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Connecticut 4th State To Require License For Ammo

Connecticut ammo license

Connecticut became the fourth state to require a license to purchase ammunition when a law that carries a $35 fee went into effect this month.

Connecticut joined Illinois, Massachusetts and New Jersey as well as the District of Columbia in implementing a law that many gun rights advocates consider a back-door attempt to limit Second Amendment rights. The Connecticut law calls the license a “certificate.”

Gun stores owners in the state are reportedly faced with confused and irritated customers who do not agree with the new ammunition certificate law – some of whom know nothing about it until they get to the counter. The license is good for ammunition only. Purchasing a gun involves a more extensive process.

Gun owners with a valid carry permit aren’t required to purchase the ammo certificate. The bullets and magazines certificates must be renewed every five years.

How to hide your guns, and other off grid caches…

The law was passed by the Democratic-controlled legislature and signed into law by Gov. Dan Malloy, a Democrat.

Gun store owners say customers don’t like the new law.

“It’s mostly the old-timers. They’ve been shooting for so long, they don’t understand why they need one,” one gun store owner told the New Haven Register.

TGS Outdoors owner Mike Higgins said the new Connecticut gun control law will have little impact on gun violence.

“In the real world, this provision is going to have little effect because criminals don’t get permits or ammunition certificates. They get what they need illegally,” Higgins said.

One customer who worked with the FBI for 30 years was unable to get ammo at the store because he didn’t know he needed a certificate, Higgins said.

Mike Bazinet, a representative of the Newtown-based National Shooting Sports Foundation, said the Connecticut ammo certificate law is an ineffective tool.

“We’ve felt all along that the focus should be to keep weapons out of the hands of people that should not have them,” Bazinet said.

Gun control activists, though, said the law is needed.

“If you’re ineligible to buy a gun, you’re ineligible to buy ammo,” said Mike Lawlor, the state’s Undersecretary for Criminal Justice, Policy and Planning. “You can’t buy ammo if you don’t have one of these credentials (an ammo certificate or carry license). We don’t want a person who could not pass a background check buying ammunition.”

Just 48-hours after the ammunition certificate law was enacted, the Connecticut State Police received nearly 300 application requests.

The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, too, applauded the new law.

“Laws regulating the purchase and possession of ammunition can help limit access by children, convicted felons and other prohibited persons, and can reduce the threat of firearms in the hands of these and other dangerous individuals,” the organization said. “Except in a small number of states and municipalities that regulate ammunition transfers, ammunition purchasers are not subject to a background check, and sellers are not required to be licensed, keep a record of ammunition sales, or even request a purchaser to show proof of age. … Without ammunition, firearms are no more dangerous than any blunt object, causing some scholars to refer to ammunition as the ‘actual agent of harm.”

The Gun Control Act of 1968 ushered in a multitude of ammunition manufacturing, buying, and dealing regulations. Most of the law’s provisions were repealed under the 1986 Firearms Owners’ Protection Act, including the 1968 ban on interstate transfer of ammo to unlicensed dealers.

The National Rifle Association has filed suit to overturn the law.

Conservatives and libertarians have ridiculed the law.

“Too bad the brilliant legislators in Connecticut haven’t figured out how to stop a criminal from driving to New York to buy all the ammunition they want,” Greg Pollowitz wrote at

How do you feel about the Connecticut ammunition certificate law?

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  1. It’s a stinkin’ tax.
    Here in TN we need to show a D/L but nothing is recorded. They’re simply looking at age and get fined pretty heavy if the stores employees don’t check ID (Just like Alcohol in this state).

    But ammo is already taxed. This simply adds another TAX onto the TAX without calling it a TAX. Honesty, do you think it actually costs $35 to process an application? That’s like 3 hours worth of time from a entry level clerk.

    Bad move. Conn. is such a small state it takes no more than 20 minutes to get over to the next state…. but it’s the point of it all.

  2. Considering this is another Sodom state slated for destruction, I would not worry about the law and I would encourage every abortion doctor, atheist, and homosexual to now move there now where they can “feel” safe.

    Though I would advise devout and religious Protestants to move FAR south and away from the coast and the other Sodom states before the tower falls. We will need you later to rebuild what is left of the USA for the short amount of time left for this generation.

    What I have observed is what this is doing is driving the right kind of people and companies from the Sodom states before the axe falls. All the Sodom states are grouped together in the same areas. Since they deny God with their homosexuak marriages, Lev 20:13, they then move to Luke 22:36 to complete their destruction. If this is not enough to drive a Christian from the state, then you rblood is on your own hands.

    • John,

      I’m a Christian. Although this may have been the case in the past we’re no longer under the old covenant but a new one (And I doubt you are a Jewish believer).

      Q: What makes us any better than those you call out in your post? (Ans: Jesus).
      Q: Have you read Mat 5:14-16?
      “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.
      Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. {a bushel: the word in the original signifieth a measure containing about a pint less than a peck}
      Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

      Q: If we pull ourselves OUT from the sinners, who would teach them? Who would be a witness? Who would preach?

      Romans 10:14-15
      How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?
      And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!

      I beg you to consider what you are saying and how people outside of our church would view your statement/s. I don’t believe the things you’re saying line up biblically with what Jesus actually did because had He not gone to the sinner then we (You, I, and millions upon millions) would not be saved. In times like these we need to remember that Jesus DID promise us trials and tribulation. The US has largely been spared that but it’s probably going to change soon (1, 2, 10+ years from now, who knows for sure)

  3. Ohwow. Here I thought I was signing up for a worthwhile blog about energy industry news and events.

    DaVictor asked “what is stopping CT residents from going to another state to buy ammunition?” as did the owner of the blog. Good point and perfect reason why we need uniform laws such as this across the whole country at a federal level.

    I’m not holding my breath for the moderator to allow this non-conforming post to go through.

  4. This idiotic law was rammed through and used by whore politicians, who would do anything to appear popular. They waited for an incident and used it to play on the emotions of hysterical women and ignorant so called men, who know nothing about firearms, ammunition or criminal activity.

    The law does nothing to stop violence in any form, nor does it make anyone any safer. All it does is to glean money for permits and target and punish law abiding citizens, who passed backgrouind checks.
    The criminals and mentally disturbed do not need permits, they buy or steal any weapon or ammunition illegally in and out of state.

    • “Hysterical women and so called men, who kn ow nothing about firearms, ammunition or criminal activity.”

      Hmmmm. I guess my 8 years in the military, my training as an armorer, and my sharpshooter and marksman qualifications and my overall qualification with every firearm in the American military arsenal as well as the arsenal of many foreign countries qualifies me as one of those “so called men who know nothing about firearms or ammunition” because I fully support this type of law.

      I guess my time as a paramedic and emergency room attendant also qualifies me as one of those people that knows nothing about criminal activity, also.

      The criminals and mentally disturbed do not need permits, they buy or steal any weapon or ammunition illegally in and out of state.
      You’re right. It’s for exactly this reason that we need laws like this at the federal level. Statistically, law breakers may either steal their weapons or get them on the black market, but they typically buy their ammunition. At a store. Mentally disturbed persons, with prior screening and the right laws, can be blocked from purchasing weapons legally.

      Additionally, a small chip in the weapon and in the legal owner’s hand will, over time, completely do away with the threat of stolen weapons being used at all, let alone in the commission of violent crimes. With this chip system, said stolen weapon becomes nothing more than a dangerous-looking bludgeon.

      The only people, in my opinion, that don’t support common sense federal gun legislation are those that couldn’t give a shit about anyone but themselves. You seem to fit that profile perfectly.

      • Really???

        IMO your so-called ‘qualifications’ mean absolutely nothing to this topic. I do, however, thank and applaud your service to this dying nation. As previously hinted at already, this is an attack on the Constitution and the 2A. They are leaving ‘my’ ability to bear arms in the hands of some random person to decide if I ‘qualify’ to purchase ammo? I’m sure I can find a number of other things wrong with this picture. I kinda get what your saying in the long run but I don’t think this is the way to go about it. This is just another knee-jerk reaction to appease the low-information population (sheeple). Afterall, criminals are going to get what they want regardless of any new legislation implemented. After all, there’s probably going to be more Fast & Furious projects………..

        • Reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit, is it? They’re leaving your ability to buy ammunition to your ability to pay the $35 for the license. I’m sure you can, too. Mostly being your inability to afford the $35 license fee.

          Congratulations. You get the idiot award. Do you even have the slightest inkling of the beginning of a clue as to what “F&F” was all about or what occurred? I highly doubt it. I’ll give you a little hint by asking this simple question: Are you aware that every single weapon involved with that operation was legally purchased by American citizens, mostly in Arizona? And that said American citizens were the ones that gave those weapons to the cartels?

          The only President to really attack the Constitution in the last 20 years was named Bush. The only party to wage an all out attack against the Constitution in the past 20 years is represented by an elephant. Saint Ronnie of the RayGun was the only American President to really attempt an attack against the 2nd Amendment.

          This country would be so much better off if there was a requirement for an IQ test for gun ownership and voting rights. So many people that really should do neither would be stopped from screwing things up for the rest of us.

          • So we hear from another brainwashed Obama worshipper!Wake up and amell the coffee MORON.If you think the persent regime is innocent, kiss Obamas asas a little more and you might end up a member of his staff, hell maybe even in his cabinet.

          • Ahh. So you see one logical and thoughtful and non-paranoid comment I make and I’m automatically an “Obama-worshiper.”

            LOL. That’s funny. Yeah, I voted for him, but that hardly makes me a worshiper. In fact, I’m not terribly happy at some of the things he’s recently put on the table to appease the TP idiots in Congress.

            BTW, I’m allergic to coffee. Got my Coke Zero right here, though. But, maybe not for long if they don’t speak out against the oppression in Russia soon, I may be a Pepsi drinker.

            But, you’ll always be a paranoid idiot.

      • Dude you’re full of s*** and you didn’t understand the actual response I went to buy 22 ammo for my dad and stare telling me I need a permit buy ammo does not increase the chances of a person going out killing somebody it’s just done for the revenue of the state

  5. Just like the 1930’s bootleggers will make a fortune. does anybody in there right mind think this law will have any effect what so ever. Ammo will be trucked in by gangs, the MOB, and every two bit thug up and down the eastern seaboard. I know ……lets ban drugs, coke, herion, speed, alcohol sales under 21 years old, Pot, drunk driving, murder, rape, robbery, possession of stolen property, smoking under 18 years old, yes this law will work, The state could use the obama care data base to keep track of ammo sales. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah I can’t stand it, Driving after dark at 16 years old,
    turning on your headlights when it rains, hahahahahahahahahah how stupid, will native americans be exempt from the tax like cigarettes? Will Police be exempt, When I was a cop I would shoot 5000 or 6000 rounds a year to practice. Thats over. this is so funny I peed my pants, lets tax steak knives, if you go to a restaurant everybody eats with their hands or pays a $30.00 steak knife tax as long as your over 21 with a valid ID. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  6. So is it illegal if I go to NY to purchase ammo? I mean, is there a law preventing me from doing that? …They make all of this information sooooooo easy to find

    …complete bull

  7. First $35, then $350, then $3,500, then $35,000 etc! Police and others would be exempt from paying the fee of course. If no one fights this fee at this current level, the price will go up and up! Poor and near to poor will not be able to afford their fee. No ammo, no 2nd amendment right to bear arms! Firearms do not work without ammo. If this is not successfully challenged at this level, they will say this proves they have the authority to do this and to continue raising the “price”!

  8. Why is the second amendment, the only amendment you have to pay for?

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