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‘We Are Starving. We Are Eating Dog Food And Food Meant For Farm Animals’

Normal, Everyday People Are Now Eating DOG FOOD And GARBAGE – ‘We Are Starving’

In a horrific scene seemingly out of a movie, hungry people in Venezuela are now eating dog food, looting delivery trucks and eating garbage.

Fox News obtained a video of residents of the country’s capitol, Caracas, fighting over table scraps from restaurant trash.

“They’re ripping through garbage bags, searching for food. The government says this is not happening, but we are very hungry here in Venezuela,” an unidentified man told Fox.

Said another person, “We are starving. We are eating dog food and food meant for farm animals.”

Fox also obtained a video showing a mob of desperate people looting food delivery trucks on the highway.

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“People are starving. The last resort for them is to loot and steal rice,” a bystander who was watching the looting said. “The National Guard is here but no one is paying any attention to them at all. They’re letting it happen.”

Children Are Malnourished

Caracas resident Juan Gonzalez told The Guardian that he now eats scraps once only fed to his dog. Gonzales used to buy chopped cow lung, or bofe, to feed his dog and steaks for himself.

“Now bofe is what I eat, when I can get it,” Gonzalez admitted.

Food is now so scarce that 12 percent of the Venezuelans say they are eating less than three meals a day, The Guardian reported. A survey of 4,000 Venezuelan children by the Bengoa Foundation found that 30 percent of them were malnourished.

Paula Arichiegas feeds her two-year-old daughter water mixed with corn starch, because she can no longer find milk in the stores.

“And I try to get her to sleep through the morning so I don’t have to worry about her breakfast,” Arciniegas told the newspaper.

Nor is it just food that’s scarce. The Guardian reported that Coca-Cola has stopped making its drinks in Venezuela, because it can no longer find sugar. Brewers have stopped making beer because they cannot acquire the necessary ingredients.

Some residents are also making Venezuela’s traditional dish of arepas, which are normally made of corn, from wild plants like plantain, The Guardian reported.

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