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Kill A Skunk? Go To Jail (That’s What Happened To This Man)

Kill A Skunk? Go To Jail (That’s What Happened To This Man)

Image source: Wikimedia

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – In the country, a skunk problem can be taken care of with a gun, but in the city, killing a skunk – even without a gun – can get your arrested.

Indiana University student Andrew Baldini discovered this the hard way when he beat a skunk to death with a shovel in late October. He told police that his fraternity house had been having problems with skunks, but police were not amused, and subsequently arrested him, put him in jail and charged with animal cruelty — a felony, according to Fox-59 in Indianapolis.

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The news station reported that Baldini and his friends were playing basketball when the skunk walked across the court. He got a shovel and hit the skunk, which limped away injured. He then “followed the skunk and hit it several more times with the shovel, killing it on a public sidewalk near the 1200 block of East 3rd Street,” Fox-59 reported.

The moral of the story: If you want to kill skunks, stay out of the city.

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