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She Forgot To Mow Her Yard. So They Arrested Her, In Front Of Her Kids.

She Forgot To Mow Her Yard. So They Arrested Her, In Front Of Her Kids.

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An Illinois woman was arrested in front of her children and hauled away in a squad car – simply because she did not cut her grass.

Police in Cahokia, Illinois, took Conner to the station, booked her and held her for 30 minutes, KMOV-TV reported.

“It’s grass,” Conner said when reporter Courtney Bryant asked her about the arrest. “And I’ve never heard of being arrested for grass.”

“I understand I violated a code, but take the channels, give me a ticket first, make me appear in court,” Conner said. “I know there’s gotta be channels other than if you don’t cut your grass, we’re arresting you right now.”

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The single mother was arrested two weeks after receiving a code violation for uncut grass. She was upset because police never ticketed her or gave her a day in court.

Another reason why Conner was so upset was that officers left her five children alone in the house, unattended. The only person nearby was a code enforcement officer, who was apparently sitting outside in his car.

Disturbingly, Conner is far from alone, and several municipalities in the St. Louis area where she lives engage in similar practices. Residents of Pagedale, Missouri, were fined and arrested for such infractions as having weeds growing in a vegetable garden, leaving chipped paint on a drain sprout and having hedges over three feet high, as Off The Grid News previously reported.

The purported reason for such fines is to make the community look better. The Institute for Justice, which filed a lawsuit against the city, alleged a different motive.

“Pagedale treats its residents like walking, talking ATMs, making withdrawals by issuing tickets for ridiculous things that no city has a right to dictate,” Institute attorney William Maurer said.

When Bryant confronted officials from Cahokia on Conner’s behalf, she received no answers.

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