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Obama Approved One More Anti-Gun Rule Before He Left Office

Obama Approved One More Anti-Gun Rule Before He Left Office

Image source: White House

WASHINGTON — The Second Amendment rights of some of America’s most vulnerable citizens are now under attack. During his final days in office, President Obama’s administration ushered in a federal firearms rule deeming tens of thousands of disabled citizens “mental defectives” simply because they receive a Social Security disability check.

Americans with mental disabilities who receive a Supplemental Security Income (SSI) monthly benefit check may now have to decide which is more important to them — money or their firearm.

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The National Rifle Association (NRA) fought hard to prevent the Obama administration from creating the new rule, but lost the battle. During the public comment period about the federal gun restriction rule, more than 91,000 Americans stood up in opposition to the plan in comments to the Social Security Administration.

“It will affect those who receive SSI or disability insurance because of a listed mental health impairment and who have been assigned a representative payee to manage the benefits because of the person’s mental condition,” the NRA reported. “The bottom line, however, is that tens of thousands of completely harmless, law-abiding people will lose their rights every year under the rule, a premise the SSA did not even try to refute.”

The Social Security Administration “essentially ignored the NRA’s comments and the tens of thousands of others pointing out problems with the plan,” the NRA added.

“The NRA has already prepared proposals for corrective action, and we certainly hope they will be given favorable consideration by the incoming administration,” the NRA said.

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  1. There is some things that are missing from this article, such as “what constitutes as mental illness” is it the entire scope? Or is it just Psychotic illness? I am all for people having the right to bear arms, but at the same time I do understand the need for gun control. If they just made gun control simple, like no firearms for those convicted of murder or gang activity, I’d be fine with that. However the fact that even having a misdemeanor in some states can prevent you from owning one is just crazy! I do understand the mental illness aspect of it though, my own uncle was shot by a veteran of the gulf war who suffered from PTSD.

    What we really need is just simple rules not complicated ones.

  2. Thankfully, in less than 24 hours he will be history.

  3. as far as being disabled but not able to hold or own a gun what about all the American veterans that served our country that are disabled now for some reason that just don’t seem right to me if you have a mental defect yes I understand that but a veteran that has lost a limb or has an entry that creates a disability situation for him for him not to be able to purchase or own a firearm I just feel you can’t fix stupid and what I mean by that is Obama I’m glad he’s gone and we got one in there now that’s got the horns in the balls to do it he needs to do thank God and praise America to be great again

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