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Walmart Sells Satanic Paraphernalia Despite “Family Company” Image

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walmart sells satanic paraphernalia

Walmart sells Satanic paraphernalia because Satan is now a part of mainstream American culture.

Did you know that the devil is as close as your phone or computer? Want to know why? Well, the shocking truth is that Walmart sells Satanic paraphernalia online. For instance, sells the Satanic Bible for $31.16 and a Baphomet necklace for $12.99.

To clarify, Baphomet is a god or demon that Satanists supposedly worship. Importantly, Baphomet idols and necklaces are among the Satanic paraphernalia that Walmart sells, as Churchmilitant reports.

Additionally, Walmart sells Satanic paraphernalia that includes Baphomet statues, church of Satan goblets, and clothing with Satanic symbols. However, some of Walmart’s Satanic paraphernalia is downright silly. For instance, they sell Satanic cheerleader costumes.


Family Company Walmart Sells Satanic Paraphernalia

Notably, Walmart likes to bill itself as a family company that Sam Walton began in Arkansas in 1950. Notwithstanding, Walmart is really a high-tech multinational conglomerate that reported $500.34 billion in revenues last year.

Currently, Walmart is the world’s largest company in terms of revenue and the world’s largest retailer. In addition, Walmart is becoming one of America’s most automated companies. For example, Walmart is deploying robot janitors in its stores and replacing thousands of workers with algorithms.

Walmart selling Satanic paraphernalia outrages Churchmilitant because Sam Walton was a churchgoer and a family man. Nonetheless, Sam Walton died in 1992 so his influence is long gone from the company.

On the other hand, Walton’s children and Walton Enterprises, a family business, are among Walmart’s largest shareholders, Investopedia states. As a result, Walmart is still a family business that billionaires own.

Moreover, the fourth largest holder of Walmart stock is Marc Lore. Lore is the president and CEO of Walmart US eCommerce, which is the business that runs To elaborate, Lore took over Walmart’s online operations when he sold his business to Walmart in 2016. Consequently, Lore and not the Walton family runs


Walmart Sells Satanic Paraphernalia Along With Amazon

Walmart sells Satanic paraphernalia online to keep up with Amazon. In fact, Amazon sells The Satanic Bible for $8.99 with Free Prime delivery.

Additionally, Amazon sells Baphomet Horned Sabbatic Goat statues for $24.25 and Baphomet Horned Demon Pentagram Satanic Symbol Hoodies for $36.99. Devil worshipers can also buy The Satanic Rituals: Companion to the Satanic Bible for $7.99 with Free Amazon Prime delivery.

Furthermore, cheapskates can get a 50th Anniversary revision of The Satanic Bible free on Amazon Kindle with Kindle Unlimited. Meanwhile, The Satanic Scriptures sells for $16.95 and Baphomet Satanic Goat Head Unisex Over Knee-High Socks sell for only $4.95 plus $3.85 for shipping at Amazon.


Satanic Paraphernalia Is Big Business

Satanists can even sleep with a demon by ordering a three-piece duvet cover set that features Demon Baphomet Satanic Goat Head decorations for $79.90. Ultimately, Walmart sells Satanic paraphernalia because Satanic paraphernalia is big business.

Moreover, Satanism is warping America’s sense of humor. For instance, Amazon sells a Make America Satanic Again T-shirt as a “funny gift” for $19.99. In the end, Satan and Baphomet are big money for Big Retail.

As a consequence, Walmart sells Satanic paraphernalia because Satan is part of mainstream American culture. Like any good retailers, Walmart, Amazon, and many others are simply selling what their customers want.


Who Is Baphomet And Why Is Walmart Selling His Merchandise?

In detail, Baphomet is a demon whose statues modern Satanists use in ceremonies.

Oddly enough, the Rational Wiki asserts that the term Baphomet began as a corruption of the name Muhammad, the founder of Islam. So, the name Baphomet is blasphemous to both Muslims and Christians.

Specifically, Baphomet is the demon that French King Philip IV accused the Knights Templar of worshiping in 1307 when he abolished their order. However, most historians think Phillip was really interested in seizing the Templars’ money and property. The Knights Templar were an order of Christian knights whose power Phillip feared.

On the other hand, Baphomet did not get his modern form until the 19th Century when French Artist Eliphas Lévi depicted the demon as a goat-headed monster. During the 1960s, Anton LaVey, the founder of American Satanism, chose Lévi’s version of Baphomet as the symbol for his Church of Satan.

Consequently, today both Amazon and Walmart sell large amounts of Satanic paraphernalia with Baphomet’s picture on it. In fact, today’s Satanist can have Baphomet shipped to his or her home with free delivery.

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What are your thoughts on Walmart selling Satanic paraphernalia? Let us know in the comments below.


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