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Is Stop And Frisk Actually Gun Control – Or Worse – In Disguise?

stop and frisk

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New York City’s unconstitutional stop and frisk policy has been attracting a lot of attention lately. Yet the media is missing an important part of the story; stop and frisk is actually gun control.

Stop and frisk works like this: New York cops stop anybody that they think might be carrying a gun and frisk them. Those stopped don’t have to be acting suspiciously or engaged in a crime. The police can stop anybody, anytime, anywhere to see if they are carrying a gun in violation of New York State law. In New York, it’s illegal for persons without a permit to carry a handgun.

Racist Gun Control

Stop and frisk is a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which bans unreasonable search and seizure. It has also been called racist because 84% of those stopped have been African American or Hispanic. Almost all of them have been male and poor as well. Since 46% of New York’s population is white or Asian, you can see the problem here.

Not only is stop and frisk gun control but it is a deliberate effort to disarm a particular portion of the population. The NYPD is denying citizens basic rights because of their race.

There’s also economic discrimination here; most of the stop and frisks occur in poorer parts of New York such as Brooklyn and the Bronx. The idea is to disarm the poor and minorities, or rather particular minorities.

Analysis by critics of stop and frisk indicates that the number of such incidents has been increasing even though the crime rate in New York is falling. The police are making more and more stops.

The True Christian Heritage and Christian Ideals That Are Woven Into The Very Fabric Of The Constitution…

Another agenda here might be to drive African Americans and Hispanics out of New York. Police harassment is being used to put African American men in their place, which is obviously somewhere outside of New York.

Mayor Bloomberg’s Real Agenda

Stop and frisk shows the sinister agenda behind gun control and one of its most prominent advocates, outgoing New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. The media has ignored fairly blatant racism on the part of the popular mayor.

When U.S. District Judge Shira Scheindlin ruled that stop and frisk was unconstitutional, Bloomberg said she knew absolutely zero. The judge obviously knows the Constitution and understands it. Bloomberg obviously does not and doesn’t seem to care about it.

Worse, Bloomberg made some statements that employ the traditional arguments of American racism. Bloomberg has claimed that his police are protecting the lives of minorities by taking guns away from them. He’s saying that African Americans and Hispanics are inherently violent and unfit to own guns.

That, of course, was the logic used to justify both slavery and Jim Crow segregation: African Americans cannot be trusted to think for themselves. White people have to think for them. Imagine what would happen if a Republican politician in the South made such a stupid statement. He or she would be pilloried by the media and rightly so.

Disarming Americans

Bloomberg also showed his elitist contempt for average people and democracy. Here’s a quote from The Los Angeles Times:

“The public are not experts at policing,” Bloomberg said. “Personally, I would rather have [Police Commissioner] Ray Kelly decide how to keep my family safe, rather than having somebody on the street who says, ‘Oh, I don’t like this.’”

The mayor is saying that average citizens are not smart enough to own guns and cannot be trusted with guns. He wants to take the guns away.

Just as defenders of slavery like Confederate President Jefferson Davis claimed slavery was good for slaves, Bloomberg and Kelly say stop and frisk is good for African Americans.

A recent poll indicates that 72% of blacks and 58% of Hispanics were against stop and frisk. The minority community obviously doesn’t want Bloomberg’s brand of protection.

Disarm the Citizens

The real agenda here is to disarm the citizens so they are no threat to the elite. Bloomberg is disarming the African Americans and Hispanics first, but sooner or later he’ll be coming for working class whites’ guns.

Americans all over the country need to pay close attention to stop and frisk because it is obvious that Bloomberg and his ilk would like to bring stop and frisk to every city and town in the United States. They would like to see police stopping every car and pedestrian and searching for guns. House to house searches for guns would be next.

Hopefully the courts will shut Mayor Bloomberg down and stop and frisk down permanently. It is a threat to the rights of all Americans.

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