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Turning the Food Pyramid On Its Head with Sally Fallon Morrell – Episode 107

Before The Primal Blueprint, before the Paleo Diet, before South Beach and Weight Watchers, there was just food, and people were healthy, in good shape, and had less illness than we seem to incur nowadays. Our food is dead, and today’s guest on Off the Grid Radio, Sally Fallon Morrell, the author of two books, Eat Fat Lose Fat and Nourishing Traditions, discusses with host Bill Heid the consequences of the American diet of dead food and why we’re seeing so much illness, disease, obesity, and lowered fertility rates amongst the population.

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In this episode:

  • Why there cannot be “one size fits all” nutritional guidelines
  • The proper way to prepare and eat grains
  • Toss out the canola—use butter instead!
  • Resources for finding nutritionally dense foods
  • And more…

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  1. amen and pass the bisquits made of entirley organics.

  2. and people need to avoid GMO’s and SOY,
    which is now in almost everything.

  3. Alan from Branson

    I seen her material for years and Sally is always right on target.

  4. I have used Sweet and Low sweeteners of 17 years ago and started about organic foods and natural foods . So now at this time I am going what we ate in my younger days and ate what my parents fed us and of course it was all homemade the fresh milk and butter Karo syrup, cottage cheese , oatmeal, and own buthcered meats, fish from the pond (catfish ) mostly and MOther floured it. No electricity and everything was smoked in the smoke house or put in crocks with lard. So now living in town I still try to have my own vegetables and buy fruit from Farmers Markets when in season. I never did lose weight from diet drinks or diet margarine or other processed diet foods. So I lose weight by excercising and keep busy and not sit there and watch TV or snack on something. I just eat regular three meals aday. May go out to eat in clubs that I belong to about once a month and may overeat that way. I ususally cook from scratch. Mildred Alumbaugh

  5. Sally…….
    We have to educate more people before the human race is gone……….what I see everyday
    is a travisty of life…….Mother Nature never gets it wrong – “WE DO”
    Change your food….Change your Life!!!!!!!
    The Nurturechef


  7. I can say that Sally Fallon and Weston a Price has had a tremendous effect on my cooking and health.
    I follow many of the principles of their teachings and we eat many of the foods that they recommend….including
    raw milk, fresh eggs, vegetables from our farm, lacto-fermented vegetables…
    This is solid advice that is backed up with thousands of people who have benefited from her ..on my site I have article that talks about drinking super healthy milk from grass fed cows….
    you’d be surprised how many dairy operations, even organic, that have cows on sand or dirt or even concrete yet they feed “organic” grain but cows have no access to outdoors. I own two Jersey cows that are pastured year around and are very healthy without a singe bite of grain.

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