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4 Ancient Survival Skills You Better Master Before It’s Too Late

Image source: YouTube

Image source: YouTube


Do you ever contemplate the thought that we, modern humans, remained basically unchanged for hundreds and thousands of years?

Today’s humans, at least most of us living in the western world, are totally dependent upon our modern civilization. We take for granted things like running/potable water, electricity, transportation, shelter, food and clothes – all available on a whim.

In 1929, when the first great crisis was unleashed upon the US, a large segment of the population – 50 percent — was living in rural areas. Today, that number is down to 19 percent. Just think about it: We’re crammed by the tens of millions in mega-cities, living in huge air-conditioned concrete-made-caves, dependent upon companies and the government for survival.

Isn’t it time we learned some of the “ancient” skills of our ancestors – skills that made them self-reliant?

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So let’s get to it. Let’s examine some of the essential skills our ancestors relied upon to survive — skills which are now forgotten and derided by those hipsters flashing their iPhones. Each of the following skills contains a how-to video.

1. Foraging for medicine and food.

This skill is almost extinct nowadays. Basically, in an outdoor survival scenario, everything revolves around knowing what to eat and how to take care of yourself — with no ER or drugstore available. The vital information about edible/medicinal foods once was passed on from generation to generation, but today is a lost art.

Watch this video to learn how to forage for food:

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2. Tracking and hunting wildlife. This is an absolutely crucial survival skill to master, allowing you to determine how fast an animal was going, if it was frightened when running, and how long ago the tracks were made. Want to learn more? Watch this video:

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3. Navigational skills. Such skills are essential when traveling great distances without a working GPS/compass or even a map. Remember that our early ancestors managed to travel and trade thousands of miles away from where they were living. For example, indigenous Australians used a combo of storytelling, pictographic maps and various artwork for finding their way in the vast Australian outback.

Watch this video to learn celestial navigation:

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And, here is a video showing you how to navigate using only the sun:

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4. Making clothes from scratch. Depending upon the climate and the resources available, there are countless methods for making your own clothes and shoes using readily available materials. Shoes can be made using several types of materials, such as eel skins, deer/moose/elk/reindeer leather, old tires and even wood. The same story goes for leather clothing. Think about how Native Americans once took care of themselves during the winter.

Watch this video to learn how to make shoes from scratch:

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Watch this video to learn how to make a leather shirt:

What skills would you add to this list? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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