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The Seven Minute Pain Solution

Off-The-Grid Pain Solution

Many Americans continue to look for the perfect alternative pain solution.

You can’t survive without pain.  That might sound surprising, but the truth is, pain alerts you when you are overstressing a specific part of your body.  It also indicates a potentially chronic condition that will keep reoccurring over time. Pain could definitely represent an acute condition as well which still needs to be dealt with. Both situations require a pain solution.

Fortunately, we’re left with some great alternatives including one fascinating pain solution. These off-the-grid options do not require prescription drugs which often have some terrible side effects. One favorite fix for pain is power that is electrostatic in nature. And, believe it or not, static electricity, the very same kind you experience with a shock when you touch an object in a cold, dry environment, can be used to relieve a lot of suffering and pain. Allow me to explain.


Maintaining Cellular Balance To Maximize Your Pain Solution

Every single living cell within your body has both a positive and negative charge. It is the balance of these charges that lead to a state of wellness. An imbalance, on the other hand, leads to degradation, malfunction and varying levels of disease. You may have heard that the cells are more alkaline if an area of your body has a negative charge. Usually, less blood flowing to the area of concern also means a lower temperature in that area.

Conversely, when an area of the body has a positive charge, the cause is usually cellular hyperactivity. Excess tissue acids, along with inflammation, swelling, warmth, and pain accompany this over-activity. To help reverse these problems, you will need to present additional negatively charged particles (electrons) to the area.

Natural And Effective Pain Solution


Creating Your Own Electrostatic Treatment Hack

One of the easiest ways to create a significant amount of usable negative “healing” electrons is using polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plumbing pipe and a small piece of fuzzy material. You can purchase PVC pipe from a building supply firm, any home improvement store, or online I suppose.  All you need is one to two feet of 1 1/2-inch pipe. By the way, at this length, its usually considered to be scrap. One of the best choices for the fuzzy material is the somewhat wild-looking polyester fake fur that can be found in fabric and craft stores.

To make a pain relief charge, take the PVC pipe in one hand and rub the piece of fuzzy material back and forth across it. For best results, move the charged PVC pipe slowly back and forth over the area, keeping it from the surface of your skin.

Important: By rubbing the PVC against the material, you recharge the pipe. If you happen to touch the pipe against your skin, you won’t get fried. However, you will have to “reload” the PVC from time to time.

Repeat the procedure until you feel relief.

The results can be quite dramatic. In fact, many folks begin to feel better within seven minutes. (Some even sooner.) That said, there is no set time period for treating a problem area. Sometimes it’s 15-20 minutes.

Bottom line: stubborn areas may take longer.  It took me almost an hour to get rid of a migraine one time.

What do you use for natural pain solutions?

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