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DHS And FBI Say Americans With ‘Large Amounts’ Of Guns Are Potential Terrorists

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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the FBI are warning local law enforcement agencies that individuals possessing “large amounts” of ammo and weapons could be potential terrorists.

A joint agency bulletin urged their law enforcement peers to be on the lookout for Americans with “unusual amounts” of guns, ammunition, explosives, accelerants, or explosive precursor chemicals.

An excerpt from the law enforcement bulletin reads:

The following activities could indicate attempts to stockpile large quantities of weapons or explosive materials for use in an attack. Depending on the context time, location, personal behaviors, and other indicators persons who attempt to acquire explosive materials or precursors should be reported to appropriate authorities. Large quantities of weapons are typically cached in a location such as an individual’s home, storage facility, or vehicle, but can be found attended by the individual, such as in luggage while traveling or unattended, discarded or seemingly discarded, in a public area.

Many preppers as gun enthusiasts would fall under the FBI and DHS’s criteria for a potential terrorist. Recently passed and proposed state laws relating to the purchasing of ammo prompted a flurry or sales. As Off The Grid News reported in September, Maryland residents were buying firearms at a record rate of 1,000 per day in the face of a new gun control law that went into effect in October. Gun rights groups said stocking up while the ammunition is not only still affordable, but also available is simply a common sense move.

How to hide your guns, and other off grid caches…

Thousands and possibly hundreds of thousands of American preppers and general gun owners likely had no idea that stocking up on ammo and buying reloading supplies may have landed them on a terrorist watch list.

The DHS and FBI memo goes on to state that “Constitutional activities” should not be reported or necessitate information-sharing. The bulleting goes on to state that Constitutional actions should be reported if the activities “support the source agency’s suspicion that the behavior observed is not innocent, but rather reasonably indicative of criminal activity associated with terrorism, including evidence of pre-operational planning related to terrorism.”

Of course, buying ammunition and guns is a Second Amendment right and therefore constitutional, making the controversial memo contradictory in nature.

The joint Roll Call Release was sent to private security agencies and public first responders of all types. The suspicious activities descriptions detailed in the memo were derived from standard criteria in the Information Sharing Environment (ISE) Functional Standard for Suspicious Reporting document drafted in 2009. The ISE Functional Standard reportedly governs information collections for the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative – NSI. The NSI is an interagency project which compiles suspicious activity reports from police agencies from throughout the United States.

Exactly when an American’s ammo and gun purchases go from the innocent exercising of Second Amendment rights to potential terrorist activity remains unclear and appears to be quite a subjective process.

The FBI and DHS notice to local police agencies cited the case of Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik as a prime example of the type of folks to watch. Breivik was a mass murderer who reportedly “stockpiled” 12,000 pounds of armor, weapons and “precursors” and hid them in a remote locations before murdering dozens of people in 2011.

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  1. Great idea, glad to hear they are on a watch list. Most of these people stockpiling guns and ammo are afraid the ‘Gubment’ are coming to get them someday. They should be watched

  2. Thomas Jefferson defined tyranny as “that which is legal for the govt is illegal for the citizenry.”

    If they can have guns & unlimited ammo, then we should have it too.

    Those who would disagree are probably too young to know anyone who had lived behind the Iron Curtain or in Nazi Germany. It can happen here very quickly. //

    • #son of liberty

      Not so far off for me. My mom came out of Dachau and is still alive and in her 90’s. My dad came out of Auschwitz. My grandfather insisted that Warsaw was the Paris of Eastern Europe and it would never get that bad, and as a result was shot 20 years before I was born.

      I tell anyone who talks about it that the 2nd Amendment must stay as it is. I would like to believe “it can’t happen here” whatever “it” ends up being. But nothing is forever and I will not assume so.

  3. DAVE I agree troll is mild shes more of a wench

  4. Alrighty then! We can all agree: Roxie = troll.
    What about the important part:
    Exactly when an American’s ammo and gun purchases go from the innocent exercising of Second
    Amendment rights to potential terrorist activity remains unclear and appears to be quite a
    subjective process.

    What about that? What to do? Ideas? Suggestions? Or more Roxy?

    • Brian, first go speak to your local police dept. get to know them. Then join oath keepers of America. Then go back to your local PD and urge them to join oath keepers. Oath keepers is not a militia. It is just veteran military and law enforcement that will honor their oath to the Constitution NO MATTER WHAT. If the federal government does not have an army they can’t confiscate your 2nd amendment stuff or your rights. It’s the 2nd amendment that insures ALL other rights in the country.

    • Brian I agree with your question. What amount is normal or not normal? Who’s to make that decision? How many rounds purchased would raise flags, a hundred a week, a hundred a year or a single purchase of a thousand rounds for two years of shooting? I’m not too worried personally because I reload and buy all my ammo as components and pay cash (no receipts) for as much as possible. I do as little as possible on credit card which leaves a paper trail that a 6th grader could follow.

  5. They will try to take our guns rest assured, thru incrementalism, they will pass laws and turn law abiding citizens into enemy combatants or homeland terrorist. Any one who resist will be deemed a threat and their homes will be swat raided and guns and ammo and property confiscated and be put in FEMA camps. Its not the govbment I fear, Its the Zombies!…

  6. Those idiots in DC aren’t going to tell me how many rounds I can have.

  7. Thanks for informing about the Oathkeepers.
    I just signed up as an oathkeeper.
    10 year US Navy veteran. I love my country.
    I fear and loathe my government.

  8. You might be a terrorist if….
    You are an evangelist
    Youi home school
    You believe in the Constitution
    You call yourself a patriot
    You are a member of the John Birch Society
    Etc…etc…ini essences if you are a common sense conservative…..

    Please look the other way while the government buys 1billion plus rounds of illegal to use hollowpoint ammunition for itself. And uses depleted uranium in its weaponry and the EPA doesn’t even squeak up about that, or the heavy metal pollution of their weather experiments.
    Radiation and germ warfare experimentation on its own citizens, the syphilis experiments of Tuskegee black men only the tip of the barrel, most recently the Feds gave the defense dept permission to test EMP and other electromagnetic radiation experimentation in the states of Oregon and Washington, and people suspect the same may be causing the massive fires in Calif. And then theres the CIA planned and caused false flags, of which they were exposed, redhanded with that attempted mass murder of patrons of the Florida homosexual club… MKULTRA ,MONARCH…
    Just WHO are the terrorists here, hint…its not Joe Sixpack, or the rednecks target practicing on their beer bottles.

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