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Staples In Crosshairs Of Anti-Gun Group After Starbucks Caves

staples target of anti-gun group

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Gun control advocates are planning to target Staples, after having what they deemed a success anti-open carry and concealed carry campaign against Starbucks.

As previously reported by Off The Grid News, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz penned an open letter to customers requesting they no longer bring firearms into their restaurant chain. Until the letter was issued, the coffee giant had not taken a public stand on Second Amendment rights issues, leaving carrying policies up to individual locations and existing state law.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a group formed in the wake of the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, is behind the efforts to convince businesses to thwart the concealed carry and open carry of guns in their establishments.

“We’re moving on from Starbucks to Staples,” said Shannon Watts, founder of the gun control group. “Last month there was an accidental shooting at a Staples in North Carolina, and there have been other incidents of gun violence inside stores. Staples allows individuals stores to prohibit guns, but there is no explicit corporate policy banning firearms.”

Staples likely lost many Second Amendment supporters as customers when the company prohibited a gun store from participating in a small business contest earlier this year. There were calls for a boycott after the anti-gun nature of the contest policy became public.

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The shooting at Staples involved a female gun owner shooting herself in the hand when she moved quickly to get her toddler’s hand out of her purse. The incident should serve as a stark reminder for gun owners to know how their safety works and to be aware of purse closures and children at all times. The avoidable incident should not serve as an accurate example of the diligence the vast majority of gun owners take when either openly carrying a weapon or concealing a firearm.

A fairly lengthy online search for similar incidents as noted by the gun control advocate came up empty. Perhaps Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America should turn their attention elsewhere, to situations where crime truly is taking place.

As is often cited, Chicago has some of the most stringent gun control laws in America – and some of the highest violent crime rates. The failure to secure a firearm and a resulting minor wound at a single Staples store does in no way compare with the amount of blood flowing because of gang-related violence.

Shannon Watts said her organization will look at other businesses, too.

“Obviously there are other companies we continue to target for pressure campaigns, including Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Cabela’s,” she said. “But they sell assault weapons. Companies like Staples should know better than to allow loaded guns inside their stores.” Watts Watts also claimed that more than 30 states allow citizens to legally buy and carry loaded weapons with no screening or training.” But that is false. According to the most recent state gun laws information available, only two states have such a policy. All other states where either open carry or concealed carry is permitted require at least two or more of the following: background check, training course, recertification, law enforcement approval.

When law-abiding citizens are not permitted to take a loaded gun into a store or public place, only the criminals with a desire to rob, rape or terrorize will be armed. We should feel far safer when shopping or attending an event knowing that trained gun owners are also locked, loaded, and present in the crowed. Gun-free zones do nothing more than put a target on the backs of our loved ones.

Will you continue to patronize Staples if the stores alter their open carry or concealed carry policies?

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  1. Let’s be honest: if I’m carrying concealed, there is nothing these businesses can do to stop me, short of frisking me or making me walk through a metal detector. I won’t stop going to Starbucks or Staples… and I won’t stop carrying.

  2. Funny thing, I just went to the Moms Demand Action website and found something pretty fundamental missing. They have a donate page. A subscribe page. Several let us send out emails to legislators on your behalf page. They DO NOT have a contact us page. Guess they don’t realy care what anyone thinks, unless they are dictating those thoughts.

    I had wanted to tell them that had there been armed teachers at Sandy Hook, some of those brave educators that died in an effort to protect their students might have been able to actually do something other than die bravely and selflessly, yet in vain. Had there been an armed movie goer in Aurora, things might have gone differently as well.

    Armed lunatics seek out places where they will have the only weapons, they are not interested in a fight, they want a turkey shoot. Moms Demand Action is trying to make the world less safe for children and other innocents, perhaps they are mass murderers trying to expand their territory? Maybe not, but they certainly don’t care what anyone else thinks or has to say. Why would they? they are rabid progressive totalitarians, and they know what is best for all of us.

  3. Shannon should just stay home and bake some cookies, I’ve been a firearms instructor since 1994 and have never seen a person lay a firearm next their coffee and scone…I would say that is a wholly staged photo. What is hyprocracy is that many frothing anti-gun-zealots let their kids drop off into the electronic abyss with iPhone, i pads, and violent video gaming. They usually think nothing about buying their kids toy guns and watch rap music which is known to degrade women and promote the drug/gang culture. Maybe she should go to a rape support group meeting and see what it is like for women who have been targets of violence, obviously she has not and good for her but it does happen and folks should be able to include those items they are lawfully authorized to include in their personal protection plan.

  4. Hey, Nick! The firearm in the picture is not even a Glock! And, you are correct in your opinion that this is a staged photo. That small fact proves it. IF she knew what a Glock looks like, then she was wrong in the firearm identification. I’d be glad to bet good money that she didn’t take a picture of some guy sitting there with his gun on the table to begin with. Why would someone even do such a thing?

    Besides that, if she is just waking up to the fact that people are armed, on the streets, in the coffee shops, office supply stores, shopping malls, even churches, then she has a lot to learn about the realities of life. Maybe she’s still in shock from finding out what causes babies.

  5. GoDaddy lists the administrative contact for is – [email protected]

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