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Why Was A 7-Month-Old BABY On The US Government’s No-Fly List?

Why Was A 7-Month-Old BABY On The US Government’s No-Fly List?

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A 7-month-old baby was among the people placed on the US government’s no-fly list, a lawsuit is alleging.

Incredibly, the child, who is now 4 years old, is still on the list, The Christian Science Monitor reported, and is among about 50,000 names on it. Prior to Sept. 11, there were only 16.

The list can affect far more than a person’s ability to fly commercial. Michigan resident and US citizen Yaseen Kadura found he could not transfer money through Western Union or drive to Canada after being placed on the list. Kadura says he even was handcuffed by armed border guards after visiting Canada.

Kadura’s name ended up on the list when he traveled to Libya to help media personal cover the unrest there.

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Kadura eventually appealed his placement on the list and got this response from the TSA: “At this time the U.S. government knows of no reason Mr. Kadura should be unable to fly.”

But even after his name was taken off the list, Kadura had trouble boarding a plane in January, AP reported. He had to spend hours on the phone, talking to federal agents, just to take a domestic flight.

“The government has engaged in a decade-long delusion that being placed on a watch list is not a big deal,” the attorney who filed the suit, Gadair Abbas, said. “The goal is for the watch-listing to affect every aspect of these people’s lives.”

Abbas’ clients include Kadura and the now-4-year-old child.

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