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3 Vegetables To Keep You Healthy This Winter

garlic health

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Eat healthy now so that when colds, flu and other common winter illnesses are prevalent, you and your family will have strong immune systems and not contract illnesses.

Here are three suggestions:

1. Garlic

Stories abound about people of long ago wearing garlic necklaces to ward off vampires and illness. I don’t know about vampires, but historical uses and modern research validate garlic’s disease-fighting powers.

It is one of the best herbal foods on the planet. I think that garlic should be consumed at least once daily. In the case of garlic, more is better.

I use it when preparing tinctures which enhance the health of the immune system. It fights all kinds of infections. I find it helpful for respiratory and urinary tract infections, when eaten or consumed medicinally.

Garlic destroys bacteria when applied to infected wounds and creates an environment which allows healthy tissue to grow. Garlic has not been called “Russian penicillin” for no reason. If using garlic topically to treat a wound, it may sting, so I do not use it directly on wounds which are large or for children and the elderly. I have used it to heal antibiotic-resistant infections of people with diabetes who are notorious poor wound healers.

In addition to garlic’s ability to fight infection, it offers a multitude of other health benefits for the entire body. It lowers unhealthy cholesterol levels while increasing levels of “good “cholesterol. Garlic reduces high blood pressure and keeps the blood vessels healthy. It can prevent the formation of deadly blood clots. Garlic is involved with hormone production and can help to boost feelings of wellbeing. This is especially important as days grow shorter and exposure to sunlight is reduced. You can even use garlic to rid the body of parasites such as pinworms.

Cooking reduces the healing benefits of garlic, so be sure to just cook it lightly or eat it raw for maximum healing power.

Garlic is a powerful member of the onion family. The entire family has similar benefits, but garlic is the most potent.

Check with your health care provider before using garlic medicinally if you are on blood thinners.

Superfood provides more nutrients than the average American meal!

2. Horseradish

The scientific name for horseradish is “Armoracia rusticana,” which sounds to me like rustic armor. That is exactly what horseradish is: a rustic plant which provides protection against multiple ills.

Use horseradish regularly as a condiment and your sinuses will be clear!

The use of horseradish for healing is an ancient practice. It is another herb that I add to my immunity tinctures. Horseradish warms the entire body. It enhances the circulation and tones the lungs. There is not a system of the body which is not aided by eating horseradish. Horseradish helps the organs of detoxification, such as the liver, bowels, kidneys and skin function optimally. For the body to resist infections, especially during winter months, every part must be functioning well. The rustic armor, horseradish, ensures that the entire body is prepared to fight and remain strong during the winter months.

Horseradish is a source of vitamin C and many minerals. The antioxidants in horseradish prevent disease, and promote longevity. Horseradish contains compounds which fight depression and cancer.

It prevents congestion and stagnation of tissues. This is important because congested stagnant tissues are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and viruses to grow in. Horseradish kills microorganisms which cause illness.

I particularly like to use horseradish to prevent and treat urinary tract and respiratory infections.  Since horseradish induces sweating, it is an excellent herbal food to consume if fever is present as it reduces fevers.

3. Mushrooms

Ordinary button mushrooms offer some healing benefits and are tasty additions to meals, but for the most-potent healing benefits use a wide variety of mushrooms. Fortunately, many natural food and even large grocery stores carry several types of mushrooms. Try growing your own on a log or in a kit. Dried mushrooms retain some of their healing powers too.

Among the most powerful mushrooms are the shitakes. They are powerful inhibitors of viruses. Viruses are responsible for colds, flu, bronchitis, and many other fall and winter illnesses. Research has shown that shitakes are effective against the herpes virus type 1.

Shitakes are packed with other health benefits, too. They lower levels of unhealthy blood fats including “bad “cholesterol and triglycerides. The mushrooms are used in the treatment of cancer and hepatitis. By consuming shitake mushrooms, patients who have cancer have actually had a reduction in the size of their tumors! They can even prolong the survival time of patients who have cancer. If they can actually fight cancer which has been diagnosed, I believe that they should be an essential part of everyone’s daily wellness program. Plus they taste so good!

Other mushrooms are healthy, too. Chanterelles are delicious and prevent the growth of cancerous tumors. They help to prevent dry skin, as well. Oyster mushrooms relieve muscle tension, prevent tumor growth, and lower cholesterol levels.

Now is the time to prepare for a healthy winter. Enjoy these delicious foods in your diet on a regular basis and you may discover that you and your family are less susceptible to common fall and winter illnesses. In addition, you will have the pleasure of enjoying meals packed with flavor without the addition of many calories.

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