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6 Clever Gadgets Your Survival Stash Needs

6 Clever Gadgets Your Survival Stash NeedsThe world of survival and self-defense is full of tons and tons of different products, from tactical gear to bags to clothes to sleeping bags and tents.

But what about the awesome and unusual gear out there? It often gets thrown to the side and somewhat ignored. There are small companies out there producing some awesome products, and I don’t feel like they get the credit they deserve. These gadgets are both innovative and quite handy for the prepping and self-defense minded.

Yellow Jacket Phone Cases

iPhones are one of the most popular phones out there. They take a large market share of phone sales even when faced with dozens of competing Windows, Droid and Blackberry phones. While it may not be my phone of choice, I can’t ignore the fact it’s one of the most popular phones out there. A little company called Yellow Jacket has produced a tough and unique iPhone case.

Now, a case that protects a phone is nothing new, as there are hundreds of those. The Yellow Jacket takes the cake by protecting you. The Yellow Jacket is much more than a phone case; it’s also a stun gun. There are a few major advantages to this case. First off, carrying your phone and a stun gun is a bit difficult, but a combination is easy. The same goes not only for convenience, but a guarantee you’ll actually carry it. Sadly, a lot of people often pick and choose when to carry a weapon, but they always carry their phone.

One advantage is its ability to be hidden in plain sight. Pulling out your phone doesn’t panic anyone – and it immediately puts a weapon in your hand.

Pocket Power Plus

This handy backup power unit can fit in your pocket, but don’t let the size fool you. You can charge all of your electrical devices, including that iPhone (or any smartphone), tablet and laptop. It can charge an iPhone for about 64 hours, giving you many, many recharges. The kicker: It can even jump-start a car!

An Amazing Breakthrough In Compact Portable Backup Power!

6 Clever Gadgets Your Survival Stash Needs

Pocket Power Plus

It’s great for travel and has 16 different kinds of adapters. It includes a USB charging port.

This is a great item for the off-grid type who still likes to stay connected with their digital devices.

Bowen Knives Knife Belt

The Bowen Knife company produces some very high quality and very sharp, very tough and very deadly knives. What sets these weapons apart is the sheath. The sheath is actually one of Bowne’s leather belts. This belt buckle knife is completely disguised as your average belt buckle.

The buckle is the standard square style appropriate for all occasions, from formal to business wear. The belt will never draw a second look. There a few different styles of knives encompassing a wide double edge, single edge or narrow double or single edge. The narrow and wide styles are to let a person choose their personal preference for wide or narrow belts. The blades act as a push dagger more than a traditional knife and the lengths are less than 3 inches for the blades, so they are legal in the majority of locales. The Bowen knives and belts are cool, but they aren’t a one trick pony. Bowen belts are extremely high quality leather and the wide belts make awesome pistol belts. They have a belt with a hidden pouch for valuables like small documents and of course a little emergency cash.

The Bowen belt and blade can give you a distinct advantage when it comes to surprise.

Brite Strike

These tactical balls are actually lights built into super tough round balls. They are also known as RID 3, which stands for rolling illuminated distraction and disorientation device. They are designed to be a flash bang alternative and general tactical lighting system.

The company itself admits that on a scale of 1 to 10, a flash bang is a 10 and their product is a 2 on that scale. They do not claim to be a replacement for the flash bang, but an alternative. The RID 3 is meant to be a safer, non-pyrotechnic method of distraction. For example, would you want to enter a meth head’s layer to arrest him without some form of distraction? Or do you want to throw a piece of pyro in an unstable flammable environment? The RID 3 is designed to be an alternative and compromise for the situation.

Ultra Efficient Water Filter Fits In Your Pocket!

Let’s not forget that flash bangs are dangerous. Recently, we saw an irresponsible police officer during a raid throw a flash bang into a crib and severely injure a small child.

Remember: You win every gun fight you avoid. If you are being pursued in the dark you can easily kill your attacker’s night vision by just tossing one of these bad boys out. They come three to a set and with three you can actually form a night light system for a room with a little ingenuity and imagination.

For the person with night vision they also have an infrared variant that will allow you to set up a clandestine lighting system for your night vision on the darkest of nights.

12 Gauge Perimeter Alarm

Automatically, this thing just sounds nasty, super nasty, super dangerous and probably illegal. Fortunately it’s not, and it’s not all that dangerous. This perimeter alarm is designed for using 12 gauge blanks, 12 gauge flares, and 12 gauge pepper cartridges. Let’s stop right now and address the idea of using live, lethal 12 gauge. First off, it’s highly illegal, and ineffective. A live round has a huge potential of being a drastic failure. With no chamber, barrel, stock and shooter. The shot will have no velocity and the recoil in the tiny device will probably destroy it and send it flying without causing much harm to the raccoon that set your trap off.

Now, if the alarm was loaded with blanks or flares you could instantly be alerted to an intruder or raccoon without destroying your trap.

These traps are quite affordable and one could purchase several for perimeter defense. Having a heads up on anyone approaching is an advantage, and the psychological effect on whatever tripped the alarm will be another advantage.


This one is kind of cheating since it’s not really on the market yet. This is a family-owned American invention and is currently involved in a Kickstarter campaign.

Now what is the KLAX? Well, there are four models of the KLAX, but we are going to focus on the coolest and most efficient model: the KLAX Lumberjack. It is a clamping axe system that allows anyone to carry an axe anywhere.

New “Sun Magic” Solar Oven Is So Fast It’s Been Dubbed “Mother Nature’s Microwave”

Now let’s face it; an axe is an incredibly useful tool, but they are often long and heavy. Someone could go with the smaller and lighter hatchet, but you lose the required advantages of the full-sized ax. With the KLAX, a clamp system is in place to instantly make a handle out of any strong pieces of wood you find in the field, allowing you to instantly create an axe of any size you require.

The Lumberjack axe head is a multi-tool that features the clamping system, a bottle opener, five built-in wrenches, a hex bit driver, a scraper, hammer, ruler and of course an axe blade. I’m hoping to get my hands of one of these as soon as possible to give it a full and proper review. For now this gadget is a great idea, and will make an excellent survival item.

So these is my rundown of some of the coolest, and most original gadgets out there at the moment. If I happen to find a few more I’d love to write a sequel article, because these gadgets have really got my attention.

What survival gadgets do you use? Tell us in the comments section below. 

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