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Student Arrested For Saying: ‘I Could Buy An AR-15’

Student Arrested For Saying: ‘I Could Buy An AR-15’

Image source: Flickr / Creative Commons

A Connecticut high school student was arrested for discussing how easy it is to purchase an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, even though he didn’t make any threats.

In a letter sent to parents, the school principal acknowledged that the student simply said, “I could buy an AR-15.”

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“In an abundance of caution, despite the fact that this student is a minor who cannot, in fact, legally purchase such a weapon, we made the decision to consult with the Ledyard Police, who made the decision to take the student into custody,” Ledyard High School Principal Amanda Fagan wrote in a message to parents. “The offense is akin to joking about a bomb in the airport. One simply doesn’t do it.

“The student in question does not have access to firearms at home. There was never any threat to the safety of your children or the adults who teach and tend to them each day. The student did not, in fact, specifically threaten to do harm but rather referenced the purchase of a weapon.”

AR-15s reportedly were among the weapons used in a number of recent mass shootings.

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