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Imagine The Lights Going Off Suddenly…And Having No Power For As Long As Ten Years – Episode 010

logoBill Heid and Brian Brawdy interview John Kappenman, President of Storm Analysis Consultants on today’s edition of Off The Grid Radio. Mr. Kappenman’s testimony led the US House of Representatives to vote unanimously to fund his recommendations to protect the national power grid from dangerous solar storms that threaten to completely devastate our grid…and way of life.

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In this episode you’ll also learn:

  • Exactly what these Coronal Mass Events are
  • Why millions of people are certain to die
  • When they’ve happened in the past…and why the next one will be so devastating
  • Why the next storm is an absolute certainty…it’s not ‘if’ but ‘when’
  • Thoughts from Mr. Kappenman and the Off the Grid Radio team on how consumers can prepare.
  • and more…
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  1. Couple points. I lived in Ottawa, one block from the Quebec border, in 1989. I also worked and had friends in Hull and Aylmer, PQ (was married in Aylmer) during that time. I remember absolutely nothing at all, no loss of power, nor anything in the news. Maybe it was a short blackout? I’m confused.

    Also, re. Y2K: a.) There WERE a lot of issues – spy satellites went out, teachers in Toronto didn’t get paid for months, trains in Mali stopped working, and SAP implementation for Hershey blew up, etc.; b.) there was a LOT of remediation that occurred. If none had happened, we would have had a LOT more issues; c.) the embedded chips didn’t go out, so that was a major thing that did not happen.

    Would like further comment on the Quebec issue. Maybe I have forgotten, but I don’t remember any major issues in 89.


  2. Some say it was documented back in the days when we first had electrical communication (telegraphs) that there was a wide spread outage of all telegraph communication. It took some time to restore this service, there was apparent wide spread simultaneous damages from an unknown (at that time) event. This may be a hint from our past that such a catastrophic electrical surge could occur again if in fact this past event was as serious as recorded. Consider this, back then (1860-1880) there was no electrical infrastructure such as today therefore the society at that time would be insulated and oblivious to such a massive solar storm or unusually strong EMP. The only thing that was electrically relevant was the primitive telegraph system. I think it is not only possible but probably that we are due for an event. My reasoning? If an event occurred in past centuries there would be no record of it for at those times the event would be undetectable and irrelevant to that social structure and civilization for there was no grid,satellites, or electrical infrastructure. So if the s__t storm hits what do you do? Well some would say keeping a 6 month supply of dried goods and canned goods, water, ammo etc. that would be a good start, others would say “you would just be prolonging the inevitable and that if it were they would just end it all quickly instead of prolonging the suffering, anguish and pain”. I say if you could last two months there would be enough famine and population decrease that you may have a chance (if you don’t freeze to death) to live if the ones left went back to the old ways of community farming, bartering, having root cellars, canning foods to store over winter etc. Those that could not or would not adapt would perish. I will close on a cautionary note. If and when this event occurs travel as far away from metro areas as you can because there will be marauding gangs of cannibalistic desperate humans hitting every dwelling for any scrap of food or clean water they can kill for. Civilization as we knew it will literal change into a nightmare in a matter of weeks and perhaps for some days after a massive widespread long term power outage, if that occurs god help us all even though we all know most of us don’t deserve his help or mercy. Hate to be a doom and gloomer but I would rather be paranoid and prepared than fat, happy, dumb and ignorant to the possible future catastrophic events nature has inflicted on man in the past.

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  4. A year ago a friend who works at the Pentagon told me a book was circulating around and was the most popular topic of conversation since Y2K. (It was also making quite an impression on Capital Hill.)
    The book discusses exactly what you are –

    One Second After by William R. Forstchen and Newt Gingrich.

    I have it in print and as an audiobook.

    Just one word – Wow.


  5. I hate to rain on parades… but sometimes I wonder if all this “doom and gloom” prep is just Green Jobs hype. Suddenly everyone’s on board with Apocalyptic visions of the future? Is it normal to see the end of society as inevitable? I hope I’m wrong and these websites aren’t “opportunists” pushing their product on us “survivalists”. Rather there’s a community of worried citizens trying to share info and technology for the “power in numbers” theory.

  6. fauxanarchist 71,Anyone can look at the world around us and see the need to be prepared,for floods,earthquakes,tornadoes,hurricanes,possible solar flares like the one that knocked out power in canada a few years ago,not only natural but man made disasters,war,nuclear war,economic war,economy collapse,This is not green jobs hype but simple reality in a turmol world we live in..Here’s a lesson from the Bible about being prepared or not being prepared..”’A PRUDENT MAN FORSEETH THE EVIL,AND HIDETH HIMSELF:BUT THE SIMPLE ON AND ARE PUNISHED”..Proverbs c22v 3 KJV..The Bible says to be prepared or suffer pain and punishment I’d rather be prepared with an umbrella when someone rains on my parade..Remember friends a gas generator will run on wood or trash smoke fumes..

  7. CORRECTION ABOVE”’ A prudent man forseeth the evil,and hideth himself:but the simple PASS on and are punished”

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