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Maxine Waters’ Anti-Gun Agenda: More Craziness Ahead

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Maxine Waters can stop gun sales

In essence, Maxine Waters can stop gun sales and ban firearms without even implementing gun control laws.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters can stop gun sales in her new position as Chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee. Waters’ committee has the power to pressure financial institutions to stop doing business with firearms companies.

For example, Waters’ committee could pressure banks to close gun retailers’ accounts and credit card companies to stop processing firearms purchases. Moreover, National Review writer James Setterlund thinks Waters’ committee could force banks or credit unions to stop making payments to gun retailers.

In fact, the Obama administration tried a similar tactic in 2013 by pressing banks to close accounts for “high-risk” businesses in “Operation Chokepoint.” Notably, Operation Chokepoint’s targets included “firearms and ammunition sales, adult entertainment, check cashing, and short-term lending.”


Maxine Waters’ Anti-Gun Agenda Has Found Life With Her New Committee

“In other words, they will use political pressure to force private institutions into creating social policy that threatens constitutional rights,” Setterlund writes of Waters’ committee.

As an illustration, the House Financial Services Committee has the power to subpoena banks to get records of gun retailers’ accounts. Consequently, Waters’ committee could learn the names and addresses of gun owners.

Representative Waters understands the committee because she has served on it since 1991. Furthermore, the Financial Services Committee oversees everything from banks and Wall Street to credit card companies and cryptocurrency, Vox reports.


Here’s Exactly How Maxine Waters’ Anti-Gun Agenda Can Stop Firearms Sales

As a result, Waters will have the power to subpoena credit card companies for records about firearms purchases. In particular, Waters could pressure credit card giants such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express to stop working with gun retailers.

Additionally, Waters can stop gun sales by forcing gun shops to cease taking check or credit card payments. So, the only way people could pay for firearms may end up being with cash.

However, gun store owners would have no way to use that cash to make mortgage, utility, or rent payments. To elaborate, the committee could force banks to stop taking money from gun businesses. In that scenario, gun store owners would not be able to write checks or use electronic bill pay.


Maxine Waters’ Anti-Gun Agenda Could Ban Firearms Without Gun Control

Also, big retailers like Walmart and Target may very well stop selling guns and ammunition.

Meanwhile, a lack of bank access will drive mom-and-pop gun retailers out of business. Therefore, the only place to buy guns will be on the black market.

In essence, Waters could stop gun sales and ban firearms without even implementing gun control laws. Waters can further claim that she is not violating the Second Amendment or violating anybody’s right to buy arms.

By and large, guns would still be legal but there would be no place for law-abiding citizens to buy them. Notwithstanding, criminals will still buy all the guns they want on the black market.


Banning Firearms Sales And Shutting Down Banks: It’s All A Part of Maxine Waters’ Anti-Gun Agenda

Besides gun businesses, Maxine Waters could also shut down big banks. For instance, Maxine Waters wants to destroy megabank Wells Fargo.

Waters wants to close Wells Fargo because it issued loans and credit cards to patrons without their permission. Nevertheless, Waters is not currently saying where Wells Fargo’s customers will bank if it shuts down.

Furthermore, Waters could use her committee to force federal agencies to implement her leftwing agenda. Federal agencies that Waters could target include the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the Comptroller of the Currency, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Significantly, all of those agencies regulate banking and finance. As a consequence, Waters could force those agencies to investigate, regulate, and harass firearms businesses.


President Trump Cannot Stop Maxine Waters’ Anti-Gun Agenda

Ultimately, there is little that President Donald J. Trump could do to stop Waters. This is because as President, Trump has no power over the House of Representatives or its Committees.

In fact, Waters now has the power to subpoena Trump and force him to testify before her committee if she wants. Additionally, Waters also has the power to subpoena all of the President’s tax, financial, and business records.

Waters could even make all of Trump’s financial documents public by entering them into the Congressional record. Once Trump’s documents are in the Congressional record, journalists can print them without fear of a lawsuit.


Maxine Waters’ Anti-Gun Agenda Can Do More Damage Now Than Ever

Waters could further subpoena all the records from gun manufacturers, gun retailers, and gun rights groups such as the National Rifle Association (NRA) and make them public. For example, Waters could publicize the identities of major donors to Second Amendment groups to “shame” them.

In addition, gun control groups could use Waters list to target anybody who does business with firearms companies for boycotts or smear campaigns. Moreover, banks and companies that finance gun manufacturers or retailers could be targeted by Waters.

For instance, Waters could investigate hedge funds, mutual funds, or investment banks that invest in gun manufacturers. By exposing such investors to the public, Waters could make them targets for boycotts and attacks by gun control advocates.

Altogether, it could be impossible for gun or ammunition manufacturers to get financing or credit. For this reason, gun businesses could shut down even if they are still making money.

In effect, Maxine Waters can gun stop sales or disrupt firearms businesses if she wishes. Only time will tell if Waters uses that power to its full extent.

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