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The Essential Oil That Heals, Cleans And Chases Away Bugs, Too

Image source: Linkedin

Image source: Linkedin

Orange essential oil has a pungent citrusy smell that you can easily recognize from anywhere, and its bitter sweet notes have a freshness that is felt immediately.

The essential oil is derived from the skin of the orange. In aromatherapy, orange oil is recognized as having a warm and soothing, but at the same time invigorating, effect. Several medicinal properties are also attributed to it. Many essential oils are made by distillation, but not orange oil. Look for cold-pressed oil, which is certified as organic, especially if you are considering it for therapeutic and culinary uses.

Here are some ways to enjoy orange essential oil’s benefits:

1. Use orange oil to freshen up your mind and body

Orange essential oil has anti-depressive properties. A whiff of the orangey aroma is often all we need to perk up instantly. When your moods are skimming the bottom or when you feel extremely tired and dowdy, have a warm bath with 5 to 10 drops of the essential oil of orange added to the bath water. You can use 2-3 drops of the oil in a diffuser, too, and keep it beside you to relieve chronic fatigue syndrome or seasonal affective disorder. Burning an orange oil aroma candle on your desk will enhance creativity and keep you alert while doing your work.

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2. Use it to detoxify your system

Orange oil is a cholagogue, promoting glandular secretions, such as bile and other digestive enzymes. The glands will get primed, and the increased drainage will help clean up the system. Orange oil also has a diuretic effect. Copious production of urine washes out the kidneys and urinary bladder, clearing off blockages and infections. Flushing out of the toxic salts and uric acid can reduce water retention.

3. Relieve inflammations

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This essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties that have been utilized to treat a variety of inflammatory conditions. When your muscles or joints are sore, rub a few drops of orange oil on the affected area. The oil acts by increasing blood flow to that area, promoting tissue repair and healing. Swellings resulting from inflammations are reduced by facilitating better drainage through the lymph vessels.

If you have sensitive skin, first mix orange oil with a carrier oil such as almond oil before using it full strength.

4. Use it as an insect repellant

Limonene, particularly the D-limonene in orange oil, is the effective agent that has the insect-repelling action. Dab a few drops of orange oil around entry points of insects such as doorways and windows. Keep cotton balls spiked with orange oil inside cupboards and other storage areas where these critters may hide.

You do a favor to yourself and to the environment when you use orange oil instead of harmful chemical insecticides to eradicate pests. The naturally pleasant smell of the oil will keep these areas smelling good, too.

5. Use it as a digestive aid

Massaging the abdomen and lower back with a mixture of orange oil and a carrier oil will improve digestion and promote regularity. A drop of orange oil in a cup of warm water can be taken to relieve stomach ache and bloating due to gas formation in the stomach.

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While the bitter taste of the oil may prevent its accidental ingestion in large enough quantities to cause toxicity, it should be stored with correct labeling, and away from places children can access.

6. Refreshen your home

Orange pomanders, with cloves embedded in their skin, once were a staple Christmas decoration. They were hung in doorways and halls to refresh the air with the sweet notes of orange and the spiciness of cloves, a great aromatherapy combination.

A quicker alternative would be spraying a few bursts of orange oil mixed in plain water. This is a great way to instantly “wake up” a house that has been kept locked for several days while you were away holidaying.

Keep a few cotton balls or tissue papers dampened with orange oil in drawers that are not frequently opened. The refreshing fragrance will hit you, instead of musty smells, when you open them next.

7. Use it as an oral antiseptic

The effectiveness of orange oil in relieving a sore throat is well-known. Use a single drop of the essential oil added to a cup of warm water to make a good gargle. While the microbial growth is inhibited by the antiseptic action of the oil, its anti-inflammatory property relieves pain and swelling.

Being non-toxic in small quantities, this essential oil can be safely used for oral hygiene on a regular basis. Frequent use of a mouthwash of orange oil in plain water can prevent mouth ulcers and heal existing ones.

8. Use orange oil as a skin cleanser

This oil has a cleansing effect that is useful for keeping the skin clean and fresh. It can increase blood flow to the surface layers of the skin and promote lymphatic drainage. The antiseptic property comes in handy when treating acne.

When removing make-up from the face, if you add a drop of orange oil to the wet cotton swab, you’ll get more effective cleaning. It will remove excess skin oils and prevent acne, too. Orange oil can be rubbed on dry patches on the skin to soften them. It also can soothe areas affected by psoriasis.

9. Relieve blocked nose and chest congestion

It is a great companion to have with you during the flu season. To relieve a blocked nose and promote the easy elimination of mucus, add just two drops to the steam inhaler. If there is chest congestion due to the accumulation of phlegm that is too thick to be coughed up, orange oil can help. Since it is too strong, and can burn tender skin, mix one or two drops into a suitable carrier oil and apply it on the chest.

Precautions while using orange essential oil

Never forget that essential oils are highly concentrated, nearly 100 percent pure essences that are extremely potent. Great caution should be exercised while handling them. The adage “too much of a good thing is a bad thing” is all the more true in the case of essential oils, including orange oil.

Orange oil is known for its photo toxicity, too. Take care not to use it on the skin when going out in the sun. Pregnant women and people with certain medical conditions such as cancer, epilepsy or hepatic diseases should avoid using essential oils, including orange oil.

What are your other uses of orange essential oil? Leave your reply in the section below:

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