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5 Savvy Uses For Dish Soap In A Survival Situation

dishwashing-liquid-wikipediaIt’s always fun learning about the many different items in our household that, while being exceptionally useful for their intended purpose, can also be converted into very handy materials for use in a survival situation.

Heading to the kitchen, one item that is consistently overlooked as a valuable survival item is dishwashing liquid. Sure, dish soap is excellent for cleaning dishes and eliminating grease, and it can continue to serve that purpose in a survival situation. But there are quite a few other reasons for why you would want to consider stocking up on dish soap. Here are five survival uses:

1. Glasses Protection. If you depend on glasses to be able to see and read, or if you have sunglasses (which belong in every survival kit), then you must protect them in a survival situation (after all, there are no replacements). Coating both sides of the lens with a small amount of dishwashing soap – and then wiping it away — will protect your glasses and sunglasses from fogging, smearing and other wear. Be careful to use only mild dish soap for glasses.

2. Bug Spray. Bugs are a pest, especially in the summertime, but dish soap mixed with water in a spray bottle will work wonders to clear bees and other bugs out of the area. Granted, this dishwashing soap and water mix will take a few minutes longer to eliminate the pests, but it still works. You can also spray the plants in your garden to keep bugs and other pests out.

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3. Laundry Detergent. Dishwashing soap can be placed into service as laundry detergent in a survival situation if needed. While dishwashing soap won’t be as efficient as what you would typically use for washing clothes, it will work far better than you might imagine. In fact, some people use dish soap for everyday washing of clothes. Only a few drops are needed (try using one teaspoon for small loads.)

4. Alternative Shampoo. Dishwashing soap is effective at getting the grease off of dishes, and it can just as easily get the grease and dirt out of your hair. Personal hygiene often is forgotten during a survival scenario, but it shouldn’t. A small amount of dish soap, thoroughly mixed in with clean water, is a great way to wash your hair when soap and shampoo are unavailable.

5. Weed Control. Okay, okay, so weeds will probably be the last thing you’re concerned about during a survival situation. But after a few days have passed, you may be able to divert your attention to smaller projects such as eliminating weeds (who says you can’t make your property look good even when the power’s out or during a crisis?). Dishwashing soap mixed with salt and white vinegar is a very effect weed control solution, and it’s also friendly to the rest of the environment.

Do you know of other survival uses for dish soap? Share them in the section below:

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