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4th Of July DUI Checkpoint Calls Constitution Into Question

4th of july dui checkpoint

image YouTube screenshot

A 4th of July DUI checkpoint video has gone viral. Chris Kalbaugh feels that his Constitutional rights were violated when he was detained without due cause and ultimately had his vehicle searched. Kalbaugh, a 21-year-old Libertarian from Tennessee, was entirely sober and according to the 4th of July DUI checkpoint viral video footage, was respectful to Deputy A.J. Ross throughout the ordeal.

DUI checkpoints have been around for several decades, yet have rarely (if ever) faced legal challenges over Constitutionality. Chris Kalbaugh was asked his age and to produce photo identification after he refused to roll his window all the way down. Kalbaugh maintains he followed the law by stopping and had his car window cracked enough so that he and the Tennessee deputy could converse easily.

Check back with Off The Grid News for a full report on the 4th of July DUI checkpoint incident. Do you think sobriety checkpoints violate the Constitution?

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