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Shocking Report…Gov’t To Decide What Pets You Can Own – Episode 006

logoToday’s podcast from Off the Grid Radio is a shocker. Listen in as Bill Heid and Brian Brawdy discuss the latest news, including an unbelievable (but true) revelation that government workers will decide what pets you may and may not own. You’ll even learn what pets are already on ‘the list’.


View Text Transcription

In this episode you’ll also learn:

  • What NBA star Lebron James’ move to Miami means to you
  • The shocking report from the USDA on the food supply (I hope you started your garden already!)
  • Air conditioning ‘off the grid’
  • An unbelievable revelation that government workers will decide what pets you can own.
  • and more…
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  1. Hey Guys – Elvis is the King.

    • Florida SONshineman

      Hey Pamdale, Elvis is AN ETERNAL LOSER! Just like Jimmy Hendrix, John Lennon, George Harrison, Brian Jones, Keith Moon, Jerry Garcia, Jim Morrison, Janice Joplin, Bonn Scott, Ronnie VanZandt, Tommy Bolins, Kurt Cobain, Freddie Mercury, Johnny Cash, and all the other “music stars” (read FALLING stars!), Elvis died in sin and went TO HELL! He played God throughout his career, acted like he had some kind of “power” over people, believed his own satanically inspired HYPE that he was “really somebody” when the fact is HE WAS AND IS NOTHING! Elvis is no king, and one day he will bow before the REAL King: KING JESUS! And he will confess that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD! An older Elvis compilation album was titled, “Can 50 Million Elvis Fans Worldwide Be Wrong?” According to God’s word, YES! God warns, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” and that he is “a jealous God.” He will not give his glory to another, nor his praise to graven images. All this “Elvis worship” is so much CRAP, an abomination to God! It is idolatry plain & simple! ELVIS IS DEAD BUT JESUS CHRIST LIVES FOR EVERMORE AS KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS! End of story!

      • I think your wrong in judging. Ranting people like you actually hurt the cause of Christ. I have a DVD of Elvis telling his fans in Vegas holding a sign “Elvis is King” that he is not a king but RATHER “Jesus Christ is KING!” after which he sang a moving “How Great Thou Art”

        Johnny Cash sings many fantastic gospel songs. Try listening to “Spiritual” and “Redemption” and learn to keep your foaming mouth shut.

        Grace, Peace and Love,
        Capt. John

      • I find it very interesting that the christian religion is fundamentally based on the ancient Egyptian so-called pagan religion which was based on the Sun with the main god being Horus. Do you find it interesting that so much of the christian religion days of significance are also associated with the changing of the seasons, in particular the spring and winter solstices, and that the Three King are actually the three stars of the constellation of Orions belt which point towards the place where the sun rises from the horizon on December 25. Did you know that dozens of ancient religions (pre-christianity) have a similar story of a god being born on December 25, being killed and rising from the dead after 3 days? Cool stuff huh?

        • Most Christians—at least those who are reasonably knowledgeable and have studied—know that Dec 25 is NOT the actual date of Jesus’ birth. It is much more likely he was born in mid- to late spring. Why? Because “there were shepherds in the fields, keeping watch over their sheep by night.” Shepherds did not graze their flocks in the fields in winter, and those who visited Jesus brought lambs, which are born in the spring. The date was changed by early Christians deliberately to coincide with the winter solstice because they could then celebrate at the same time as the Druids without drawing attention to themselves and inviting more of the persecution they were already suffering.

          Those who visited him were not kings but “magi,” wise men and astrologers, and the Bible does not specify 3 or any other number. Only the Gospel of Mark mentions them (Chap. 2). Also, the maji did not arrive until Jesus was about 2 years old (nativity sets notwithstanding). The shepards are only mentioned in Luke. The angel who appeared to them specified they would find an infant in a manger in a stable. But the maji “entered the house and saw the infant boy ….” (Matt 2:11). I am informed by those more learned than I that the original language uses a term for newborn in Luke and a term for toddler in Mark. This also accounts for Herod’s decree to slaughter all boys of 2 years of age and below.

          It is understandable that many religions would celebrate significant days that coincide with the changes of seasons; this is not a uniquely Christian thing. Christianity, however, is the only religion that can tie together FACES: Fulfilled prophecies, Archeological evidence (e.g., stone fragments carved with Pilate’s name), Consistency in all the gospels, External writings (e.g., Josephus, who was a Roman historian opposed to the Christians), and Scientific evidence, with more evidence being discovered all the time.

          • Wow so much confusion between what is “taught” and what the truth is. Such confusion doesn’t help the cause for those of us who aren’t reasonably knowledgeable (despite 12 years of catholic school catechism).

          • Jesus was born in September. I couldn’t find it in the bible. But when Mary goes to see Elizabeth she goes to tell her she is pregnant . At that time Elizabeth is 6 months pregnant and it tells you what month it is. So then you count out 9 months it is around September 29th. Find that scripture and you will see.

        • Just a few thoughts. Jesus was not born on Dec. 25- no Biblical source says that. He Who was to become Our Redeemer and Savior was probably born in Sept-Oct- as the shepherds were still out in the fields with their flocks- the weather was still temperate, which in the winter months (Dec, etc) can become very cold – even in Israel. . The early church made the grievous decision to placate the Winter Solstice celebrating pagans (Dec.21)- and rather than take away their popular Winter Solstice holiday- decided to “convert” it to a celebration of Jesus’ birth. If you would do a study on the “Feasts of the Lord” you would be absolutely STUNNED. The first 4 “Feasts” take place in the spring and correspond exactly with what occurred at Jesus first coming- Passover (His death on the cross as our Passover Lamb), days in the tomb (Feast of Unleavened Bread), Resurrection (Feast of First Fruits), and Pentecost (coming of the Holy Spirit to indwell Believers). There were 7 Feasts of the Lord- the remaining 3 take place in the fall (harvest season) of the year. They are the Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, and Feast of Tabernacles. Check it all out people. JESUS IS LORD.! Amen and amen.

          • Amazing. All this simply because Pam said, Elvis was king.

          • Yes, I’ve always thought the Messiah was really born during Sukkot since that is when he came and tabernacled among us. John 1:14

          • Although we protested (The Reformation), we still didn’t come out. I suggest listening to the Messianics, (Jews who have accepted Christ as their Messiah), who will show you how to walk in God’s ways and come out of pagan worship and practices.
            God is calling ,”Come out of her, MY PEOPLE, and be not partakers of her sins.”
            It matters.
            We are participating in sun worship.
            See Exodus 20, Matthew 19:17, John 14:15, and !5:10.

  2. You know, much as I like OTGN, I HATE podcasts. If it’s worth knowing, it’s worth reading as a transcript: I can read a great deal faster than the usual speaker, there’s never any doubt about the words, if I want to quote a bit for someone it’s right there … I’ve no idea why this format ever got started.

    • I agree with Walt’s comment.

      It talkes too long to listen to all the podcast to gather the pertinent concepts that are relevant to your situation.

      • Right above the Spread the word and the Facebook icon you will find a link called View Text Transcription

    • Walt,

      The podcast format works great for people on the move. I have turned my commuting time to and from work into educational time by listening to various podcasts of interest, broadcast from my iPod through my automobile’s stereo system. This has allowed me to turn my car into a “moving university.” Otherwise, commuting time would be wasted time.

      Like you, I tend to prefer written content when I have a choice, especially when sitting at my desk studying or sitting in my easy chair reading. However, there is a place for podcasts or listening to the radio. Also, some people are more audible type learners rather than visual, so the podcast makes sense for those people. In addition, the podcast format could be a very valuable technology to use for people who have poor eyesight.

    • I agree with Walt. I hate Podcasts too, because I’m on Dialup and it would take forever to download. I need a transcript. Sites should at least offer a transcript option or post the transcript with the podcast. But maybe they don’t care to inform EVERYONE…just those on cable or DSL.

  3. No King but King Jesus!

  4. I’d have to agree……. no time to listen to lengthy podcasts. With printed matter I can skim the things that are of minimal interest, focus on the items that I want to, and get all the information in a fraction of the time it takes to sit and listen…………

  5. I, too, prefer to read the news. It is much easier to save/print for future reference. Oh well, thanks anyway.

  6. Seems to me that by talking about Lohan and sports they’re promoting media interest in useless drivel that they condemn. They;re the same degenerates as the rest of the media.

  7. The podcasts are waaaaaay too long, and it’s too hard to find when the subject matter changes. Could we have subject headings? I wanted to skip Lebron James – couldn’t tell where the next topic began.

  8. I sorta like podcast playing in the background as I work on my computer. With regards to our gov’t choosing our pets for us…they’ve been doing it for decades. So have our local gov’ts in the form of zoning laws. Can you imagine your next door neighbor having a couple hundred exotic cobras and other highly toxic reptiles. And don’t even get me started one the kooks, freaks, and sodomites in San Francisco….needs to be nuked like Sodom & Gamora in the bible. Not that I’m a religious type, I’m just saying it’s possible to be too open minded to the point your damn brain falls out of your head.

  9. The Hags fags and drags are smoking too much pot in San Francisco…They are outlawing animals to make room for the illegal mexicans.

    • God is not a racist or a homophobe, at least not my god so you should open your mind and stop spewing hatred.

  10. Borrring! Most pod casts allow one to drag the talk line to skip the thing they could give a crap about. I could care Less about LeBron. I’d much rather learn about what ever the gov’t has in mind for our pets but can I go to that part no no no. You guys love to hear yourselves talk, much more so than your audience..

    • FYI, MandyA – you can drag the talk line!

    • MandyA – You can drag the talk line however you want. You can also download the podcasts using iTunes if you want to use something like that to listen to them, if you think that is easier to skip around.

  11. Please don’t do this.. If folks prefer a podcast, have one. But my time is soo limited. I LOVED being able to read the articles relevant to my circumstances and print/save it to my folders. I tried to read the transcript and can’t make sense of it. Please do not make me pick through a lonngg conversation for the gems you have to offer. You offer a vital service. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. As for twitter, facebook, et al.. I’d rather NOT get involved with a network of that kind.

    • You can still read all of our newsletter articles as normal. This is included as an extra to the written articles.

  12. I agree with Walt and Papajohn; pls leave a transcript so we can get thru faster and reread what we need and share/fwd in emails.


    • There is a transcript available to every podcast. All you have to do is click “View Text Transcription.”

  13. Florida SONshineman

    To all you people who want to bellyache and complain about OTGN using a podcast as opposed to solely written text, first, they DO offer written text: It says “View Text Transcription” at the top of this page, so if that’s what you want, CLICK ON THE LINK! Duh! But second, you people are so typically “modern American”. You just HAVE to find something to complain about. Give me a break! If you don’t like the format that OTGN presents what they report in, you don’t have to participate! Better still, why don’t you completely opt out and start YOUR OWN forum, especially since YOU can do such a better job than OTGN!

    As for Lebron James, Lindsey Lohan, Elvis Presley, the Beatles, the latest winner of American Idol or Dance With The Stars, “Who shot JR?”, “How will the last episode of friends end?”, “Will Brad and Angelina break up?”, what’s happening with Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourn’s wacked out “family”, watching OJ go 15 mph down a LA freeway, and on and on and on…..WHO CARES? Folks, our nation is being STOLEN by the criminal globalist banking cartel that runs the FED and are the puppet masters who pull the strings of political puppets like Obama, Bush, Clinton, Palin, Huckabee, Romney, Carter, FDR, Johnson, etc. as well as all the media whores on the “Right” and the “Left” like Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, Levin, Coulter, Medved, O’Reilly, Ingraham, Rivera, King, Matthews, Oblerman, Maher, Anderson, Blitzer, etc. who perpetuate the false “right vs. left” paradigm and keep the American public “pleasantly distracted” with all their HYPE. Forget who’s gonna win the final four or the Super Bowl or World Series. IT DOESN’T MATTER! When the FEMA camps are “open for business” (and that IS coming!) and we’re under martial law outright (we’re in the first stages of the Police State NOW), you’ll wish you had been more vigilant and diligent in being like the founding fathers of this nation and STANDING UP FOR LIBERTY AGAINST TYRANNY!

    Please! Please! Please! Go to: and purchase Alex Jones excellent documentaries like “Terror Storm”, “EndGame”, “Loose Change Final Cut”, “Fabled Enemies”, “The Obama Deception”, “Fall Of The Republic”, “Invisible Empire”, “Police State 4”, “The Secret of Oz”, “The Fall Of America”, “Camp FEMA”, and “Don’t Tread On Me”. Get educated, arm yourself with the truth, get involved in the political process, work to spread the message of the Patriot Movement and the 9-11 Truth Movement, Support good men like Ron Paul and Rand Paul, as well as organizations like Oath Keepers, We Are Change, Restore The Republic, and Campaign For Liberty. Unless we ALL band together against this monstrous tyranny and fight the New World Order, we will very soon find ourselves under something far worse than what the peoples of Germany, Russia, and China have under Hitler, Stalin, & Mao respectively. CORRUPT GOVERNMENTS have killed some 200 MILLION people over the last century, more than plagues, famine and war COMBINED! The time now! WAKE UP, STAND UP, SPEAK UP AND ACT UP……OR ELSE!!!

    • You summed it all up!!!

      My friends and family won’t even let me talk about what you just said because they think I am a nut case radical. I sent one email to a friend at work about FEMA concentration camps and he wrote back not to send any more “of that radical stuff” to him. (end of friendship) So, I finally found an individual who truly turned out to be a friend and we share all that is available on the subjects (thank God) so that we both can have an intelligent conversation and discuss preparations on the forthcoming situation.

      • Agreed. You two hit the nail on the head. Amazing amount of drivel in these comments. George Hunt ( has shown how the banksters are using he environmental movement as a scam to take possession of all the wilderness lands of the planet through massive debts of the nations and a forced default on loans, thus confiscating the wilderness areas of those nations as collateral payment. Leave the shallow end of the pool folks and take a look at the deep end.

  14. I say we support Arizona, and Boycott California (in particular – San Francisco). I dare THEM to come for MY DOG! I dare them! I will not SUBMIT!

  15. Elvis never said he was the “king”. Other people said that to hype his image. Elvis was a good Christian man who loved the Lord.

  16. i had to chuckle.. why on earth would there even be such nasty remarks about a podcast !
    For heaven sake.. ! where are our manners these days ?

    IF you don’t like them.. DON’T listen..
    that’s easy enough .
    no big debate needed.. seems there are just as many out there that hate the Internet .. or hate cell phones or hate “Moving Picture shows ” LOL !
    wow. what a non sense comment page !

    • A lot of blogs are embedding videos on their pages. These, and podcasts also, take a lot longer to download to the PC, and some of us are still on dialup. Also, I like to save my info to share in other ways. Many of those blogs do not offer a choice, and often I have to save the URL until I can take my laptop to library to download and save.

      So I’m really pleased that OTG gives me the choice. From now on, I’ll view the transcripts. Those who have the time and bandwidth for podcasts or videos, fine. You pays your money; you takes your choice. No need to get nasty about it all.

  17. this is the only OTG article of comments I have read (so far- kind of new to it) where members are verbally violent instead of helpful, courteous and thought-provoking. its very sad, I thought I had discovered one small community of throughtful, loving and helpful people. remember why we are all here and let the unimportant stuff fade away. I learn a lot from the comments usually, so lets keep them representative of what you want to provide others with. thank you all.

  18. I agree jozie, the previous constructive conversations have been very helpful. It’s disappointing to see hostility and antagonism when we should be helping one another. I know it’s a time of stress, but we need to put our differences aside and work with honesty and determination to strengthen each other. Just because of different philosophies doesn’t mean we don’t have similar goals.

    PS. Thanks for the text version.

    • Dandi – You’re welcome for the text transcription! Just so you know, we know have links on all of our articles called, “Print This Article” which gives you a printable version. 🙂

  19. how about we discuss the garbage entering the church like yoga, comtemplative mystic spirituality.

  20. Elvis never called himself the king His fans did he said the only king was God!

  21. Why did the city decide to do this? Didn’t hear that discussed.

    because people buy the things then decide pretty quick the “pet” is no longer wanted. The city spends money to house, feed and destroy thousands every year.

    Maybe the price of the pet should include a “pre-tax” that would pay for it’s destructions when the adult purchaser gets bored or annoyed with the “pet”.

    Or maybe the city could pay for some education – ‘enlighten” the folks to the idea that a temporary diversion is a movie and dinner. A pet is something longer term. You know, kinda like marriage and children. You buy the pet with the understanding you are it’s owner, keeper, caregiver, steward. Difficult concepts I know. Might burden someone too too much.

  22. You know, Snakeeyes, Christianity truly is a made up religion. How so, you might ask. Well, Jesus and his followers spoke Aramaic, wonder how many Christians, or anyone else for that matter, know that? Aramaic, as is the case with most Middle Eastern languages, does not have only one meaning per word. Here is one example, when Jesus used the word “Spirit”, he could have been talking about: Air, Wind, Breath or Atmosphere. Who can specifically say what Jesus was talking about in such a case when All words had several meanings? In those days everyone was left to find their own meanings of the words spoken by prophets or mystics, which is what Jesus was considered by his followers. It was meant that the stories told by mystics and prophets was to be taken, truly, as a personal message and that is why there were 100’s of gospels. Every person wrote down what they heard, and everyone heard something different, according to their mental, spiritual and emotional needs. So, for a group of men to gather together and decide which gospels to keep, only 4 out of quite literally hundreds, and then to dare translate the words according to what they wanted people to believe was, well, one of the greatest deceptions ever perpetrated upon the masses. No man, or group of men, could say exactly what Jesus was saying when his messages were meant to be completely subjective. In the days of “The Council of Nicea” most folks were illiterate and it was easy to pull the wool over their eyes but now the days of being controlled by the church, or anyone else for that matter, are over for those who will read and educate themselves. It is time to once again think for ourselves as the followers of Jesus did. Find your own path, draw your own conclusions, not just in matters of religion but in all matters.

  23. I don’t have the time to listen to things that are not of interest like where Lebron James is going. I’ve heard about Lebron James a hundred times. Bring back the print version wher I can print (select) and take it with me to read at my leisure, I don’t mind some commercialization form survival item providers. If you can’t do that at least give a fast forward option on the radio station. The radio show is a step backward. I’ll probablly be going away.
    Harold Coons

  24. I was surprised to hear Bill and Brian make it seem that anyone in San Francisco will not be able to have a pet. The thing about San Francisco is people will not be able to SELL pets. You can still have a pet if you want to make that lifelong commitment but just not BUY one. And with millions of healthy savable pets being killed in our shelters each year what’s wrong with wanting to help the problem by instead encouraging people to adopt from shelters or breed specific RESCUE groups. Am I missing something here?

  25. Okay I guess I haven’t gotten a response to my comment. That’s ok.

    So basically I was sayin’ Bill and Brian were blowing it out of proportion when they said those in San Francisco weren’t able to have a pet anymore because of that new law. I don’t know what Bill and Brian’s agenda was for saying something so exaggerated. I couldn’t help but think there was something behind it.

    In San Francisco because of that law, people are not able to SELL pets. What’s wrong with that? Families can still adopt any pet, any breed, from any animal shelter or breed specific RESCUE group they choose. I say breed specific RESCUE group because they are different (in a good way) from breeders. Breed specific rescue groups rescue the animals in their care and adopt them out to forever loving homes. They are not breeders.

    There are 25% purebreds in shelters for those who may not know 🙂 I personally appreciate any type of animal and don’t look for specific breeds.

    Anywho, this new law will help bring down the number of healthy animals who are killed each year in San Francisco. There’s nothing wrong with that. 😉


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