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Family Says Police ‘Executed’ DC Chase Victim

dc chase shooting

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Miriam Carey’s sisters think the Washington, DC police basically “executed” their sibling after she rammed her car into a gate on Capitol Hill.

During an interview with Megyn Kelly of Fox News, Carey’s family stated that the young woman suffered from “postpartum depression with psychosis” after the birth of her little girl.

The Washington, DC car chase suspect never appeared mentally disturbed or unstable, according to her relatives, who question why deadly force was used against a young mother. An eyewitness to the shooting claims that the child was removed from the car before shots were fired.

Her sister, Amy Carey-Jones, said, “That sounds like an execution to me. The car was contained, why was she still shot?” Any discussions between officers and the suspect, or violent threats possibly made by the woman, remain unknown. The sister noted during the interview that all of the footage shown on the news is from the moments prior to the shooting and the family wants to know what occurred “from point A to point B” which led up to the fatal altercation.

Last year Miriam Carey’s boyfriend allegedly called the local law enforcement agency twice to report that the mother of his child was behaving irrationally and placing the daughter in danger. According to the boyfriend, the 34-year-old Connecticut woman who slammed into the gate on Capitol Hill told the officers that President Obama had ordered her apartment to be “electronically monitored” and placed her city on lockdown.

Carey was taken for a mental health evaluation after the encounter with Connecticut police officers last year, CBS News reported. The type of treatment, if any, she received is unknown and she was not charged with any crime. Since she did not make a threat against President Obama, the Secret Service was not notified.

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Police investigators now believe that Carey was delusional. The prescription drugs found by DC police officers are often used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Valerie Carey, a sister to the deceased woman and a retired police sergeant, said she understands why local police officers were on high alert when the incident occurred. The grieving sister also stated that her sister was unarmed and they deserve to know the details leading up to the shooting. She also pointed out that while many other vehicles involved in the chase have significant body damage, her sister’s car did not have any front or rear-end damage.

Police overreacted, the family says.

“There’s questions,” Valerie Carey said. “Any logical person can just look at what’s being presented and ask the questions.”

Preliminary details of the Capitol Hill car chase state that Miriam Carey drove at rates of speed up to 80 MPH through red lights and gave chase when police officers pulled guns on her. The dental hygienist also did a U-turn in front of a security barricade and allegedly sped toward officers who ultimately opened fire on her, police say.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a high value target, you don’t lose your Constitutional rights to operate in this country freely,” Eric Sanders, a family attorney, said. “Police training is what it is. If we are going to use that [high value targets] as an excuse all the time we are all going to lose all our rights. We are going to conduct our own investigation and not just go from the official investigation. We are going to put together a shooting team as well as look at the body of Miriam Carey to make sure that the official report is consistent.”

Valerie Carey said that her sister’s car was a small vehicle and officers would have had to get inside the compact in order to remove the child from her child safety seat. She said the details simply do not add up.

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