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Opinion: What Would Happen If The Constitution Was Repealed?

constitution repealedThere have been some rumblings from left-wing activists about repealing parts of the Constitution they don’t like. These luminaries are declaring that the Constitution is obsolete and should be done away with. While the focus of these statements is aimed at taking away our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms, the manner in which it is expressed is not limited to just the Second Amendment. Instead, they attack the Constitution as a whole as being an archaic document, based upon 18th century problems and beliefs.

It is clear that there are those in office who would greatly support elimination of the Constitution. President Obama is largely ignoring his oath of office to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.” He is regularly breaking Constitutional barriers, taking upon himself the right to legislate by presidential fiat, rather than working with Congress.

The president isn’t the only one doing this, either. His actions are part of a fairly widespread belief among liberals that the Constitution is a living document, which (they say) our justices have a right and responsibility to modify to fit their own ideals. Between the executive and judicial branches of our government, we are seeing the structure of the U.S. Constitution being eroded on an almost daily basis.

Specific attacks on the Constitution include attacks against our freedom of speech and religion (First Amendment), right to bear arms (Second Amendment), unreasonable search and seizure (Fourth Amendment), and several others. Before long, we may find the Constitution to be a relic that only exists in a museum.

So, what would repealing the Constitution really mean? How would the United States look without this all-important document? What kind of “progress” would we see from this move?

The True Christian Heritage and Christian Ideals That Are Woven Into The Very Fabric Of The Constitution…

First of all, we have to understand that the core of the Constitution isn’t about our liberties, but about how the government is to run. It establishes the three branches of our government (executive, legislative and judicial), giving each specific responsibilities and limits to their authority. This creates the “checks and balances” that our form of government is famous for — preventing one branch of government from taking total control and forcing the government to move in the direction that it wants.

By the way, this is exactly what is under attack by the way that President Obama is ruling. Rather than use the whole of the government to accomplish what is best for the citizens, he is overriding the will of the people and their elected representatives to decree what he feels is best. Unfortunately, what he defines as best is only best for his supporters, not for mainstream America.

To eliminate the Constitution would literally eliminate the legal foundation for the three branches of government. The United States of America, the country that introduced the world to true democracy (even though we are a republic, not a democracy), would become a dictatorship. Since Congress would no longer have any legal reason to exist, it would be eliminated; by force if necessary.

Without the Constitution protecting our rights, we’d see:

  • Taking guns out of the hands of the citizens – Obama has declared war on the Second Amendment and would quickly move to consolidate all guns in the hands of the government, in order to eliminate any possibility of armed uprising.
  • America become a police state – With taking away our firearms, police and DHS forces would have no restrictions. Dissidents could be taken away and homes could be forcibly violated at will; all it would take is suspicion.
  • Elimination of the free press – Every conservative media outlet could be immediately shut down. The only media which would remain would be required to act as his propaganda arm.
  • Elimination of freedom of religion.
  • Confiscation of all private property.
  • Crime would increase – Without the deterrent of an armed population, crime would skyrocket.

It is the Constitution which has allowed the United States to become a great nation. Take it away and you take away the one thing that has given us the capability to become great.

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