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5 Best Home Defense Shotguns For 2019

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5 best home defense shotguns

The 5 best home defense shotguns can make ideal weapons because they are easy to control, shoulder-length, and effective.

Protecting your home is a Constitutional right. Now more than ever, people are exercising that right across America. That’s because there has been a rise in gang-related activity throughout the southeast coast of the United States. Due to this rapid growth in violence, the best way to exercise your 2nd Amendment right to protect your family is to get one of the 5 best home defense shotguns for 2019.

Why a shotgun for home defense? Shotguns are:

  • Easy to control
  • Shoulder-length
  • Effective

With 5,000 unaccompanied minors flooding in from Central America, the gang MS-13 has taken these lost souls under the wing. Now, crime has exploded from Northern Virginia all the way up to Boston. Let’s take a look at the 5 best home defense shotguns for 2019.


Mossberg 590A1

What makes the Mossberg 5901 so effective is that it is a military-grade gun. It comes with night-sight, which is ideal for those late night break-ins. You don’t want to accidentally harm your own family which you are trying desperately to protect.

Mossberg does have your family’s protection in mind as it has two extractors on the bolt. Also, the you can fix the ejector by just removing it with a screwdriver. So, there’s no need for a gunsmith.

Ergonomically, this is an easy gun to handle and maneuver around with. The slide release and safety are all within reach of the shooting hand. Shaving those seconds off the time it takes to save your family gets the Mossberg comfortably in the top five home defense shotguns for 2019.


The Classic Remington 870

In terms of sturdiness, the Remington won’t get nicked up and is less likely to become damaged than the Mossberg. This is due to the fact that the Remington is made out of steel. Whereas it’s peer in the top 5 best home defense shotguns for 2019 is crafted out of alloy.

That’s about where Remington’s superiority comes to a screeching halt. This gun only has one extractor. Additionally, the ejector is riveted. So, if it wears out, it’s not an easy fix.


Benelli M3

Okay, so we may have saved the best of the 5 best home-defense shotguns for 2019…for 3rd. The Benelli is a pretty sweet shotgun.  With just the twist of a ring, the Benelli M3 can go from a semi-automatic to a pump action shotgun.

When a troop of gang members are breaking into your home, this is a handy feature. The simplicity of switching back and forth can have a huge impact on your family’s survival from an MS-13 attack.

Benelli M3 is built to last. Moreover, this shotgun can also make for a nice family heirloom to pass down to the same children you have protected.


Hatsan Escort Aimguard

If you are looking for the best bang for your buck, then this is the gun for you from this list of 5 best home defense shotguns for 2019. It’s inexpensive but durable.

What’s nice about the Escort Aimguard is its easy-to-use for all family members. With either a 7+1 20-inch barrel or 5+1 18-inch barrel, it’s easy to maneuver for those with short arms as well.


Mossberg SPX 930

You can’t go wrong with the Mossberg name, as it pops up yet again on the list of 5 best home defense shotguns for 2019. It is an extremely reliable shotgun. Some of its most popular features are the sling swivels and Picatinny rail. These features make it easy to swoop into action and procure your weapon, especially if the MS-13 were to bring their havoc into your neighborhood.

The Mossberg SPX also has a low recoil. This is ideal for a middle of the night attack. If you are still a bit groggy and in a rush, having the kickback under control can help ease the stress of the situation.

Which Of The 5 Best Home Defense Shotguns For 2019 Is For You?

Now that you know what the top 5 best home defense shotguns for 2019 are, which is the best for you? First of all, you need to do your research. Things to take into consideration are:

  • Cost
  • Size
  • Comfort
  • Durability

Everyone’s needs are different. A single mother looking to protect her family needs a different shotgun than a retired man who might use it to go game hunting later. Whichever scenario is yours, you now have the 5 best home defense shotguns of 2019 to choose from.

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What are some additional shotguns for home defense in 2019 that may not have made this list? Let us know in the comments below.


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