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5 Critical Survival Rules For Disaster Aftermath

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disaster evacuationImagine a national crisis has occurred: FEMA has actively suspended the Constitution, rounding up all dissenters. The Bill of Rights is suspended, as anyone caught in protest or in possession of a firearm are immediately scooped up and taken to a FEMA internment camp for “reeducation.”  Their reasoning is that it will maintain order, and the suspension of liberties is only “temporary” …but martial law seems indefinite.  The formation of a one-world government is making headlines as a realization, and it is no longer just a conspiracy theory.

What’s a patriot to do in such times?  Should liberty lovers take to the streets, or back away quietly and await the storm’s passage?  Should a patriot evacuate, or dig in?  These questions are important to ask today, before you are forced to decide when it’s too late.

Rule #1: Prepare

During the next major national crisis, it is important to prepare accordingly ahead of time.  Of course, this does depend upon the nature of the crisis, but there is a good chance that economic supply lines will be cut.  Make sure that you have an adequate supply of food and the ability to sanitize water –at least enough to last you and your family for two weeks at the minimum.

In addition, if you don’t have a firearm yet, be sure to acquire one with sufficient ammunition for defensive and self-sustainability purposes.  Also, make sure that your weapon system is portable, concealable, and don’t plan on bugging out with more ammo than you can carry on your back.

Essentially, you are building an evacuation pack, which will allow you to survive a crisis away from home.  If you must leave, then you need to keep a low profile… so leave that tactical vest and those combat boots at home.

Rule #2: To Evac or Not To Evac

Engaging in an evacuation is a bit more complex than what is portrayed in the movies.  Usually, the hero is at the ready, grabs a pack, and lives indefinitely on a lighter, three bandages, and a pocketknife.  Meanwhile, back in real life…

The unwillingness for folks to leave home is understandable.  Lives are lived in the places we call home, so just leaving it all behind can be a gut-wrenching decision.  You must ask yourself… is it worth it?  Is it worth it to leave your job, your living room, kitchen, or bedroom?  What about almost all the stuff in your home, the memories, and the comforts of domesticated life?  It is the unwillingness to leave, exacerbated by the “normalcy bias,” which kept the Jews in their homes when Hitler’s power descended upon them.  You need to evaluate this question logically, weighing the pros and cons.  Be warned: you may not have much time to do so.

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Then again, there may come instances where evacuation will become a rather obvious choice.  In the instance of war, radioactive nuclear fallout, bioweapons of mass destruction, chemical weaponry, and the sort, there may not even be much of a home to leave behind.  The key is to remain sensitive to the triggers—the indications that it would be wise to hit the road.

Rule #3: The Route

For this exercise, leave your GPS at home.  You have twenty minutes to pick a spot halfway across your state and get there using your map.  Also, be sure not to intersect with any major highways, avoid bottlenecks, populated areas, bridges, and especially military or FEMA installations.  Having a tough time?  Of course you are… the task is a gargantuan one!  Yet, this is what millions will be forced to attempt for the fact that they had not planned a viable route with contingencies ahead of time.

Your evacuation route is absolutely crucial.  Transit can become extremely dangerous during times of crisis, anarchy, and especially martial law.  In fact, one of the many effects of martial law will be the restriction of travel.  This helps the government sort through dissenters.  Good for them– bad for you.

Also, it is very important to figure out where there may be any nuclear targets in your area, and maintain a distance of no less than ten miles from them.  These sites are a huge liability to your safety; so if one stands between you and your destination, then draw a ten-mile circle around it.

Rule #4: Keep Your Network Close

There are quite a few folks out there (mostly men), who are under the impression that they are going to be just fine in going it alone.  However, this has the potential to be a very grave mistake.  Having a network of family and friends is an invaluable resource during times of distress.

Not only does the network provide emotional support, but also folks can share supplies, gear, and especially knowledge.  In addition, having a network can breakup the workload of survival priorities, and provides somewhat of a safety net in the event that you get sick or injured.

However, as we’ve learned from Nazi Germany, your network may also betray you.  The Hitler Youth were often utilized as child spies against members of their own families, so it is important that you keep your network out of federal government programs of all kinds. In a network, trust is key.

Also, never share plans or confidential information with anyone outside your network.  During a national disaster, it is not only FEMA that will become a major problem.  Folks who neglected to prepare will be hungry and dangerous, meaning that information concerning food, ammunition, and medical supplies should be absolutely classified and guarded.

Rule #5: Know What You Believe, and Review It Regularly

The federal government will be pulling out all the stops to retain hegemonic domination over the American people “for their own good.”  This means that their influence will be felt most in the population’s centers of gravity.  For instance, FEMA has already established the Clergy Response program in order to quell any kind of dissent among the populace. These pastors will be charged with the mission of selling their souls and their sermons to Caesar in the event of martial law.  Their message: whether the federal government breaks Constitutional law or not in declaring martial law, it is a sin to defy them… dissent (no matter how lawful) is not permitted.  Turn in your weapons; the government is here to care for you.

This is obviously a grandiose lie, but it is going to be repeated during a crisis.  Your best way to avoid problems with the FEMA Clergy Response Teams is to stay away from pastors, which have been briefed by the federal government.  If you find out that your pastor is involved with FEMA, then leave the church immediately, and try to take your network with you.  If you can’t, then leave that network immediately, and join or create a new one.  A corrupted pastor cannot only cause your network to have second thoughts, but it increases the chance of risking a turncoat in your midst.

Also, know why you intend to defy the federal government, and constantly review your reasons for doing so.  If you don’t know why it is important for you to maintain your God-given freedom, then it will be easy to convince you to give it up.

Sometimes, it’s more important to know why you are trying to escape martial law, rather than how you intend to accomplish it. Understanding your decisions ahead of time is absolutely critical to your survival, because hesitation may close your window of opportunity.  For those hoping to avoid the FEMA roundup, a committed plan is key.

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