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Which Kettle is Blacker?

When someone visits your home, there are certain rules they are expected to follow. A good guest will ring your doorbell and wait to be invited in. If a visitor decides to breech that protocol and climb through your window instead of using the door, they are most likely not a guest.  Chances are you would call the police and have them removed from your home.

So why is Arizona getting pummeled for expecting its visitors to “knock” before entering? Shouldn’t our government protect our borders just like we would protect our own homes? Arizona passed a law earlier this year requiring immigrants to carry their alien registration at all times. It also holds people who knowingly hire illegal immigrants accountable for breaking the law. Arizona should be applauded for upholding the Constitution. Article 1, Section 8 states that our Congress is to insure we have “uniform rules of Naturalization.”  Instead President Obama called Arizona’s attempts to secure their part of the border “misguided”.

Guess who did get a round of applause? Mexican President Felipe Calderon was given a standing ovation from Congress after promising to do all he can to stop his people from entering our country illegally, and promising to match U.S. funds to help build a wall to secure our mutual border (chuckle, chuckle). Of course he said no such thing. Rather, he gave a speech condemning Arizona’s new immigration laws.  “I am convinced that a comprehensive immigration reform is also crucial to securing our common border. However, I strongly disagree with the recently adopted law in Arizona,” Calderon said.  At this point of the speech (and several other times) all the people who have been appointed by the Constitution to protect naturalization STOOD UP AND APPLAUDED! And it wasn’t just the Democrat congress giving a standing ovation: the Vice President, the Director of Homeland Security and the Attorney General were clapping like they’d just seen Les Mis for the first time.

The story gets funnier. A few months after returning to Mexico, President Calderon announced plans to construct a wall along its southern border. He hopes to reduce the flow of illegal drugs into Mexico. It will of course have the added bonus of keeping the half a million illegal immigrants that cross Mexico’s border every year out of our country as well. Now what makes this news absolutely hilarious is that during the Bush administration, Calderon blasted the U.S. for plans to build a wall to keep illegal aliens out of our country. He claimed “The decision made by Congress and the U.S. government is deplorable,” and that “Humanity committed a grave error by constructing the Berlin wall and I am sure that today the United States is committing a grave error in constructing a wall along our northern border. (Never mind that the Berlin wall was made to keep people in and the U.S. wall is being built to keep people out).

So to clarify things: the U.S. building a wall to keep illegal immigrants out is BAD. Mexico building a wall to keep illegal immigrants out? Okey dokey. Several idioms immediately come to mind: One donkey calls the other one long ears; the thief shouting “Robber!”; the owl says the sparrow has a large head… please feel free to add your own favorites to the list. Officials in Guatemala have spoken out against the Mexican wall. The vice-president of Guatemala, Rafael Espada, said: “The walls are not the solution to the problems.” (Sound familiar?) And you can bet Calderon won’t be inviting him to share his feelings in front of their Congress of the Union! I could go on and on about the hypocrisy of the matter, but I have a busy day. I have to go wash the windows of my glass house and then go throw some stones.

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