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Police Brutality: Man Alleges He Was Beaten, Tortured – But Not Charged

david byrket tortured

A California man claims that police officers tossed him in a jail cell, beat him, and then took away his clothes.

If David Scott Byrket’s story is accurate, he was released two days after the ordeal, without any charges being filed. During an interview with the New York Daily News, Byrket said that he feared for his life and further alleges that members of the Kern County Sheriff’s Department tortured him repeatedly.

“They told me they were going to kill me,” Bryket was quoted as saying. “There were multiple officers involved, it was scary.”

David Scott Byrket, 53, stated that his encounter with the Kern County Sheriff’s office began when his supposedly drunken son called the law enforcement agency to report that David and his wife were in a heated argument.

“He totally overacted and told the 911 operator I might be a threat to my wife or myself,” Byrket said.

California sheriff deputies reportedly arrived on the scene rather quickly and placed the elder Byrket under arrest. He claims that he was not inside the cruiser very long before the first of multiple beatings began.

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“The car I’m in starts swerving back and forth along highway 178, like a signal to the other two cars behind it to stop,” Byrket said. “They pulled over, opened the door, and started kicking me in the side and on my leg for no reason. They kept tasing me until I finally passed out.”

If David Byrket is telling the truth, the beatings at the hands of law enforcement officers continued after he reached the prison in Bakersfield. He also claimed that the he was stripped naked and placed in a solitary conferment cell for approximately 24 to 36 hours. When the cell door finally opened, Bryket allegedly was handed a set of clothes and transported to the court house but told he would not have to make an appearance in front of a judge.

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office did not offer an immediate comment when questioned about the story by the staff from The Blaze. A representative from the California law enforcement agency did ultimately tell the New York Daily News that once Byrket filed a complaint, an investigation was launched.

“What these deputies did to me is a crime, or perhaps several,” Byrket wrote to the sheriff’s office. “I am still suffering the effects of the beatings to which they subjected me [sic] and I am reasonably certain but for my letter, neither you nor anyone else would know what actually happened to me.”

A medical examination of Byrket did reveal that he had suffered multiple right-side rib fractures. His wife Zina told the media that she was in “shock” when she saw the state of her husband’s body after she picked him up from jail.

“He was bent over, and he was moving very slowly,” she said. “I lifted his shirt and I saw a big bruise on his side. He looked like he’d been run over. I started crying, I just lost it.”

David Byrket also told the media that he will never call any type of law enforcement again for assistance. It is unclear if he is planning on filing a lawsuit against the Kern County Sheriff’s Department.

While Byrket’s claims remain unproven, the allegations are very disturbing. While there are a multitude of dedicated men and women who put their lives on the line daily to keep our communities safe, there are also officers/deputies who abuse their power and take the law into their own hands.

What do you think about Byrket’s claims that he was tortured by law enforcement officers?

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