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Obama’s Link To The Muslim Brotherhood

malik obama oval office

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President Obama’s half-brother is a member and possibly an executive with an organization with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and a war criminal. A number of conservative news sources are reporting that the President’s half-brother, Malik Obama, is executive secretary of the Islamic Da’Wa organization.

The Da’Wa Organization is connected to the Egyptian political group the Muslim Brotherhood, which was recently suppressed by the Egyptian government. The Muslim Brotherhood wants to create a society based on Islamic law. Its members are currently involved in warfare with Egypt’s military dictatorship. Malik Obama is in charge of the Da’Wa organization’s investment portfolio according to Tahani Al-Jebali, the former chancellor of Egypt’s Constitutional Court.

Obama’s Brother Works for Indicted War Criminal

Ironically enough, the connection to the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t the worst thing about the Da’Wa organization. The organization is connected to the government of the Sudan and that nation’s president, Omar Hassan al-Bashir; al-Bashir is an indicted war criminal.

The International Criminal Court in the Hague has issued a warrant for al-Bashir on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity. The charges stem from Sudan’s long-standing civil war in which al-Bashir’s radical Islamic regime waged ethnic cleansing against Christians and non-Muslims in Sudan’s South.

Even though 300,000 people died in Sudan’s civil war, there has been no talk of military action to bring Mr. Al-Bashir to justice. Three times as many people died in Sudan than have died so far in Syria’s civil war. Al-Bashir’s other activities include vote fraud and the use of thugs to keep his political opponents from voting.

Obama’s Brother Has 12 Wives

To be fair, Barack Obama barely knows his half-brother, Malik, who lives in Nairobi, Kenya. Malik Obama didn’t meet the President until 1985, when the two were both grown men. Since then they haven’t spent much time together.

Malik is the son of Obama’s father, Barack Obama Sr., who never married Barack’s mother. Malik Obama is a failed politician who served as the Obama family spokesman during two presidential campaigns. He also reportedly runs an electronics shop in Kenya.

Malik Obama is a very questionable character; in addition to his involvement with Da’Wa, he reportedly has 12 wives. It is easy to see why President Obama doesn’t like to talk about his half-brother in Kenya very much.

This nation received the gift of many of the Old World’s finest pioneers in the law, politics, and religion.

Nor does it appear that Malik Obama has any sort of influence over the administration or its policies. Instead, he simply seems to be Obama’s relative who is largely ignored.

Why Is the Media Ignoring Malik Obama?

Even though Malik Obama seems to have nothing to do with the administration, there is a real news story here that is being ignored. The alleged involvement of the president’s brother with an indicted war criminal and a political organization with a historically anti-American agenda is definitely news.

This story needs to be investigated to see exactly how Malik Obama fits in and what else he is involved in. Even if the president doesn’t listen to him, Malik could be in a position to blackmail the administration or at least embarrass it.

It’d be nice to see a few reporters ask the president about this and to explain his brother’s behavior. Obviously that would embarrass the administration because Malik Obama seems to stand for a lot of things that the president has publicly opposed.

After all, Malik seems to be opposed to women’s rights, which a Democrat president should support. Malik Obama has 12 wives, and he has been accused of beating one of them. He also seems to be against Christianity; the president claims to be a practicing Christian.

Obama has also claimed to be for human rights, yet his brother is working for an organization connected to a war criminal. There are some serious problems here that need to be addressed.

Malik Obama regularly visits Washington, D.C., where he works as a “consultant” (a euphemism for lobbyist). One has to wonder how the owner of an electronics shop in Kenya can afford to travel to Washington, D.C., each year. A major British newspaper, The Daily Mail, claims Malik says Barack is constantly phoning him. There’s something shady going on here that should be investigated.

Investigation of Malik Obama and His Activities Needed

Finding out about Malik Obama isn’t that hard; there’s a lot of information about him available online. He is mentioned on Wikipedia and in numerous news articles. The British press has reported about his activities in the past.

Obviously we cannot hold Obama accountable for his brother’s behavior. Yet we have to wonder why the media isn’t looking into this. The last time a presidential brother behaved this way it created a national scandal.

Jimmy Carter’s younger brother Billy created a national scandal in 1978 and 1979 by visiting Libya and receiving a $220,000 loan from that nation’s dictator, the late Col. Gaddafi. Billy Carter was actually investigated by the U.S. Senate for some of his activities. Jimmy Carter was forced to publicly condemn his brother’s antics.

One has to wonder about this double standard, especially since Malik Obama was also a friend of Col. Gaddafi’s. That didn’t stop President Obama from ordering a Predator drone to kill the colonel.

Congress and the media need to take a look at Malik Obama and his activities. We need to know what his involvement with the White House is.

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