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The One Mainstream TV Show To Help You Get Off The Grid – Episode 009

logoOn today’s edition of Off the Grid Radio, Solutions From Science founder Bill Heid and Brian Brawdy broadcast from a mobile unit powered exclusively by wind and solar power. Also, an endorsement of a mainstream TV show that will actually help you prepare for the challenges of ‘off grid’ living.

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Designed by Solutions From Science, Brian Brawdy

In this episode you’ll also learn:

  • The one off-the-grid resource to stock up on that you may have overlooked
  • How the left has brought about the ‘wimpification’ of America
  • The possible economic disaster ahead…and why it is worse than inflation
  • Which US President put us on the path to central government domination (you might be surprised by this one!)
  • What politicians should learn from President Reagan
  • and more…


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  1. While a podcast would be nice to listen to while driving, etc., I much prefer the written word, as my computer “buffers” so much it creates all these very distracting interruptions. I also have to listen for most of an hour to get to what I tuned in for, and I can’t go back if I missed something. I do read the written newsletters – just wish these were also in written format. Of course the idea of a mobile transmitter is quite intriguing with all of its potentials and possibilities.

    • The text transcript of the radio show is available for printing, just click on the link that says ‘text transcription’ below the podcast link.

  2. Based on your comments about protection, I highly recommend that you carefully check out the Organization called Front Sight. They are doing Exactly what you are recomending!
    What do you think?

  3. Sorry guys,, I much prefer print news which I can read at my own pace,,,,or re-read as needed.
    Cant spare one hour to sit & listen.
    Please keep the email version coming though.

  4. I have several guns in my house. They are all loaded and ready. I also have high ranking belts in 2 styles of martial arts. But, one thing I have, I depend on and recommend is to purchase a high voltage taser. I have a 1 million volt taser laying right next to my door, and keep it charged on a regular basis. I paid $59 for it and will not leave the house without it. I also have a more extreme alternative ,, a .44 caliber pistol should things get to that point. I will not hesitate to use anything I know to ward off an offender. Be prepared ,, the day IS COMING !!!

    • I had guns, all ready to go, plus no commitments, no ties to society that I could not abandon in a moment’s notice if TSHTF… then an argument with a couple punks led cops to my door and confiscated everything!!
      I plan to go “primitive” if need be… an air rifle, knife, and homemade spears and traps until I can acquire a cache for protection in harder times. My point is; preparedness plans can all go out the window when we don’t plan on the Police State stepping in and rewriting the rules!!

  5. Having been born before the “old depression” ended, I have a lot of memory of “have and have-not’.
    We did not have running water! It was a bucket and a creek. We did not have electricity, radio or TV! We had candles, kerosine lamps and lanterns, books and magazines.
    The local power co. did finally bring electricity our way and the first electric thing purchased was a radio! It was important because a few months later the country went to war. Everyone had to still “get by” and many things were rationed. My family were Oregon pioneers who got here by horse and wagon, so “getting by” wasn’t something new.
    I learned very young about wild edible plants, berries and nuts. Few realize that even the weeds in the yard are mostly edible: dandylions, plantain, sheperds purse, cattails, thistles,and most reeds and rushes.
    I never ate songbirds or reptiles but lots of other critters were nourishment.
    If you want to have chickens, do yourself a good thing with bantams, who will scratch for themselves all day and go into pen and shelter to drink, roost and lay eggs.
    I can’t write a book here but could help many with questions on survival, and wilderness living.
    L kent

    • You would be worth more than your weight in gold. Notice how I neglect the greenback since it is basically toilet paper. Tell me what happened. I am 44 and have no one to talk to about your experiences. Did you wake up one day and no electricty? food? or was it gradual? What were the signs? THANKS.

  6. This present demise of our economy is most certainly one of design rather than happenstance. “You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.” Progressives want this country to be a Totalitarian Communist country, and the ones in power right now want to be the elites who run the country. They want us poor, underfed, uneducated, overworked, hopeless, and defeated. To get us to that place, they must dumb down the education, regulate every aspect of our lives, own all the money and business, dole out healthcare to the few who are of the right political viewpoint, etc. The playbook is “You Don’t Need a Weatherman to Tell Which Way the Wind Blows,” which is the manifesto of the Weather Underground, a subversive group of home grown terrorists from the 1960s. Many of the people who were in that movement are now in power in our government.

    • I agree. I read their playbook recently and it is frightening. I think everyone should read it and then look to see the names that are listed there. Not only are these people in our government, they also have power.

  7. I looked for the transcript for this program, but was unable to find it. I still have dial-up so this would take several hours just to download. Also, I like to print these articles out for future reference. I do enjoy these emails and have learned a lot from them. If the transcript for this program becomes available, pleae let us know. Thank you.

  8. In your broadcast, you solicited opinions regarding whether our government is knowingly or unwittingly leading our country down the road to disaster. In my opinion, I believe the recent develpoments which are catapulting us down the path to destruction have been done with the absolute purpose of moving us to disaster. I believe our current president is extremely intelligent. He knows where he is leading the country and is doing everything he can to hasten our demise. Laurel208 is absolutely correct.

  9. I am one of those who is listening to the show who thinks that the government is tanking the economy (i.e. debasing currency etc.) to use it as an excuse to make an even bigger power grab.

    I came to your site so I could become “more remnant” as you pointed out on the radio show.

    I want to learn is how I can prepare to get me and my family “off the grid” before the excrement hits the fan. Do you have more articles on skills that I need to learn?

  10. I agree what most of you are saying but it seems so hard to get off grid and ready before it hits the fan when the economy has already got me…unable to find work, losing my home and in debt to my eyes. Any words of wisdome? I just want to get out of dodge asap!

  11. Where is the “Print Transcript” link???

  12. I also would like to see the printed version, as I learn better reading and hearing the info at the sametime.
    If given the choice, I would definatly choose the written version as I could read and re-read as necessary.

  13. A transcript would be really great. Also a progress bar so the user could advance the program past a topic(s) to perhaps the one topic the user had time to listen to during that particular encounter, or to go back to re-listen to a particular topic without having to re-listen to the whole show.
    Thanks, keep up the good work.

  14. Bill and Brian, I love you guys. You are so encouraging to me. About twenty three years ago I believe God gave me a strong drive to learn all these things that you speak of. It was hard to keep my anxiousness to learn under control. Even now it is hard but I keep learning and doing one thing at a time. I know I drove my poor husband crazy all those years but I didn’t have anyone to talk to about my burden. Most of the time my husband was extremely sceptical about things I said and my dreams but now he’s getting to like the idea of buying a solar generator and survival seeds. Over the years I’ve been planting and learning about gardens. It has been hard these years because I was doing this all alone but I kept asking God to help me because I knew that some day it would be valuable knowledge. The last couple of years I’ve noticed that my family is very thankful for “mamas” garden. I’ve always tried to learn as much as I could about medicinal herbs, nutrition, solar, wind and water power, etc. I was so surprised to find your web site and radio station. It was what I was praying for. Now I pray that God will grant us the funds to purchase a solar generator and the tools I need for the tasks at hand. I feel like you are my friends and that we are like-minded. May God continue to bless your work and keep you and yours safe. Denise Dunlap

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