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10 Compact Multi-Purpose Survival Items You’ll Need In A Crisis

multi tool -- wikipediaIf you can only fit a small number of items in your survival kit, it is a good idea to stick to items that can serve multiple functions.

Here, then, are the top 10 survival items that can fulfill multiple purposes and do just about anything:

1. Knife. The knife is probably the most valuable and versatile survival item in history. It can be used to clean game and fish, to start fires, to cut rope and sticks, to make shelter, to split wood, for self-defense and for medical purposes.

2. Heavy Duty Flashlight. A heavy-duty flashlight loaded with batteries can be used as a club for self-defense, and the light, of course, as a light. If the light breaks, it also is possible to start a fire with the materials inside the flashlight.

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3. Cord/Rope. You can use cord for fishing line, as alternative shoelaces, to bundle up gear, to lash poles and sticks together to make shelters, to attach a knife to a pole, to make a spear, as a sling or tourniquet in medical emergencies, to tie up intruders, to use as kindling to start fires, and to unravel into smaller strands.

4. Bandana. With a bandana, you can cool off and protect your neck from sunburn. Other uses are: as a signal, as a sling, as a gun-cleaning cloth, as a pouch, as a pillow or as a tourniquet.

5. Garbage Bag. A garbage bag will serve you well as a poncho, as a sleeping bag, as a carry-all, as a protective shelter covering, as a net to catch fish in a flowing stream or as a signal (using the brightly colored ones).

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6. Multi-Tool. Where the knife will be incapable of performing a task, the multi-tool will succeed. Multi-tools come equipped with a knife blade, a pair of pliers, a saw, a can opener, an Allen key, a corkscrew, and many other items. In addition, the light weight and compact size of the multi-tool makes it easy to carry around.

7. Duct Tape. Who doesn’t like duct tape? It can be utilized to fix or reinforce practically anything, to waterproof cracks or broken seams, to start fires, to bandage wounds, to help build shelters or to tie up an intruder.

8. Tarp. The tarp is a multi-tool on its own. It can keep your gear dry, and it can serve as a shelter covering, a signal, a stretcher or a net to catch fish.

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9. Hatchet. The greatest asset of the hatchet is its ability to chop wood easily and effectively, but it also can be used as a shovel, as a pry tool, as a weapon for self-defense, to clean game and to build shelters. Some hatchets also come with a hammer on the reverse end of the hatchet blade, increasing the versatility.

10. Five-in-One Whistle. The five-in-one whistle is a very versatile tool. In addition to the whistle for signaling, it has a dry, waterproof container to store matches, cloth or cotton balls, a compass for navigating, and flint to start fires.

Less can be more when packing your survival kit. Keep in mind that quality counts when it comes to selecting these multi-purpose items. Since you will be using them for a variety of tasks, you will want well-made durable products.

What would you add to the list? Share your suggestions in the section below:

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