to rob whilst sat on your couch.

    If someone drives past my house I know about it most of the time and we recognise known cars and strangers. If a suspicious vehicle passes we can do something about it. This cannot happen if the ‘vehicle’ is someone’s couch in a town 200 miles away. How do you report someone casing properties (like the city guy taking snaps) if you don’t know it is happening?

    • If you drive past my house I could see you. If you Google me I can’t see you and I can’t report your peeping Tom activities. Posting my picture with out an image release is illegal. Trespassing is illegal. Creating an environment or platform for personal invasion is aiding and abetting criminal acts. In America only commercial entities have a voice. We need leadership for the people. What next? The Mark of the beat.

  22. I am one of those people who always thought the “street view” option was neat. I especially enjoyed it when I googled my grandma’s house a couple years after she died and found her in the street view outside her house hanging up her American flag. I miss her.

  23. it is pretty common to do that in Germany.
    Pick a random town like Hamburg and use street view. you’ll see at least 20% blurred houses.
    Maybe because Germans are kind of worried about their privacy all the time.

  24. Than there are the copyright laws: intellectual rights, model releases needed for profit motives, use of someone’s image without permission…

    • I am very concern about Zillow and Trulia using Google Street View in their listing : now the picture of OUR PROPERTIES are used without our permission for a commercial purpose … what about it ? I have a strong feeling this is totally illegal; – above all when the pictures does not represent the actual state of the property. I am working on it. I do not like it. I want to do something about it.

  25. The major flaw in Google’s argument is this: access to the public street in front of my house is limited by geography; access to a mapped photo of my house on Google maps is not. I can see who drives past my house; I cannot see who is casing my house on Google.

  26. I do not think any car drove by my house to take a picture of it. I think its just the satellite is able to zoom down or maybe there are hidden cameras in the telephone poles. You can zoom into someone’s house right to there window and zoom in. I think this is an invasion of privacy. I also do not think this is a one time picture either. It seems like it is updated every few months.

  27. But what about google earth, there is nothing on the bottom of the screen

  28. I have to say, would you like a car parked infront of your house not knowing what is inside? That is exactly what street view is, anomynous viewing. The only difference is that when you’re viewing on street view you cannot see what is happening 24/7. Thankfully the camera only goes past my house once every year or so.

  29. Street view just saved me a lot of money. While looking at houses for sale I found one that I had entertained purchasing several years ago. Met a real estate agent there and they tried to tell me the homeowner had installed several items. As I had the old listing and the new google feature that allows you to back up the street view several years, I was able to prove that all the “new” items were there in the past. Red flag for me. Google and public records can help you weed out those that don’t have your interests at heart.

    • If the house is not for sale the owner should be able to opt out. I am not a Google customer or Google earth subscriber. My house should not be listed.

  30. Guess there is a benefit to the long dirt roads to our home. Overhead view is there but no street view. “little yellow man” will not go there

  31. We live in a gated community. No little yellow man there!

  32. No street view for me either but my road in my subdivision is privately owned by the developer…thank goodness. We had a teen breaking in to homes in our neighborhood about 10 years ago. I have told my husband I want our property to remain heavily wooded. I don’t want some punk kid checking out if our cars are gone and patterning our schedules. I have a teen age daughter who is home alone after school. I don’t have anything that would interest the government but home invasions are on the rise and I don’t want to make it any easier for them.

  33. On May 17th 2014, I took a picture of the google map car taking a picture of me… I was in the yard with my dogs, when it came by. I have a home based business with a sign in my yard showing my business and phone number(Limousine Service). All the info is blurred out. Why? The lumber yard down on Main St shows all their advertising…. The church around the corner still has their info showing… Wanna order a pizza from The Pizza Barn? just look up their number in google map street view!

  34. i hope all of you that say nothing is wrong with them taking pic of your house have kids. cause its funny you say nothings wrong with it but then when the child molester come and take your kids cause they know what your car looks like or how to get in your house you think about how stupid you are i have a son and i dont want anyone to know what my car looks when im home or not just cause it can be viewed from thhe street doesn’t mean i want people from other states and cities to feel they have the right to indirectly stalk my house or child google is basically saying hey molesters take there kids heres there address,car,and sometimes pics of your kids now really thats public not really. cause if it is how bout i go take one of the new cars on a car lot since i can see it from the street itsb public right so everyone owns can i do that or are you Hippocrates going to say no smh.

  35. I tried to follow your instructions. When I keyed in my address, there was no option at the bottom of the screen or elsewhere to “report a problem”. I clicked on the “more” link and the link to report a problem was grayed out. You need to give better information if you want people to actually do this

  36. You all believe that you OWN your property. Not True. The Gov’t OWNS your property…and can seize it anytime. They can also take your car….even if you THINK OWN it. Look at your title….it’s a CERTIFICATE of Title…the STATE OWNS the Title. WE ALL NEED TO OPEN OUR EYES AND GET REAL. We are slaves to CORPORATE AMERICA…and they can do what ever they damn well choose! Get ready…..chaos will hit this beautiful country I love…..I just HATE the way they are managing it. God Bless each and EVERY ONE OF US!

  37. I went to the site & their picture was looking right in our front door! I did click on the place to report it as a problem as described here – so Ill just see if they actually do anything about it!

  38. In response to people being sarcastic about privacy. The bottom line is this, the concerns of photos being posted of people’s children are a huge concern. Yes, a person could COME to your neighborhood and see your house and even your children in the yard. The issue here is about, what if a pervert in another location outside your city is viewing these street views to see if their are kids. When they get to the photo of your house, they see that you have kids. Now that pervert may very well get in a car and drive to your house to attempt to kidnap your children. Yes, one could be there in your area and still do it, but now Google is giving criminals all over the place a way to case your house very easily. Before, they’d have to come to your location and case it from there.

  39. The article has a mistake. It says:

    (Note: If the street is not highlighted in blue on the map, then your house and street have not been photographed.)

    But this is not true. My street has photographed by Google and placed on street view. It has now been taken off street view, but the my house and street HAVE been photographed.

  40. There is nothing that says “inappropriate street view.” Only that “Marker is placed incorrectly on map.” There is no red box to drag over the pic. And no form to fill out.

  41. My block used to been on street view. Someone must of asked to have our street blocked because i can no longer see my whole street. What can I do if I disagree with this. Im OK with someone viewing my property. I guess my paranoid neighbors rule over my opinion or is there a way to reverse this ????

  42. Folks make several valid points here, both for and against this topic. But, I personally am glad to learn having your home blurred from view IS an option because I don’t want my local agencies using this as a tool to see who may have added small structures to their property without proper permits, including windmills, solar arrays, water or fuel tanks, or even a fence. I’ve nothing against the permit process for houses and such, but some cities and counties take it to the point that you cannot even build a wood shed without a permit – which I believe is going too far. Thank you for this information!

  43. Street view is such a useful tool though, for people who really need it and use it correctly. Personally it’s been a lifesaver for me. I’m apartment/townhouse/house hunting right now and I’m always at work, I work full time so I don’t ever have time available to drive around to check these places out. The websites are rarely honest about the surrounding locations of the complexes. They all make them sound great, of course. Since discovering Google street view I’ve been able to look at each one of them to get a better idea of what they’re like, to narrow them down to a small list. So I can actually go in person when I request a day off and I know exactly what I’m driving into.
    I can see my family’s and relatives’ homes on Street View and I thought it was awesome- I didn’t realize people were getting so upset about it. It’s nice to know things can be blocked out if it’s truly that much of a concern. Probably has to be done on a PC, not a tablet or phone.
    Just wanting to chime in as someone who uses it as an extremely helpful tool, I don’t know how I would see these places if it weren’t there. I don’t have the time.

  44. I love street view. I am in real estate and banking and I use street view practically every day. I think most folks posting here concerning street view aiding criminal activity are paranoid and have vivid imaginations and too much time to sit around and think stuff up. THOSE are the people we should be keeping tabs on. Here’s the reality of street view: street view has been around since 2007. That’s 8 years. In those 8 years how many times have you read in a newspaper or seen on TV that a criminal used street view to plan his criminal activity. I can’t think of a single account. That’s not saying it has never happened, but in a world of 7 billion people the chances of a person being a victim of crime BECAUSE OF street view is no greater than if it never existed. Get used to the New America folks, especially you “get off my lawn” old timers.

  45. My house has rear ally access, city code only allows 6 foot privacy fence, Google vehicle cameras are over 8 feet high. It photographs my entire backyard and into my home!

  46. I am physically disabled and its not easy for me getting out and driving. I rely on Google Earth a lot to look up places I need to go so I know what to expect. I have tried several times to use Google Earth to look up addresses in my immediate vicinity (the police mail an alert where those charged with child molesting, rape, etc. now live) and the blue stripe ends just before and after the house or apartment they are in. I am unable to see their house in street view but they can see mine and everyone else’s. It seems like the houses are being blurred for wrong reasons.

  47. So are you allowed to blurr the house you live in, even if you don’t own it? And if so, if I move out, will Google be able to unblur the image?

  48. Edward I’ve been trying to get Google to un-blur my house for 3 years without success after they blurred it instead of a car on my drive.
    If anyone out there has found a way to get Google to un-blur, or find out when they are next to visit an area I’d be grateful.

  49. I have relatives in a country where kidnappings are common.This is why other countries do not allow the resolution that the US allows access to. Satellite views not only would facilitate this process it makes us vulnerable to attacks. An ex, an ex tenant, a roommate…It may take an increase in crime for the US to understand why other countries do not allow a high resolution view into peoples properties (lives).

  50. You paranoid people are hilarious! Is this really how you live? Worrying about child snatching home invaders discovering your precious homes on Google? As if the disclosure of the ultra-rare, top-secret location of a home with children is actually something that was previously unknown, with your driveway covered in sidewalk chalk. Do you smuggle your children to and fro in cloth bags? It’s a static, single image, you narcissistic dolts… not a real time-time live stream that would allow someone to case the place. You don’t want someone to know what car you drive? Then move to Antarctica, and dig yourself a deep hole in the ice or close your garage door, toolbags.

    And Hillary, put some damn clothes on your seven year old before you leave the house, genius.

    Here’s something that will really blow your minds. Go to your county assessor website and search for your property by address or your full name. You will find every detail about your home…layout, value, taxes, lot size, when it was built, when it was bought and sold, improvements made… and usually a picture. It’s public information, geniuses.

    Also, if I was a home robber using Google Street View I would ONLY rob the houses that were blurred out. Why? Because you are ultra-paranoid, Fox News watching imbeciles that probably have your basements and closets filled with guns…the most valuable thing I could steal from your house. So thanks for blurring.

    • Thank you. I was going to bring up the county website to all of these paranoid folks. Most of the time, I don’t even bother with StreetView and just get any info I need from the county.

    • I agree – the only reason I started looking into a particular house was because it literally is the only house that is blurred in this entire area (433 Norwich St. Vacaville, CA if anyone is interested in looking). It’s blurred in Google Maps but visible on Bing Maps. Really bizarre stuff.

  51. I don’t really care that Google has my parents house on GoogleMaps. The only problem is that when I have my wild parties, I send my friends links to the house on Google Maps. The garage door was left open in the picture and you can see all my folks crap…. nothing valuable unless you’re into embroidery thread by the caseloads, and a bunch of other junk my parents have hoarded. Also my moms dog can be seen strolling up the driveway. He’s a friggan psychopath and I’ve been wishing someone would steal him for years. Anyway worst of all…. the most embarrassing thing I don’t want anyone associating me with (because I’m obviously a total brat)…you can see my dad right in the front yard wearing a huge cowboy hat and jeans with NO shirt. If he was ripped it wouldn’t be a problem, but his belly looks like a hairy nine months preggo. Will Google blur THAT out? Personally, I don’t think their blur blob is big enough. Seriously. … someone come steal this a-hole dog.

  52. How to fix it.
    They are obviously enemies of the Constitution and our people. They steal privacy, which is guaranteed under the Constitution, and sell it to enrich themselves. They even have their goons on this board defending their crimes.
    Let us make a site to watch all Google employees. Photo them in their parking lots, photo them at their homes. Photo them at them at every opportunity. Be sure to tell them what you think of them too when you do. Publish photos of them 24/7 and I guarantee you will find that more than one of them are molesters, bribers of politicians, filthy criminal scum.
    You can either whine and complain, begging the “authorities” to stop their bribers, or you can fight back and teach them a lesson.

  53. I used to live in a pretty neighborhood close to the beach in Kihei on Maui. Everyday when i walked to the beach, i passed a hideously filthy house no doubt owned by hoarders. The cars were filled with trash as we a dumpster in the front yard. The odor eminating from the property hit you well before you saw the house. I felt so sorry for the people living there as that couldn’t be a healthy living condition physically or mentally. Anyway, i moved a few years ago and was on Google Maps reminiscing about the pretty house i rented and neighborhood. Happened to Google down the street and was shocked to see the hoarder house had been completely blurred out — even the cars they use as storage on the front yard are blurred out. I had no idea someone could control whether or not their house was visible on Google Maps! Dad that the home owners know enough to blue or their house, but unfortunately are trapped with their crippling hoarding. I wish them the best!!

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