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The Surprising Healing Power Of Fall Vegetables

The Surprising Healing Power Of Fall Vegetables

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There is no doubt that autumn vegetables are versatile and delicious. Many autumn vegetables store well, so you can take advantage of low seasonal prices and keep them for months in a cool, dark place such as a root cellar.

They’re also very good for you.

Some of the most flavorful fall vegetables are in the orange or yellow vegetable family. Yellow- and orange-colored veggies such as sweet potatoes, yams, winter squash, yellow beets, rutabagas, carrots and pumpkins are packed with vitamin A, carotenoids including beta carotene, and fiber.

You have probably heard that vitamin A is good for your eyes. The nutrients in yellow and orange fall vegetables prevent eye problems and improve night vision. In your body, carotenoids convert to healthy vitamin A. Vitamin A protects the health of your skin and is an anti-aging nutrient. It also can enhance the function of your immune system and is believed to work to prevent and slow the development of cancerous cells.

Nutrients in yellow and orange fall vegetables are potent antioxidants. They protect your body against toxins in the environment.

Orange and yellow vegetables support the health of your entire body. They help to heal ulcers and irritation in the gastrointestinal system. This has far-reaching benefits. Your gastrointestinal system’s ability to break down foods, absorb nutrients and rid your body of toxins directly impacts the amount and quality of compounds available for cellular regeneration.

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If you take cholesterol-reducing medications, laxatives, birth control pills, antibiotics or steroidal medicines, you need to consume plenty of orange and yellow vegetables. These types of medications reduce your body’s ability to absorb vitamin A and other nutrients. Other substances which interfere with your body’s ability to absorb and utilize vitamin A include pollutants, alcohol, mineral oil and coffee. Ensure that you get enough vitamin A by consuming at least two servings of orange-colored vegetables every day.

Natural Vitamin A From Vegetables is Superior

You may have heard that too much vitamin A is toxic. Synthetic forms can be harmful, but the natural form contained within orange and yellow vegetables is healthy and safe. Pureed orange vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, carrots or winter squash, are also among the finest first foods for babies.

Ripe Pumpkins in a FieldDon’t throw away the seeds of winter squash and pumpkins. They can be cleaned and toasted. Pumpkin seeds are larger and easier to eat, however squash seeds offer similar benefits and taste. Squash and pumpkin seeds contain protein and ample amounts of natural fiber. They help to regulate bowel elimination.

The seeds are outstanding sources of zinc, as well. Health experts recommend taking zinc at the very first sign of viral illnesses, such as colds or flu, because it shortens and weakens the intensity of viral ills. Make sure that you always have plenty of safe, natural zinc in your system by eating pumpkin or squash seeds regularly. The zinc from pumpkin seeds helps to prevent enlargement of the prostate gland in men. Pumpkin seeds contain cancer-fighting compounds and are a great source of phyto-sterols, which support hormone balance naturally.

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Eat approximately one-fourth of a cup of pumpkin seeds daily. Eat the seeds by themselves or blend them into healthy breakfast bars or granola. Grind them and use the seeds as toppings on fall casseroles.

The Many Benefits of Fiber From Orange Vegetables

Fiber from yellow and orange vegetables doesn’t just make it easier to have regular, soft bowel movements. It improves your metabolic rate, too. This means that you may feel more energetic during the day and sleep better at night. A healthy metabolic rate makes achieving and maintaining a healthy weight easier.

You can lower levels of unhealthy cholesterol by eating a diet that is rich in fiber. Fiber binds to excess cholesterol and facilitates its removal from your body. This can reduce your likelihood of suffering from heart and blood vessel illnesses and stroke.

Fiber helps rid the body of excess estrogen. Women’s bodies produce three types of estrogen. When estrogen levels become imbalanced – especially in relationship to progesterone – breast cancer, menstrual difficulties, infertility and endometriosis may develop. The fiber and other nutrients contained in yellow and orange vegetables support the health of women’s reproductive tracts.

Detoxify Inside and out With Pumpkin

Your body produces toxins as it performs its metabolic chores. We live in a polluted world and fiber from orange fruits and vegetables inactivates the toxins and aids their elimination. Your skin may look and feel better as a result. While you need to eat orange vegetables to gain the purifying benefits of fiber, you can mash up cooked, cooled pumpkin and apply it to your face as a detoxifying mask.

Recipes abound for pumpkin pie, squash ravioli and glazed carrots. The bright flavors and colors of yellow and orange vegetables are a delightful and nutritious aspect of this beautiful season. So take advantage of these fine fruits and vegetables while they are at their peak.

What are your favorite fall vegetables? What are other ways you use them? Share your tips in the section below:

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