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Big Government To Outlaw Organic Farming?

organic farming radio -- dont reuseFor hundreds and thousands of years, farmers have applied manure and compost to their crops, using a time-tested method that produces a bountiful harvest using sustainable methods.

But that could come to an end soon due to a proposed rule by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is set to ban not only the way organic farmers use manure and compost, but also the practice of having livestock near farms.

It’s the topic of this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio, as Judith McGeary, the executive director of the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, gives us details about the proposal that are simply shocking if you’re an organic farmer.

McGeary tells us:

  • The outrageous alternative the FDA wants organic farmers to use.
  • The stunning manner in which the FDA wants to regulate surface water and groundwater.
  • The sadly not-surprising rules the FDA has put together for large-scale farmers who use chemicals.

Judith also tells us how organic farmers and their supporters can fight back.

Simply put, the FDA’s rules will put many organic farmers out of business.

If you believe in all-natural food and you oppose government regulation that defies common sense, you don’t want to miss this episode.

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  1. This is just one more example of big government attempting to squash the little guy.

    Unfortunately, it’s nothing new. And if we don’t stand up to them, it will continue until we look more like the old Soviet Union.

  2. Or… you can always just *pop* the d-bags who’ll come to take you over it – that’s *easier*, after all.

    This isn’t ROCKET SCIENCE, people!

  3. YEA the police gangs will be coming ,AND they will be auctioning off your property,YOU’LL get on your knees or be killed,ALL THESE SCUM WERE HAND PICKED,they all worship SATAN,and you’ll support them all the way to the fema death camps,where you’ll wakeup and realize you were so blind,you were warned they weren’t your friends and YOU DIDN’T LISTEN,SO keep training your children to kiss their ass,cause if the children realized their own PARENTS sold them into SLAVERY,you might want to be come a lite sleeper,hahaha,THE POLICE GANGS are training to KILL you,and you still don’t see it,but you will………………..


    I don’t buy organic because I live near one and I see them throwing pig crap on the veggies that came right out of the pen! EEEEEWWWWWWWW!!! Same with fresh cow manure, chicken droppings from the chicken house when they shovel it out. Nope! If that’s “organic” you can eat it.

    • i’d rather eat that than the “yummy” chemicals they use on big Agra crops. EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW you can have it, ill eat crops grown in soil, compost and chicken crap all day long. THATS how its done dontcha know. “stay healthy” eat “round up”!!!! mmmmmmmmmm 😀


        I’ve read that the manure used should be dried and/or organic, not fresh from the pens!!! At least that’s the regs for organic gardening/farming, that are never enforced. Soil is tested once, from anywhere you choose. So called organic is not organic at all. Chemicals can are are used in organic farming……….so what’s the difference between regular farming and fake organic? Nothing.

        • There exists corruption in virtually every industry in America and farming is included. Being informed and knowledgeable are your best defenses against unscrupulous people who will do anything to destroy something that might benefit mankind. just like a car salesman not all of them are con men,but you have to have your guard up and carefully check things out for yourself without assuming anything is above board or legitimate.

        • Breanna I am afraid that you have no idea how the world works. Mammals eat food that grows form the ground. Mammals then digest the food using some of it as energy and the rest is pooped out on to the ground where the farmer scoops it up and puts it on the soil where he will plant a field the poop breaks down into organic soil which the plants use to grow lots of food to be harvested for the mammals to eat the food that they will use and poop and it keeps going into perpetuity. In the same way that plants use CO2 to make oxygen the more CO2 they have access to the bigger they grow and the more food they produce. This is why green house gases have failed to produce the Global warming that the Industrial media complex that is the government have insisted is just a cow fart away from killing all life on this planet.

  5. The use of manure and compost has fertilized crops for thousands of years in the natural manner that God’s natural world is intended to use. It is the “dust to dust” principle, the returning of dead organic waste to the soil where it is broken down into minerals and nutrients to be assimilated in new growth. Properly conducted, it is healthier than the chemically-induced crops big corporations are forcing upon us, and less expensive (if the market was not manipulated). The Amish farmers are widely recognized experts in the old-fashioned farming methods. They are generally quite prosperous, while enduring insults about being “backward” and “obsolete”. Forbidding livestock on crop-raising farms is ludicrous! Forbidding “heritage” breeds, as Michigan has done with pigs, is destroying genetic heritage, genetic strength. Organic farming, general farming combing a variety of crops and livestock, old-fashioned farming methods, have stood the test of time. But big business wants total control of farmers and food, and will destroy family farms in order that big corporations will own all farm & ranch lands!

  6. Breanna…. Not sure if your a troll or you are really that ignorant. (Websters dictionary definition) It is folks like you that have brought this country to its knees. I try to teach my children about your kind, but there are so damn many. So if your laying in bed at night and you hear a hissing, leaking air type noise don’t worry, your in good company!

    • I see it everyday as our naturally grow produce farm is next to a Mexican owned and government approved Organic farm.

      It is quite common to see them drop their laundry and relieve themselves in the planting area.

      Apparently you have to start degrading a person intellect because you have no legitimate reply.

      And don’t say you can’t use insecticides and/or pesticides on an Organic Farm because it’s in the book.

      Also there is no policing agency to regulate them in my state or the Feds for that matter. i.e. you could stop at Wal-Mart, p/u lettuce for a dollar a head and sell it for four times at the market, that telling your customers it’s organic. You can also buy a bag of soil and submit that for field approval because the system totally unregulated.

      Too many know-it-alls like yourself floating around.
      If you can think of a sensible reply do so, otherwise keep your filty mouth to yourself.

    • Lee – you’re a typical loudmouth. Don’t address issues just hurl ad hominems (websters dictionary definition). It’s people like you that don’t know how to address the issue at hand, just show us how nasty you really are. So…………all I can say to you Lee is, get a life. I teach my children about people like you too – the loudmouths of the world who talk a lot but say nothing but insults, no intellect there at all.

      • I will say a prayer for you Ms B. I sure wish you were around 4 generations ago when my family started farming. we might be doing things different these days. We also have hogs, cattle, a few sheep. We do not milk at our place but a lot of my family does. I guess I haven’t got that hope and change thingy down yet like a lot of you. I will probably end up drinking out of my cousins “Honey Wagon” before I do. Google honey wagon dear, you may be surprised…

        P.S. My wife said she wishes I was a Loudmouth. I don’t usually say much unless a child is running into the highway or a potentially nice person has self inflicted themselves with foot in mouth disease..

  7. I believe Brenda’s first comment is suspect. On an actual farm with large numbers of rows of crops, would manure be applied to standing crops and just how would that be done? By throwing? Unlikely. Manure used to amend the soil before planting? Absolutely.

    Since scarcity of organic food (and possibly food in general) may be on the horizon non farmers growing plants at home would benefit from this book:

    How to Grow World Record Tomatoes by Charles H. Wilber

    (under $10 used on amazon).

    I used just one of the methods (amend the soil with alfalfa hay and manure) and I planted 3 cherry tomato plants in a 55 gallon barrel. I attached a 6 foot tall mesh tower on top of the barrel (2” x 4 “ wire spacing) and one of the plants grew all the way to the top and down the outside of the tower and half way down the barrel (about 15 feet). The author has tomato plants that are over 20 feet tall. He has grown 7 foot tall okra and more.

  8. So what happens to people like my family who are allergic to chlorine, chemicals in food, and petroleum in food coloring? How do we eat anything if the government keeps going like this? I am constantly amazed that something that has worked for the time span of earth is suddenly a risk factor. Government: Please get out of our food and out of our lives. You are only supposed to be a source not an all-encompassing ruler!

    • The solution, quit using the word organic. We don’t do organic here, don’t want to be regulated. We do natural cattle raising, grass all the way, no inoculations, no chemicals. That’s the problem with a certain group that takes words, cuddles them up and romanticizes them. Ever consider what organic really means? Simply living or life. Or further, hydrocarbons, polymer strings, and yup, diesel fuel. Ever consider what organic chemistry is? Nope, never got on the bandwagon, didn’t want the extra paperwork headache, it’s enough work chasing cattle up and down my hills and keeping the fence lines clear.

  9. Why have they stopped providing transcripts of these articles? People who are hard of hearing require transcripts to be able to grasp the full value of the article. Please reinstate your transcripts. Thanks.

  10. I hope we can get back to real farming, natural organic farming! I don’t care for chemicals, I like things the way nature and God created them. It’s time to return to sanity in this world!

  11. Dan Long is right.
    Quit using the word ‘organic’ and start using Natural.
    Ignore the Feds, what, they’re going to arrest you?
    Words matter… and since the Feds are legalistic, turn it around on them.
    But, don’t say anything… just let it be an ‘organic’ transition.

    Just like the power plants the Dark Caesar will be shutting down. What, they’re going to send Federal Marshals? Let the power people hire militias.

    The Feds are way beyond their ‘limited powers’…
    Time to tell the Feds to go to hell.

  12. Hello everyone,
    I usually don’t bother posting comments because I’m too busy on our program on sustainable systems here in Alabama. However, I think that this topic might have caused some to misconstrue some really great thoughts. AT LEAST I HOPE SO! First of all, I think that ALL OF YOU have made valid and good points. Just so you know, I come from a background of academics, I’ve grown “strictly” natural for the last 10 years but my farm is “usda” organically certified AND GAP certified. I’m surrounded 360 degrees from conventional production friends to those of us that love “off the grid”. Luckily my research urban farm is away from any conventional production.

    1. Ms. Breanna did state that she grows naturally. Remember, there is a difference between using manure and “applying manure incorrectly”. Unfortunately, there are a lot of “usda” certified organic farms that should NOT be certified in their practices.
    2. We should ALL BECOME organic and sustainable but we must be more careful in our practices.
    3. Unfortunately, the government did become involved in our “organic” practices because of inconsistency in labeling of “Organic”
    It is also unfortunate that there is a heck of a lot of paperwork in regards to “USDA” organic labelling, however, if you are running a business, you might as well get used to being good at tracking and paperwork. I look at it more for business trailing, keeping me on my toes, and helping to protect from possible lawsuits.
    Now, saying this, DOESN’T mean I agree with everything USDA allows or disallows. However, given some of the research that I’m familiar with, (it’s like dealing with lawyers, insurance agents and vets) there are valid reasons. So, I stay within their regulations BUT I don’t use everything they ALLOW.
    When my children and my friends children’s and students come here to share ideas, I want them to be able to pick any fruit or veggie and know they can eat it including the “clean” soil that hopefully is not on the veggie. Bugs and dirt are free around here!
    Final point, I do wish that good people like all of you should make it a practice to report poor practices such as what Ms. Breanna is mentioning about this approved farm. It’s farms like this that will give all of us “natural” and/ or organic farms a bad name.
    Oh, if it makes you all feel better, all these government regs… apply to those of us in the farming business… so just start growing in your own backyards…

    • Bravo, Marguerite. Well stated!

      It’s a terrible cliche to use, but I can state it any better, so keep up the good work.

    • Bravo, Marguerite! Well stated.

      I know it’s a cliche, but I can’t think of better words for it, so I’ll just encourage you to keep up the good work.

  13. Beano, you’re right that if a law or reg violates the Constitution, it’s null and void! The first most and one of the most famous Supreme Court decisions came to the same conclusion—Marbury v. Madison (James, that is), decided in 1803.

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