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Off-Grid Widow Jailed Over Baseless Charges

robin for radioRobin Speronis’ story captivated nationwide attention earlier this year – an off-grid widow ordered by her city to hook up to public electricity and water or face eviction.

She stood her ground and inspired thousands of people, and she even celebrated a partial court victory in February. But the city didn’t stop targeting her, and in May she was arrested and placed in jail, where she spent a month behind bars. And just as quickly, the district attorney dropped the charges and she was released, no questions asked.

Speronis is this week’s guest on Off The Grid Radio, giving us the details about her arrest and legal fight you won’t hear anywhere else. Her off-grid battle for freedom is our battle, and she tells us:

  • Whether off-grid citizens are now being targeted.
  • Why her month in jail only served to encourage her.
  • How her off-grid battle impacts all of us.

The cruel, mean-spirited bureaucrats even took her dogs. If you’re a homesteader, off-gridder or simply a liberty-loving American, this is one episode you need to hear!

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  1. This woman suffered as no one in the USA should. Her civil rights were not just abused, but denied completely, by the same government that was supposed to insure they were protected. It is shameful, and criminal.

    • This woman is an inspiration to all, except for the fact that she does not own that town now! LOL..This is a total violation of every law protecting U.S citizens from the likes of these townsmen! I hope that she continues her own thing, and for heavens sake, don’t let them get away with it! signed a watchful patriot!

    • the so called people in all government EMPLOYEES think they are in charge of all United States Americans.. How dare these people… this US government are the true crooks and criminals.. cops shot people they get off, cops shoot house pets they get off, cops still drugs and sell them and use drugs then still get off… Obama lies as well. why do they all can break our Laws the very Laws that the USAMERICANS should have voted on but never given a chance and how the hell can these government so called EMPLOYEES get more money plus extremely well benefits get off on all the crimes they are doing each and every day???? what makes them think they are better than any animal and human on the whole planet earth??? wells its easy to figure out,,,, they get in office take control of the AMERICANS life’s with all sorts of threats and scare us and intimidate the Americans so that Americans are tooooo damn scared to even think on their own…..SO WITH BEING SAID WAKE UP AMERICANS YOU OWN THE GOVERNMENTS PEOPLE IN OFFICES… STAND TOGETHER SHOW THEM WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF THEM ALL.. we can and we will prevail as ONE NATION UNDER GOD ” AMEN ”

  2. If her lawyer is worth his salt, she should end up owning that town. Further, none of the council, the mayor, or any other elected officials should be re-elected ever again.

  3. mayor is a tax leach and crooked leach he wants his money code officer is a puppet living off taxpayers

  4. the mayer belongs in jail does he abuse his wife like this poor widow

  5. Wow, typical big brother. We are going to see more and more of this with Obama in office especially. We would however see it with a Republican too. It is a part of the workings of an attempt at their one world govt. The good ol` New World Order! We are now at the mercy of Rex 84 and the continuity of government. It`s all contained in an even BIGGER picture which is of course AGENDA 21!!!!!!! Read about Agenda 21. It`s a real U.N. document that wants to strip us all of us of our Constitutional rights and give TOTAL control of all countries to the United Nations. No one is to have any firearms but the U.N. They are going to control ALL food, water electricity and yes….even the weather! That is what has been going on over the last few years. Because of the HAARP system they can control the weather and have been the last few years. They want population control and de-population. What better way to get rid of population than to control water through weather. California`s water has basically been redirected. Enough yaers of drought California`s economy will be non-existent! Why live where there is NO water. Crops can`t grow, and the entire valley will be one big wasteland. If you don`t already know about the U.N. document that over 160 governments have signed onto, I suggest you look it up. It is AGENDA 21. Obama that traitor, signed onto it, HOWEVER; it hasn`t yet been ratified by the Senate! WRITE YOUR SENATORS NOW AND LET THEM KNOW…..we will NOT tolerate a ratification of Agenda 21!!! We will NOT turn our country over to the U.N. and its communist ways! And for God sake people, get out there and VOTE! We can`t get rid of Obama yet, but we CAN get rid of Harry Reid and company! The next best thing. I know the people are sick of the House of Reps. but the Senate and Obama won`t allow them to get anything done, period!

  6. I support her 100%. As a dog lover I wonder if she got the sweet little things back, or did those leeches kill them. I am going to file this for future reference because I am writing an essay on Agenda 21/New World Order for my blog (click my name, see my present essay on education) and need to collect some examples of people who the NWO is trying to destroy, along with any other information.

  7. I’m surprised that the ACLU isn’t involved. Basic personal rights have been violated and they aren’t involved? Perhaps they don’t want to get involved due to the nature of the thing. Only time will tell. In the mean time, my prayers go out to her. Hang in there.

  8. Although I appreciate her will of self sufficiency and wanting to live off the grid, there is one glitch in her case. One can not sign onto (purchase) a property, in this case a dwelling, in a community that has public services (sewers)- sewers that have a built in covenant- and refuse to not pay for that service. It is built in. As far as power and water goes, she has standing. However, the water is directly tied into the sewer usuage fee and I do not think they would proportion that amount. The amount that she uses with rain water usuage will still be the minimum. If you want to live off the grid, a property that does not have the public services of water, sewer, street lighting, in-ground communication and in-ground power lines and other hidden covenants would be the ticket.

  9. She should sue the individual(s) who enforced this illegal act. If those people are protected from any maltreatment, then there should be a law to allow those bureaucrats personally responsible. People need to be held personally responsible in the US courts.

  10. On the surface, this sounds like a huge travesty of “justice”. On the other side, there are lots of questions, not being answered. Does she own her home outright? Did her neighbors complain about the situation? Since there is availability to her home, for water and power, that equipment belongs to the utility companies. Therefore, she should be paying the minimal fees each month. If there is a municipal requirement that homes meet basic requirements for their amenities, then that is something she must do, or move somewhere that utilities are not required. I think yu need to get a good lawyer, and I am surprised that one has not offered to take her case with no money upfront. I am sorry about the dogs, that was totally not necessary.

  11. get your head out of your ass misapalities and target the illegals creating felons. You will leave the law abiding people alone.
    We make the laws not you. Or we will shut you down. You better wake up

  12. just be in thee county in a wooded lot cannot see from air and a fence in driveway . mr tax assessor W/E you can see from here no entry fro tree belt good bye .. lock gate .. if you in city it a uphill battle batteling the ultimate HOA .. US GOVT cuty govt .. good luck tho..

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