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‘Food Babe’ Reveals Foods That Are Killing Us

food-babeWhen a popular restaurant’s bread contains a chemical also found in shoe soles and yoga mats, perhaps it’s just a matter of time before the population rises up and demands change.

That’s exactly what is happening in company after company, and on this week’s Off The Grid Radio, well-known food blogger Vani Hari – known more popularly as the “Food Babe” – tells us all about the bad additives we are eating every day and why we should be very concerned.

In the past six months alone, Vani and her “Food Babe Army” have pressured Subway, Chick-fil-A, Kraft and Pizza Hut to take out harmful chemicals and to go more natural. Subway was the one that removed the shoe sole/yoga mat additive, giving Vani a national spotlight to preach her all-natural message.

America’s food, she says, is literally killing us.

The Food Babe also tells us:

  • How a scary hospital encounter led her to go all-natural.
  • What foods we should avoid that we’re eating every day.
  • How going all-natural improved her health.
  • Why she is encouraged about the future of this growing food revolution.

The Food Babe story is one that would make the Founders proud: Instead of running to the government and begging for change, she’s encouraging citizens to rally together and demand it. And guess what? It’s working – and change is coming far faster than any Washington, D.C. program would deliver.

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  1. World events are unfoulding rapidly. Times are changing as prophecied in the Bible. We can not change the events, but we can surely change how we eat and what we eat by learning and getting involved. Keep up the HREAT work.

  2. Vani and most of her following are quite left leaning – which shows that there is room for agreement with the right on many fronts. Big business and Big money has taken over most of what we consider government and it will take both sides to agree how to fix that problem.
    Thanks for giving Vani the time, attention and tolerance to share her important work!

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