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New Dangers In Growing American Police State

Big GunsAll around us, rights are being eroded in America. Privacy rights. Property rights. Free speech rights. Religious rights. Google the phrase “SWAT team raid,” and you’ll learn about numerous nighttime raids on homes to investigate non-violent crimes – with many raids coming up empty.

On this week’s episode of Off The Grid Radio, we talk to constitutional attorney John Whitehead, who gives us an overview of what is often called the “American police state.” He tells us about new threats that should concern every patriot. Whitehead is the founder of the Rutherford Institute and the author of “A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State.”

Whitehead tells us:

  •   How and why SWAT teams are being increasingly used in ways you won’t believe.
  •  Why police sometimes don’t get warrants – and how the entire warrant system is a joke.
  •  About an incident in which a local government told a man who owned 86 acres he could not host a friend’s RV for a weekend hunting trip.
  •  How rights are even disappearing at elementary schools from coast to coast.

It may sound like all hope is lost, but it’s not. Whitehead tells us what we can do to reclaim the country the Founders envisioned!


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  1. Instead of us good citizens just wringing our hands worrying over the government’s perceived power. More of us need to get out and train, hike with a backpack on, get in shape, shoot pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Learn about what worked in the past against superior forces.

  2. Hell, if I would have done what needed to be done, right here, in my own home, 2+ years ago….there would have been a dead cop and I’d be in prison right now! And, I am 65.

  3. This is not news. It is only being legitamised by the fact that an “educated” man is speaking about it. The government(at ALL levels)is out of comtrol and has been acting unconstitutionally since way before 9-11-2001. Too many people do not have the common sense necessary to comprehend these abuses of power. The number one case in point at this time is Obamacare which taxes individuals without representation ,it is by MISrepresentation. Every one of the issues this man speaks of are true examples of the abuse of power by the government,police,Human Services Dept/administration state and national level. What the people of America do not realise is that our freedom is being taken under the pretense of protection. We are not safer at all if the people who are allegedly protecting us are the very ones who are assaulting and intimidating us. Our children are being indoctrinated into believing that the only “decent” people are those im positions of authority and that everyone else is a predator,criminal or any other negative connotation the educational system may attribute to anyone.Let me advise you of an example;only a few days ago in an adjoining city to our megaplex the police were called about a domestic situation involving a mother and her daughter. In their (the police) inadequate wisdom it so happened that the womans husband and daughters father was BEATEN TO DEATH by several police officers. Of course there was found no “violation of practices” on the part of the police. There almost never is,except in a recent case where an officer had killed an unarmed teenager by shooting him in the back. This is going on all across the country and officers are being cleared but in this case there were numerous witnesses(too many to intimidate or control)and they testified loudly and heartily against the criminal behind the badge and he was convicted of manslaughter. In the case at the theatre the police confiscated the video of the incident that the woman(the mother and wife) had taken. I have not heard what has happened to the video,but I suspect it was altered or erased. I really can’t go on. My blood pressure is too high. Seeing what the America I was raised to respect,support and defend is more than I can bear physically and mentally. Wake UP,educate your nrighbors,your children and anyone who will listen with an open mind of the great and free America we once had,and how different it is today.We are NOT FREE. We cannot even defect from this country. Try it,see if you don’t wind up like so many people of the former U.S.S.R. did…I’ll watch for the obituaries.

  4. I Like how David Brewer expressed it. I Pray to GOD that Law Enforcement Personnel and Military Personnel will soon “WAKE UP” to the “Brain Washing” Techniques in Promoting the “Readiness” of going against their own FAMILIES and FRIENDS. There are those in the Military that tell me on the Training they get to “Strategically” surround the Towns in order to divide and conquer once the order is given. Obviously preparations have been under way for YEARS!. When the “SHIT HITS the FAN, people will be looking at groups such as “Preppers” as NOT so crazy after all. By then it may be too late because much of those in Uniform may be tooooo Brainwashed to Know the Damage they do to their own Families and Friends. GOD HELP US

  5. David Brewer is right. I weep for my countrymen, my children and those who sacrificed everything for freedom to be passed down only to have it stripped away so abrubtly and overtly. The most upsetting, enraging thing of it all is not that it’s being done, for this is the nature of power, of statism, or authoritarian statism. The upsetting part is that it happened so easily, and with little to no resistance. Americans are posers, frauds, cowards, and extremely self-centered, (this is broad generalization) just like our elected officials, attitude reflects in leadership. Otherwise there’s no explanation for this bold aggressive overt takeover. God have mercy on this nation, and our kin, and strip the dark deception away.

    • There was a Russian way back in the 20s or 30s that said, “America will be taken over without one shot.

      America became content with all the freedoms and wasn’t really paying attention.

      I was one of those. All I cared about was racing and how I was going to get a girl for the evening.

  6. I’m sorry that white people are so up in arms about our current police state. People of color have been dealing with such abuse of power since we were kidnapped, enslaved and oppressed and brought to this country and other countries. White people really don’t know what true oppression is…

    The only real option I can see is walking away from the matrix… go to another country and live off the grid.

    • ‘You’ were kidnapped and sold by your own and other African tribes, so blame yourselves. Black on black violence continues and it’s still blamed on the white devil!

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