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New National ID Law Guarantees Tyranny (radio guest Jim Harper of Cato)

If America implemented a National Identification and the mainstream media didn’t cover it, would it still matter? What if we told you that’s already happening?

For the first time in the nation’s history, a National ID law will take effect this year, and it will have a major impact on your life.

national ID card picThat’s the subject of this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio, in which Jim Harper of the Cato Institute tells us everything we need to know about the law – what it means, why we should be concerned, and how it could be used and abused in the future. Eventually, you won’t be able to fly without one.

The ID is being rolled out through a law known as the Real ID Act, and it is turning ordinary driver’s licenses into National IDs that are unlike anything we’ve seen.

That picture you get at the DMV? It’s now being stored in a database that is accessed by the federal government, and in an instant it can be matched to, say, a picture of you taken at a toll booth or in a post office. In some states, you can’t even smile for a picture – because doing so would confuse the computer.

Sadly, this isn’t fiction.

Harper tells us:

  • How the government can track you using a National ID.
  • How other countries have abused National IDs
  • Why the Founders would have opposed a National ID.
  • How the law’s text allows the DHS secretary to require IDs for entry pretty much anywhere.

If you care about freedom and privacy, you don’t want to miss this week’s episode.

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  1. I find this boring as hell! The NSA has hacked everything they can, what would make you think they haven’t hacked every states dmv records and can do this years ago. Every I’d you have is a national id, your drivers license, active duty/retired/dependent military id, your concealed carry etc……… Would you think for even a second the NSA hasn’t compiled these databases. Seems I read an article they hacked angry birds to snoopon people. You spread fear this is going to happen, I assure you if you can think it might, it already has

    • You are right on the money! Whenever things like this get published, it’s purpose is exactly that! Putting fear into people and they know it so yes, let’s turn it around and think positive and that will make the biggest difference. Anyone reading this will learn alot about how this is happening by reading the Tavistock agenda. Knowledge is power and will wipe out all the fear mongering that is trying it’s best to take hold. Helen

    • You are right, Curtiss. EVERY bit of information on us has no doubt been assimilated into a composite file on each of us. Those of us who state opposition to the government completely controlling us by passive action or future active action are probably flagged. Some of us are American Patriots and others are Sheeple to be led to the FEMA slaughterhouses.

      It’s about to come down to “resist and perish” or “submit and perish”. Your choice.

    • My thoughts exactly. The fear this kind of article preaches is crazy in itself. I’ve been in Several countries Asian and European countries and they all require ID to move about and travel. No big concern by anyone. There is the possibility the ID could be used inappropriately by the authorities but that happens here now with no national required ID

    • Please listen to the podcast. This is very different from what is currently happening.

    • Jan . Hershberger

      In Response to your comment: it is written the LORD God would bring king Nebuchadnezzar upon and against one because they won’t return to the Laws of the Old Testament. Yes the ones given to Mose’s verbatim by this Omnipotence! There is only one way to rescue one. This would be to return to the LORD God.

      • Yeah, it does already happen, so WHY ON EARTH would anybody want to HELP them continue to perpetrate this TYRANNY? For your “safety & protection????” Surely you don’t still believe THAT LIE! We cannot just roll over and play dead no matter WHAT they “already know about us.” Do you want to be even more of a slave than we already are? I want to go in the OPPOSITE direction towards FREEDOM – NOT just lay down and play dead. If we do that, SOON we WILL BE DEAD because they think there are way too many of us anyway. Do you know that they refer to us in their statutes as “humans and OTHER ANIMALS?” Yes, that is what they think of us – they consider us to be “animals” because animals have no rights – human beings do. And don’t talk to me about “animal rights.” That’s a whole ‘nother FRAUD. We MUST resist. That is our only hope. I have a newsflash – “THEY” are not “higher” or “better” than ANY of us. They just THINK they are, and if they convince you that they are, then you will just submit to them while they laugh at you. As the old saying goes, “They put their pants on one leg at a time just like we do.” They are NOT “gods” contrary to what THEY believe. They are just as human and make AT LEAST as many mistakes as we do, but they have evil intentions towards their own people. Almost all governments do. Do you know that in the 21st Century, more people were murdered by THEIR OWN GOVERNMENTS than killed by any other means? Knock knock. Please wake up!

  2. Joseph C. Moore, USN Ret.

    I cannot take the time to listen to an hour of talk radio babble while on the computer. Please post the points about the conversation and then I will pay attention and post my own reply.

  3. how are they going to tract all of these damn illegal aliens when they have 9 or 10 different IDs

  4. Roy S. Mallmann II

    First of all, I am sure that if the government wanted to reach out and touch you at a moments notice they could.I think that we should have a biometric IDchip plus the photo or an implantable chip. in your arm but a lot of people would fight against this. This could pretty well end crime, past due child support and many other crimes, in particular identity theft. Before we do this, I think that we need a national debate on the issue to address everyones concerns. Maybe it isn’t a good idea, I don’t know. A national gun registry is out of the question for sure.

    • Hey Roy…implantable chip for me? BULLET for them. Patrick Henry would have puked on your shirt. Boot licking slave sheep.

    • In the right hand or on the forehead. Your choice? Just curious…

    • Roy S – no disrespect, but ……. You think we should have a CHIP in our body???? Are you INSANE? You have obviously either never heard of, or don’t believe in, the Mark of the Beast. I can’t believe that somebody ACTUALLY WANTS THIS! I will run as far from it as I possibly can and as fast as I can. You will one day SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH regret actually ASKING FOR THIS TYRANNY. My God! That is like asking for a reservation in Hell. Please read Rev 14:9-11 to find out what happens to those who take the Mark of the Beast. I’m NOT saying that Real ID IS the Mark of the Beast, but it’s not many steps removed from it. Do you want them tracking your EVERY MOVE – knowing where you are at all times – watching and listening to you – even in your HOME? Listening to, or at least STORING all of your phone conversations and emails (until such time as they need to get something on you). Having access to all your contacts on your cell phone whenever they want? Looking at your computer whenever they want? Telling you where you can live, what kind of run down house you MUST to live in, IF you can have a car, and if you are a good boy and they “grant” you that “privilege,” they will tell you what kind of piece of junk they will “allow” you to drive and when and how far you may drive it. They will tell you what you can and cannot eat. They will have access to ALL of your medical records, which they will gladly share will all other government and non governmental agencies they wish to share it with. You will need their “permission” to travel. YOU WILL OWN NOTHING. Actually, you don’t own anything NOW. You only hold equitable title to “your” property. THEY have the REAL titles to almost all property. Is this what you REALLY want – because I can tell you THIS is what they have planned for us. WOE! I cannot believe that anybody would actually ASK FOR THIS type of tyranny. I don’t think you really understand who these people are and what they actually intend to do to the American people. They want to strip us of all of our GOD-GIVEN, (not Constitution-given), rights, and only “they” will grant the “privileges” they deem you deserve or don’t deserve – like whether or not you are allowed to STAY ALIVE, for example. They will decide whether or not you are WORTHY of medical care and if you “contribute enough to the greater good” to deserve to be kept alive. Do you know that private for-profit corporations are now running prisons. They are paying these mostly non violent prisoners about $2.00 an hour for doing the same jobs that they would have to pay people on the outside about $15.00 per hour to do, WHILE, at the same time, taking away jobs from people on the outside. Quite a racket, eh? Many courts are also FOR PROFIT businesses. They don’t care who is guilty or innocent. They just want to be PAID. Corruption ABOUNDS at every level of our government. There is very little, if any, real JUSTICE left in our country. Study some history, man and see how this usually ends – not well AT ALL for the people. How much do you know about Communism? Go study it – please, and you will see exactly where we are headed – to a One World Communist Government, a One World State Religion, and a One World Financial System, and eventually to a One World LIVING HELL! And if people turn in their guns, we will beheaded to Nazi-like death camps, but the good news is – at least we’ll be out of THIS MESS, depending, of course on whether you go “North” or “South” if you understand what I mean.

  5. I copied this from an article from Italy – In Italy, adults checking into hotels must hand over ID upon check-in. Hotels are then required to communicate the information to local police. No abuse just requirement. This was from an Article concern Amanda Knox. A National ID… Note: I don’t have the bandwidth to listen to the podcast effectively, very choppy… sorry.

  6. After reading the text it seems like a preparatory move to a one state nation…. Not likely anytime soon of course and only for safety…. fear should not be happening here, knowledge of what is happening is required in order to stop it. Knowledge is indeed power.

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