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Barack Obama: The GMO President


Liberals are shocked that President Barack Obama has abandoned them in the fight to keep our food supply GMO free. President Obama’s Monsanto buddy persona may just now be making headlines, but the transformation was not an overnight happening. Monsanto executives were appointed to agriculture boards long before the GMO legislation was even drafted.

The Monsanto company is the largest producer of GMO seeds in the world. The Monsanto Protection Act was a biotech rider attached to HR 933, a house spending bill. The legislation which approved the growing, harvesting, and selling of GMO crops carried the president’s signature.

Strong opposition to the bill by organic groups, food activists, and farmers made apparently no difference to President Obama when he took pen in hand and signed on the dotted line. Even the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was unhappy about the president opting to sign-off on the GMO legislation. The National Farmers Union, Nature’s Path, and Stonyfield Farms also joined in the battle to stop President Obama’s pen.

Stonyfield Farms had this to say about why President Obama and Congress should not support the Monsanto rider:

“Even if the courts find that a genetically engineered crop shouldn’t be planted until more research is done about its safety, no one could stop that crop from being planted, even temporarily. This provision clearly tells us that Congress thinks public health and safety should take a back seat to the expansion of GE crops.”

Food Democracy, an organic and healthy food organization, collected more than 250,000 signatures against the Monsanto Protection Act. Folks who signed the petition reportedly had concerns over “back room” deals which will negatively impact farmers and the health of Americans.

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Senator John Tester had this to say to Politico about the impact of the Monsanto Protection Act:

“These provisions are giveaways, pure and simple, and will be a boon worth millions of dollars to a handful of the biggest corporations in this country.”

Center for Food Safety Executive Director Andrew Kimbrell also accused the Monsanto Protection Act of being a “hidden back room deal.” President Obama never publicly addressed claims that Senate Appropriations Chairwoman Barbara Mikulski permitted the biotech rider to be added to HR 933 without a proper hearing. Mikulski ultimately released a statement claiming the Monsanto Protection Act was attached to the bill before she became the chairwoman. The note also maintained that she does not support the GMO provision.

When campaigning for his first term in office, Barack Obama promised a cheering Iowa crowd that Americans had a right to know what went into their food and noted his support of naturally grown produce. Not long after the applause had faded, President Obama began filling key federal posts with Monsanto staffers. Once these GMO believers were in positions of power in the FDA and USDA, the fate of organic crops began to look very bleak.

The USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture director, Roger Beachy, is also the former Monsanto Danforth Center. Michael Taylor, the former public policy vice president at Monsanto, is now the deputy commissioner of the FDA. Taylor, while serving as the food safety czar at the FDA, was in a perfect position to pave the way for the Monsanto Protection Act legislation.

All the time Michelle and Barack Obama were touting the benefits of organic food and growing crops naturally on the White House lawn, his pals from Monsanto were busy making sure Americans were going to have dinner plates filled with genetically modified produce.

USDA Commissioner Tom Vilsach received the Governor of the Year Award when holding the top state post in Iowa. The award is presented by the Biotechnology Industry Organization. The group is comprised by a significant number of Monsanto staffers. The new USDA counsel, Ramon Romero, was also the corporate counsel for DuPont, yet another GMO-loving company.

When the Monsanto v. Geertson seed litigation case was heard in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, Elena Kagan was one of the justices deciding the case, despite the fact that she, as solicitor general for the United States in her previous career, had argued for Monsanto in their case about GM alfalfa before the Supreme Court. President Obama appointed Kagan to the high court.

Perhaps if liberals turned off MSNBC once in a while, they would become more informed about the news of the day and have a broader grasp of what their hero is up to. The Monsanto Protection Act did not just suddenly materialize out of thin air—all the pieces necessary for passage were put firmly into place well in advance.

The Monsanto Protection Act was not the first GMO-friendly decision made since President Obama took the oath of office. GMO crops which have been given a green light under the Democrat leader include: Monsanto GMO sugar beets, Monsanto GMO alfalfa, Monsanto GMO Bt. Soybeans, Syngenta GMO corn for ethanol, Syngenta GMO stacked corn, Pioneer GMO soybeans, Syngenta GMO Bt. Cotton, GMO papaya strain, GMO cotton, ATryrn – an anti-clotting agent derived from transgenic goat’s milk. Add to that GMO crops awaiting final approval, which includes GMO Monsanto sweet corn, GMO apples, and genetically engineered salmon.

Exactly why liberals are stunned about President Obama’s willingness to say one thing yet do another is difficult to understand. He has done precisely that for the majority of his term in office. He is not a man of conviction—he is just merely another in a long line of career politicians who are more concerned about voting polls.

Barack Obama has no experience working in a real world scenario and has proven once again that he does not understand the impact of legislation on small businesses. President Obama must have the least amount of experience of any man who has ever sat behind the Resolute desk. The Monsanto Protection Act could very well cripple family farms due to lawsuits by the biotech giant over seed usage and pollination issues.

The fact that some of Barack Obama’s deep-pocket supporters hold shares in Monsanto makes even his early campaign comment in Iowa seem disingenuous.  In 2010, George Soros bought 500,000 shares in Monsanto. Bill Gates reportedly purchased 900,000 worth of shares in the biotech company. Both men stumped heavily for Obama during both runs for the Oval Office. Goldman Sachs, the president’s top campaign donor, also reportedly buys and sells copious amounts of GMO crop commodity contracts.

Taking all of this into consideration, I do not believe the president’s views on GMOs simply evolved over the past several years. Barack Obama is the GMO president. At this point, the president should just go ahead and embrace the label. The only way the man can still think he is a champion of organic crops and transparent initiatives is if he actually believes his own hype. When even the far left is starting to tip over their cups of Kool-Aid, the president has lost all relevancy.


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