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Is Your Time Machine Ready? – Episode 031

logoIt’s not a matter of “if”… it’s a matter of “when”. Either because of economic factors or a solar storm, the power grid is coming down.

Where will you be when that happens?


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If you’re like most Americans, you’re numb. The dire warnings that are being screeched at you on a day in and day out basis are becoming nothing more than white noise. It’s an unfortunate tendency of humans that if the threat doesn’t materialize, then the threat doesn’t exist.

Our guest on Off the Grid Radio this week, John Kappenman, says the geomagnetic storm we’re facing is real, and the threat to the grid and our way of life is beyond imagining. John Kappenman is the owner and principle analyst for Storm Analysis Consultants. He was the lead technical expert on a study conducted by Metatech Corporation on the potential impact of solar storms. In addition, he has testified before FEMA, Homeland Security, and the Congress on solar storm impact issues.

In this episode:

  • 90 seconds and we’re back to 18th century America
  • Solar activity and our vulnerability to that activity
  • What a power grid failure will look like
  • Why you can’t just truck in more transformers
  • How Congress’s priorities do not seem to include the welfare of its citizens
  • and more…
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  1. How will solar panels be effected as a result of a geomagnetic storm. How about solar power conrotrollers?

    Thank you.

  2. What will happen to our solar Generators…will they still be of use?

    Thank you

  3. I was told that an aluminum trash can would protect my electronics, not that it would help if there was no grid, but is that the case?

    • good question and yours also helps the previous 2. research a faraday cage. invented my michael faraday to protect against emp. this is the begining step to prepare your electronics.
      best wishes,

    • An aluminum trash can might protect some of your electronics from a EMF pulse but a solar burst will mainly cause a disruption in the ionosphere.

      • Do a search on Faraday cages, they are very easy to build I have cages for all of my electronics and I also have grounding units for all of my vehicles.

  4. If a generator or any other appliance is not running,will it be OK?

    • Any appliance CONNECTED TO the power grit will probably be destroyed, even if it’s turned off!.
      (The contacts of any appliance’s power switch are only a fraction of an inch apart – easy for a major power surge to jump.)

      A generator, if it’s powering anything in the house or just connected to any amount of wire – will also get nailed through the wiring. If it’s a backup generator which is NOT connected to the wiring, it will have a good chance of surviving.

      The ONLY safe way to protect ANY appliance is to have it unplugged AND in a shielded and grounded enclosure, (garbage can, faraday cage, etc.)

  5. As you run a solar add with your article please answer the first question I do not want to waste my money or time if the will not work after the solar storm.

    • The answer is a “Definite maybe”.

      It is possible that an EMP COULD destroy the solar cells directly. I would suggest covering the whole solar cell assembly with screening – like metal fly screen, or better yet, quarter inch mesh soldered hardware cloth, then connect that AND any metal framework of the solar cell array to a good 10 or 12-foot copper-clad steel ground rod. using heavy wire. (I would suggest # 8 or heavier), or better yet, the woven cable used to ground lightning rods. This will not provide total protection, however, because there are still wires which could pick up the EMP going from the solar array to the batteries, charger and inverter. For this part I would use a heavy coaxial (shielded) cable used by Ham radio operators, called RG-8. Of course, ground the shields in the cable as well as all the related equipment to the SAME earth ground as the grid covering the solar cells, using the same wire, as short as possible,..

      Another consideration is that, if the solar cells are powering the house, an EMP could easily feed back into the inverter & related equipment from the house wiring and destroy the system via that route. This route could also be hardened, however it would be more involved – and more expensive – than what I have described here. (It is much easier to protect against a lightning strike than an EMP because an EMP has a much faster rise time than lightning.)

      • The solar generator sold by Solutions from Science will run a 100 watt light bulb for 3 hours. That sounds rather expensive to me.

        • Look, Instead of saying what won’t work, find a way that it will!! I’ve made my own solar panels, generators, etc. Second……yes its true that a inverter running on 1 battery will power 1 100W light bulb for only so many hours… why are you using 100W light bulb??? Say if it ran for 10 hours. that is 1000W hrs. Ok, so after Christmas, go buy a string of white only light bulbs!!! They run about 5 or 10W!! And in a dark house put out substantial light!!! So now your 10 hrs..just translated to 100 hrs!!! Thats over 3 days for your solar panels to recharge your battery………now how about getting more batteries??? So far I have 8, and want to have a total of 30 by the end of the year. Get an apartment fridge, kerosene heater (if you don’t have a fire place) and see how low you can keep it and stay warm. Close off extra rooms, hang blankets or curtains over hallways, doors, windows, etc. Learn to stay alive!!

  6. What does happen to backup power supplies when an EMP or solar flare hits them? Will they survive if they are not in use at the time or will they be fried? Will most automobiles still run or will they be disabled?

    • If you have a new has a computer in it…….if its not EMP hardened, it will probably be dead. For alternate tranportation, get a bicycle, tricycle, whatever you need to get around where you need too. a LEAST get a small kids pull wagon or a shopping cart. People will have to learn to live/work much closer to where they live. The “main street” and farmers markets are going to be big business again (at some point afterwards), because no one is going to be able to go 20 miles to the large malls, even if they DID have power and were open.

  7. Do you know who I can hire to set a solar-proof/protection system for my house? I will be going off the grid in southern Orgen… I will be purchasing a complete solar power system for my house. How do I do it?


  8. There is a great organization that is dedicated to solving the EMP problem – check out EMPact America also hosts a weekly radio show about EMP and related national security issues – – BTW – EMPact Radio’s guest this week was John Kappenman. EMPact America has a lot of originally produced video and speeches of EMP experts on its primary website, as well as on a sister site called

    To take action on EMP right now, you can send a message to your representatives through EMPact America’s grassroots action center (go to:

    EMPACT America is a bipartisan, non-profit organization for citizens concerned about protecting the American people from a nuclear or natural electromagnetic pulse (EMP) catastrophe.

  9. I’m just a simple college kid, but if anyone could tell me what I should be preparing for and how that would be cool. Thanks!


  11. Just read the book “One Second After” for a synopsis on what will happen if these solar events occur. I think this is a fairly accurate estimation of what will happen.

  12. iTunes doesn’t seem to be able to recognize you as a legitimate podcast. This started last week. I deleted the podcast and resubscribed but get the same error message. Also, in iTunes store, 1/13 is the last podcast showing. I really enjoy your podcasts and hope this gets fixed soon. Thanks!

  13. Any home needs faraday cages for your electronics also the ground rods used needs to be burried horizontally not driven into the ground. When the shyt hits the fan have a shortwave radio and a CB radio to contact people around you and keep up on whats going on in you community.

  14. Please, where are the Off The Grid Radio transcriptions? I and many others who have not the time nor perhaps the equipment to give to the “audio” mode of the programs, rely on the transcriptions. They all say “coming soon” but there has not been a print-transcription since before episode 26 and this week is episode 31!

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