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Movement Grows To Ban Gun Use In Your Home

Image source: LA Times

Image source: LA Times

All handguns in Los Angeles homes will have to be locked up or disabled with a trigger lock under a new ordinance unanimously approved by the city council this week. A similar proposal already is law in San Francisco, and other cities across American are considering such laws.

Even retired L.A. police officers would have to secure their guns or face six months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000, reported.

“Los Angeles will become the largest city in ‪California to require all handgun owners in the city to store their handguns in a locked container or disable them with a trigger lock when kept in their home,” the ordinance’s author, city councilman Paul Krekorian, said in a press release.

The city council’s approval of the measure is part of a new nationwide push for stricter gun control on the local level, The Los Angeles Times reported. Krekorian hopes the ordinance will inspire cities across the country to adopt similar laws.

Such local action is “is the biggest change in the gun control movement in a generation,” UCLA Law School professor Adam Winkler, an expert on gun laws, told The Los Angeles Times.

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“The gun control movement has been re-energized in a way that it hasn’t been in several decades,” Winkler said.

Recent news stories seem to prove Winkler’s thesis.

Gun control groups in Colorado are already calling for such a law in that state.

“Recent statistics show more than 40 percent of gun-owning households with children store their guns unlocked,” former Colorado state senator and gun control advocate Pat Pascoe told a Colorado TV station. “Well, that’s irresponsible, I think.”

What the Los Angeles Ordinance Means

The ordinance still has not been given final approval, as the L.A. city attorney is drafting the language, The LA Times reported. Once it is written, the ordinance would have to be approved by the council.

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burglar2The law would make it a misdemeanor to store a handgun outside a locked container without a trigger lock. In California, a misdemeanor is punishable by a $1,000 fine or up to six months in jail.

Police would not conduct home inspections to see how guns are stored, Krekorian said. Instead, officers would enforce the law if they came to a home for another reason.

The union for L.A.’s cops — the Police Protective League — objects to the ordinance because it does not provide an exemption for retired officers with concealed carry permits, The Times reported. City Attorney Mike Feuer is considering adding such an exemption to the ordinance.

In Sunnyvale, California, which has had such an ordinance on the books since 2013, no one has yet to be prosecuted for improperly storing a gun.

In a dissent earlier this year, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas criticized such laws. He was referencing the Supreme Court’s refusal to consider a lawsuit against the San Francisco law.

“In an emergency situation, the delay imposed by this law could prevent San Francisco residents from using their handguns for the lawful purpose of self-defense,” Thomas wrote. “And that delay could easily be the difference between life and death.”

Thomas added, “The law thus burdens their right to self-defense at the times they are most vulnerable – when they are sleeping, bathing, changing clothes, or otherwise indisposed. There is consequently no question that San Francisco’s law burdens the core of the Second Amendment right.”

Would you support such a law? Why or why not? Share your views in the section below:

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  1. “It is the duty of the courts to be watchful for the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of the
    citizen, against any stealthy encroachments thereon.” Boyd v. U.S., 116 US 616, 635, (1885)

    “Judges may be punished criminally for willful deprivation of…rights on the strength of 18
    usc 242.” Imbler v. Pachtman, US 47 L Ed 2d 128, 96 S Ct

    “Judges have no immunity from prosecution for their judicial acts.” Bradley v. Fisher, US 13 Wall 335(1871)

    “Governmental immunity is not a defense under (42 USC 1983) making liable every person who under color of state law deprives another person of his civil rights.” Westberry v. Fisher, DC Me. 309 F Sup 95(1970)

    “A conviction under an unconstitutional law is…illegal and void and cannot be a legal cause of imprisonment; the courts must liberate a person imprisoned under it…one imprisoned…may be discharged by the writ of ‘Habeas Corpus’.” (16 Am Jur Sec 150)

  2. How would such a law square with a concealed carry permit? I am not California resident, thank God, but if this kind of infringement is allowed in California, mightn’t other jurisdictions try the same thing? Keep close track of your own state assemblies and do your best to nip such overreach in the bud.

    • Just wondering the same, As a CCW holder, I carry when going to San Francisco, especially since its a very dangerous sanctuary city.. the onlly law I can find regarding carrying in that place is they don’t allow hollow points.. which in itself is rediculous

    • TheSouthernNationalist

      If the elected clowns in your town try to pass nonsense laws such as this, then vote them out!
      Or better yet, do a recall vote and throw them out!

  3. Will the home invaders have a lock on their gun?
    Is this the state where the Senator was anti-gun, but was busted for smuggling Ak47 guns into San Francisco?

    • The Constitution,to my limited political knowledge,has been in effect all of my 62 years of life,by God’s grace. These are stupid laws,as John says,criminals will be armed to harm or kill. Obama has attacked this country that he so envies for her Liberty,Freedom,and Pursuit of Happiness. He is communist and wishes for total control. That is not what Americans voted for. The 2nd Amendment protects me!!

  4. Smart Americans are few

    I heard there was a mad rush on gun locks when the gangs heard about this new law, they were all insistant that they get the locks on as soon as possible. Also the ex cops were worried that THEIR rights were being trampled as if they were normal people and insisted on an exemption, as they are much more important than the average American slaves. “Now go to work, shut up and, pay rour debt. slave taxes you ungrateful sloths”……And this is how they feel about you and your families safety…you are expendable to the corporation know as The United States inc.

  5. I will not comply, I will not obey

  6. sweet! i’m heading to California! be back in a few days with all the TVs, jewelry and electronics i can possibly carry. yard sale at my house in 2 weeks! when guns are illegal, only criminals will have guns. it’s simple logic.

  7. U.S. Constitution > SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED, WHAT PART OF THAT IS NOT CLEAR ? L.A. is going against the laws of the USA. Marble-headed people will not learn when they are being shot and killed when they try to get their locked up guns out in time…it will be too late. California has NO AUTHORITY in taking away the people’s freedoms under the Constitution. STAND UP FOR YOUR AMERICAN FREEDOMS PEOPLE !!!

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