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How Child Labor Laws Have Crippled America

salatin1Farmer and author Joel Salatin believes America’s children and teens are losing the work ethic that made this country great, but he has a solution for it.

Salatin says too many children grow up laying around or merely “playing” until adulthood, failing to gain the necessary skills and drive they will need later in life.

Salatin is this week’s guest on Off The Grid Radio, and he shares with us what his grandchildren are doing today that will benefit them when they reach adulthood.

The owner of the famous “beyond organic” Polyface Farm in Virginia, Salatin also tell us:

  • How child labor laws have harmed America.
  • What parents can do to help get their children “back to nature.”
  • Why he is so passionate about apprenticeship programs.

The wide-ranging interview also covers Salatin’s unique version of organic farming, his thoughts on GMO crops, and what he sees as the future of the food industry. He also tells us why his company won’t ship products just anywhere.

Salatin has been featured on documentaries such as Food Inc. and Fresh and is one of America’s top experts on farming, hard work and the American “way of life.” Listen as he tells it like it is – all while giving us an encouraging message.

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One comment

  1. I was so fortunate to be with my cousins every summer up on the farm in Canada. I learned so much on that farm. From when I was five I saw where our food came from. I helped pick and prepare the food picked fresh that day and eaten. We now have no comparison to our food available today. By the time I was nine I could and did operate the tractor. This hastened the work and we were done faster. As a result we had more time to interact and celebrate the day. I learned to care for the animals and what to look for when they have problems. When the days were done sleep came quickly and soundly. We awoke refreshed and our bodies better off for the exercise. You find no obesity and the lifespan of the people around me was typically late eighties and nineties. None were infirm. I now ask Who are these people in all their wisdom who have a whole generation who is on the average is overly obese. The diet is fast food and why so they may get to the video games that stimulate nothing more than eye muscles. I ask what harm is working on a farm doing? How are the families to keep the farm if the children do not contribute to its support. A law meant to prevent child forced slave type labor is typically twisted to force farmers to divide profits by needing to hire workers. Plus they cant even hire the ones that are the strongest and will provide the most efficient output. The goal is to drive the small farmer out to have the corporation farms that provide funds for our politicians. We see that we have no area that is so small that our government doesn’t want to have control . To the people of America we need food and with the collapse of this nation these corporations cannot provide the food needed for this nation to prevent mass starvation. To our government will you have enough to eat? will your family have enough to eat. You do not have the skill to provide the needs for your families to survive. You may have a good source of food but it is not unlimited. Remember it is the average worker that provides the means that keep this country running. Government is removing one more source for this nations survival. All the laws that you pass without thought as to the long range disaster to this country and survival of its people. Our government is itself responsible for the decline of the work skills and education that is crucial for the continued success of our nation. Your need to control every section of our lives will bring this country down.

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