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Prepare for the Best in 2012 with Deborah Niemann – Episode 083

If you had to name one important benefit of living an off-grid lifestyle, what would that be? There are many reasons for adopting a more holistic, natural way of life, one that is more in tune with creation and our role in it. However, if one had to stand here and list only a single benefit that made this whole effort worthwhile, it would be the advantages to our health.

There’s just no way that our bodies aren’t affected by the chemicals, additives, antibiotics, and whatever else industrial agriculture pumps into our food supply.

We wonder why our food tastes like cardboard, and why our bodies are breaking down. There’s just nothing nutritious in our food supply and genetic modifications are wreaking havoc with the molecular processes in our bodies.

It’s imperative that we begin to learn to sustain ourselves. This 100 year trial in “feeding the world through a global food train” has derailed itself and is skidding off the tracks.

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Bill Heid is joined by today’s guest on Off the Grid Radio, Deborah Niemann, a homesteader, writer, self-sufficiency expert, and author of the book Homegrown and Handmade. She relocated her family from the suburbs of Chicago to 32 acres “in the middle of nowhere,” where they built a home and began growing their own food. Deborah encourages everyone to learn self-sufficiency and says that there’s no better time to learn these skills than right now, at the beginning of this brand new year.

In this episode:

  • The main reason to become self-sufficient
  • How genetic modification is a land-mine of disease transmission
  • Why being self-sufficient is a major money-saving venture
  • How self-sufficiency can have entertainment value as well

And more…

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  1. We live out of town on 5 acres with a small stream running through the property. We’ve been here for just 15 months and enjoy the atmosphere. A gaden will soon “be in operation” right close to us. We will look forward to learning more about country living from the information you share. Sincerely ~ Curtis

  2. i’m just a red neck from northern ny up along the canadain border. we have had a family fram for 4 generation and my kids and grand children makes 6. everything that is talked about here is just our way of life . we are not off the grid but have thing in place for it. i wish everybody could eat home grown food and meat and tasted the differance. i also have a hunting perserve that people come and hunt there own meat from the animals i raise here . we do elk, buffalo and boars and the complements i always get is that it is the best meat they have ever had. well thanks for letting my 2 cents worth in


  3. Hello Russ,

    If I were closer Id visit you. How do you raise the elk and buffalo? How much and what kind of land do they require?


  4. I’m a new prepper, but not very long ago I got a very strong ,I’ll call it a feeling, that I should began to store food supplies for future us. I am in the process of looking for a small 3 to 10 acre piece of ground where I can hunker down if need be, raise a calf and chickens, and still have food and water. I truly believe this country is going to face some hardships that are off of the scales, and I want to be ready. Even though the majority of Americans have faith in this government, and so many depend on the government for their secure future, I don’t. God Bless all of you, and don’t forget to pray for America. J.P.

  5. i have 400 acres but have high fences for elk and buffalo. my web site is
    i have my own saw mill to that i build cabins that i rent along the river russ

  6. Thank you for your great magazine You are doing a great job I grew up in a farming area in Ireland
    I am more than used to farm life you are doing a great job
    Jim Colins

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