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10 Ingenious Survival Uses For An Empty Water Bottle (Watch The Video For No. 5!)

10 Smart Survival Uses For An Empty Water Bottle (Watch The Video For No. 5!)

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When you’re done drinking from a soda or water bottle, your usual instinct is to throw it in the trash, right?

The reality is that not only is this habit extremely wasteful, but you’re also tossing away something that can be extremely useful in a survival situation or on the homestead.

Let’s take a look at 10 alternative uses for a water bottle:

1. Funnel.

This one is extremely simple – and no doubt, the most popular use. All you have to do is cut off the bottom of your bottle and remove the cap at the top. Then you can pour any fluids or grains through it.

2. Food storage.

Use your funnel that you just constructed to pour food into more bottles. Never fill up your bottles all the way; instead, leave a little space at the top for an oxygen absorber. Screw the cap over the bottle extremely tight, and then store in a dark, cool and safe location.

3. A storage capsule.

Simply remove the bottoms of two plastic bottles, and then smooth down the edges. Glue the two bottles together with the caps facing out. Your makeshift capsule can now hold anything from jewelry to seeds to medications.

4. Seed starter.

A two-liter plastic bottle works best for this method, but the small kinds will work, too, if needed. Take a knife and cut the bottle in two. Use the end of your knife to poke a few holes in the bottom of the bottle.

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Fill up the bottle with soil and some water, and then plant your seeds. To accelerate the seed germinating process, place your other bottle half over the top; the result will be similar to a greenhouse.

5. Fish catcher.

A two-liter plastic bottle works best for this method, too. Take a bottle and cut off the top of it. Turn the bottle over and then place the cut-off piece back in the bottle, so that the cap side is facing toward the bottom. Place your trap in a running source of water, and small fish will be able to swim into the trap without being able to swim out. Grab them.

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6. Flotation device.

Tie a large number of sealed plastic bottles together, and then cover those bottles together with a plastic bag or garbage bag. Strap this to you and use it as a flotation device; if you have enough plastic bottles, you can even construct a workable raft if needed.

7. Makeshift shoes.  

Your feet need to be fully protected in a survival situation in order for you to traverse long distances, and if anything happens to your existing shoes, you will need to fashion a replacement. With duct tape, cord and two plastic bottles, you can easily fashion your own sandals together.

8. Makeshift broom.

With nothing more than a stick, some string or duct tape, scissors and a plastic bottle, you can make your own broom to keep the floors of your off-grid shelter clean. Simply cut the bottom half of your bottle into shreds that serve as the actual broom, and then tie it to a stick or pole to complete the process.

9. Faucet.

Hang a two-liter plastic bottle filled with water upside down over a bowl, and slightly unscrew the cap. A little bit of water will then escape out of the cap and onto your hands for you to rinse.  When you’re finished, simply screw the cap back up. This is a great way to keep your hands clean in the wilderness.

10. As a light.

Fill up a plastic bottle with water. Cut a hole into the roof of your shelter to place your bottle. When the sun strikes the roof of your shelter and the bottle as well, the light will be dispersed throughout your shelter.

What other survival uses for a bottle would you add? Share your advice in the section below:

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