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Police Keep Raiding Widow’s Home Looking For Husband … 8 Years After He Died

raid on dead man's house

Image source: CBS News

Even though James E. Jordan Sr. died more than eight years ago, he is still one of the most wanted men in New York City.

Police keep raiding the Brooklyn apartment of Jordan’s widow and harassing his family in attempts to serve an arrest warrant on him, a lawsuit is alleging.

Not even taping a copy of Jordan’s death certificate to her front door could keep police away, Fennell told The New York Post. Despite the certificate, cops still ransacked Fennell’s apartment and demanded to see her husband.

“I tell them over and over, ‘James isn’t here! He’s dead!,” Fennell said. “It’s that simple. What’s so difficult to understand about that?’”

A federal lawsuit filed by Fennell, her son and another man charges that “even though the plaintiffs have been forced to take the extraordinary step of affixing James E. Jordan’s Death Certificate on their front door indicating that James E. Jordan passed away in March 2006, defendant officers still continue to force their way into the plaintiffs’ home under the guise of executing an arrest warrant against said deceased individual.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, on at least one occasion the New York Police Department (NYPD) arrested Jordan’s son, James E. Jordan Jr., last July. The officers also arrested Jordan’s friend Anthony Solis during the raid on July 18, 2013.

“I told them that my father was gone,” Jordan Jr. said. “They just didn’t believe me. When they came in, they came in like a riot team. It was like a raid. Six officers rushed into the apartment and woke me up.”

Warrantless Searches and Arrest for Owning a Knife?

The officers charged James E. Jordan Jr. and Solis with weapon possession even though no weapons were found, the lawsuit says. The suit filed in federal court in Brooklyn also alleges that police had no warrants when they raided the home.

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“On virtually each and every occasion that defendant officers unlawfully entered into the plaintiffs’ home, they proceeded to perform a warrantless search of the said home,” the lawsuit states.

The suit says the charges against Solis and Jordan Jr. were later thrown out by the courts. Solis is the third plaintiff in the lawsuit. Jordan Jr.’s lawyer, Ugochukwu Uzoh, said that the “weapon” taken from his client was a knife.

Why are Police Looking for a Dead Man?

dead man raid

Image source: Paul Martinka

Perhaps the worst part of the ordeal is that neither Jordan Jr. nor Fennell know why the police keep looking for James E. Jordan Sr. They maintain that the only criminal charge against Jordan Sr. was turnstile jumping (riding the subway without paying the fare) in 1996. The state of limitations on that charge ran out long ago.

Uzoh’s complaint against the NYPD is lengthy.

“The conduct of the defendants, as described herein, amounted to false arrest/imprisonment, trespass, assault and battery, unlawful stop and frisk, unreasonable search and seizure, unreasonable detention, negligence, defamation, conspiracy, special injury, loss of consortium, harassment, tortuous interference, abuse of power, fraud, negligent and intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent hiring and retention of defendant officers,” Uzoh wrote.

The same officers were involved in similar violations against other New Yorkers that led to lawsuits and the paying of large settlements, Uzoh’s complaint charges. Uzoh alleged that the officers came from the NYPD’s 79th Precinct which has a history of such actions.

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